The Best Low Wattage Space Heater For More Comfort Amp Lower Bills

If you live in an area where cold climate is a fashion of life, likelihood is you know the way significant it’s to have a well area heater by means of your facet come wintertime. That said, you are also familiar with the problems that could stem from area heater usage, from performance concerns to going for walks up your electricity bill. Thankfully, the best low-wattage space heaters can help resolve those difficulties – and here’s how.

Why Choose a Low-Wattage Heater?

Economical, efficient, and space-saving, low-wattage area warmers can make a large difference.

High wattage space warmers may use at any place from 1500 to 3000 watts, that’s to say not anything of ways inefficient such units can frequently be. Those two motives are two of the main the reason why high wattage space heaters might be so expensive. Via contrast, smaller, extra effective area warmers can use as little as 150 watts to warm the world beside you with out placing your bank account ablaze.

What’s more, if you live in an area wherein space is missing – like, say, a tiny bohemian apartment – the small size of many low-wattage area heaters is doubly welcome. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the various finest and such a lot effective low-wattage area warmers on the market.

Best Low-Wattage Space Heaters: Recommendations

1. Costway Oil Stuffed Radiator Low Wattage Space Heater 700W

This is a perfect instance of many of the best capabilities offered by means of the best low-wattage area heaters. It is certainly the highest-ranking oil-based area heater on our list.

For one thing, it is particularly small, measuring 12 x 14 x 5.5 inches. In addition, it is moderately lightweight, weighing 8.6 pounds whilst filled up. This makes it easy to fit at your residence or office, or to take on the avenue with you.

The unit itself generates 700 watts of power, a decent determine that ought to be more than enough to warmness your space while nonetheless no longer rating with larger, more pricey area heaters.

In addition, this unit receives warm in a hurry, which is a giant plus. When you’re cold or wet, you don’t want to wait five or ten minutes or more to your area heater to ultimately start giving off some serious heat. With this unit, warmth is only a flip of a switch and a few short moments away.

That said, the indisputable fact that the unit gets hot so soon makes it that much more significant to practice safe area heater usage. Thankfully, this unit additionally gives a thermostat and essential safety features, consisting of an automated shutoff factor to prevent overheating.

2. Amazon Fundamentals 500 Watt Ceramic Small Area Heater

This unit is on the smaller side, measuring simply 5.9 x 6 x 3.2 inches, and boasts 500 watts worth of power. That makes it one more perfect alternative for these seeking a good moveable space heater.

The unit makes use of ceramic coils and an internal fan to generate heat. The latter factor, in particular, can give these buying area warmers pause, as they are able to often be particularly noisy. Luckily, however, this AmazonBasics area heater is an exception to that trend, as its fan operates reasonably quiet whilst dispensing warm air over a given area.

The unit features tip-over protection, and given how small the unit is and, thus, how effortlessly it could tip over, that’s definitely a well thing. However, it does now not have an automatic shut-off technique for defense against overheating. While that isn’t an automatic dealbreaker and it can nonetheless be used effectively as long as you are responsible with it, it is however an increasingly fashionable security characteristic to be lacking from an or else fine unit. In addition, it does now not have a thermostat.

That’s each of the extra important because the unit does warmness up tremendously quickly. This is a good aspect to be sure, however the loss of a thermostat means that you’ll need to pay near recognition to ensure the unit doesn’t heat up so soon as to overheat. So long as you regulate the unit’s temperature, however, it’s a good significance purchase among transportable space heaters.

3. Lasko #100 MyHeat Confidential Ceramic Heater

Offering in basic terms 200 watts of power, this unit is definitely designed with portability and temporary use in mind. If you are searching for a heater that could help preserve everybody in your living room nice and toasty, you may want to think about other suggestions on this list. If you’re searching for a light-weight personal ceramic heater to adhere correct beside your bed or desk or to take on the avenue with you, however, this perhaps the perfect choice.

It can hot small areas with 2 hundred watts of power and a quiet fan. It works well as a supplementary heater and is recommended for personal heating or very small spaces.

In phrases of safety features, this unit has overheating protection. Whilst 2 hundred watts won’t appear like loads of power, it is still greater than enough to make a unit get warmer than you would possibly count on and faster than you might imagine, so overheating protection is obviously a welcome touch here. What’s more, the unit is also cool to the touch, which is definitely called for given the private use nature of the item. If you’re going to maintain this space heater so practically your mattress or desk, it’s pleasant to know a stray movement won’t bring about you accidentally burning yourself.

As such, although it doesn’t have a thermostat or automatic shut-off features, it nonetheless ranks excessive in terms of safety for an area heater of its size.

What’s more, its small size makes it one of the best options on this list for these particularly fascinated with lowering the amount of wattage they use and, thus, the quantity due on their power bills.

4. VersionTECH Portable Mini Electric Ceramic Area Heater

This area heater is an extra brilliant example of a device that focuses on portability as a primary selling point. It measures a lithe 4.9 x 4.9 x 8.1 inches and weighs just 2.4 pounds. Those causes make it incredibly transportable and simple to go round as needed, and perfect for travel purposes.

What’s more, it truly is an additional example of a unit that rankings incredibly in terms of safety considerations. It contains a integrated thermostat as well as overheating protection, including an automatic shut-off point. Add to that the undeniable fact that the unit is made from flame retardant material, and it’s secure to say it is definitely one of the most secure suggestions on this list.

This unit blows warmness round a room with its oscillating tower design, powered with the aid of fans that function at below 45 decibels. Whilst that isn’t “whisper-soft,” it is nevertheless at the quiet part for a space heater, and a definite plus. It is especially marvelous given the indisputable fact that it’s capable to remain quiet while still packing seven hundred watts of power. Finally, this unit gives three wonderful energy modes.

All in all, this is definitely one of the best portable electric space heaters, particularly between ceramic and oscillating units.

5. Opolar 500 Watt Ceramic Mini Low Wattage Space Heater

This impeccable space heater from Opolar does a well activity of ticking each of the bins necessary for a high quality low wattage option. At 500 watts, it gives enough power to warmness most small rooms whilst nonetheless being power effective and a good almost certainly money-saving option. The unit makes use of PTC technology, which helps it get warmer faster than some of the different options on this list.

Opolar have performed their homework on security features, putting collectively an area heater with an adjustable thermostat as well as tip-over protection. The latter is particularly significant because the unit may be a bit more at risk of tipping over than different options indexed here, yet thanks to that protection, it and your home ought to be none the more severe for fear.

Meanwhile, the adjustable thermostat can help you’re taking larger manage over your home heating bills. This is also among the lightest options
listed here, weighing in at a tiny 1.65 pounds. Add to that its 4.2 x 6.7 x 7.9 inch frame, and it isn’t tough to determine wherein the “mini” within the call comes from.

The unit boasts a fan that runs at or below 50 decibels, making it a quiet (if no longer completely silent) fan for use in your bedroom or office.

6. Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Exclusive Space Heater

Here we have but an additional unit that does a well activity of heating up particularly quickly. In addition, it’s an additional instance of a low-wattage area heater that has distinct settings.

Low power utilizes a hundred and seventy watts while high energy offers 250. The two settings area it firmly within the confidential use category. This isn’t the kind of space heater you’re going to apply to heat a large room, yet with these two settings and a quick warmup time, it could be excellent for use with the aid of your bed or as a conveyable option.

The case for the latter is bolstered by the small size of the unit, 5 x four x 7.8 inches, and it weighs simply more than one pound.

Thankfully, though this is a smaller low wattage area heater, it rankings massive when it comes to security features, providing overheating as well as automatic tip-over protection, and it’s produced from flame-retardant material.

Finally, that is an additional area heater that can boast quiet fans and entire near-silent operation, a definite plus given its confidential use intent.

This is a superb choice for these looking for a private heater that’s energy efficient, lightweight, quiet, and safe to use.

7. Olliwon six hundred Watt Ceramic Low Wattage Area Heater

This heater is able to go from cool when off to hot and heating your area in simply two seconds. If you’re searching for a heater which could soon warmness up the world near you, it’s hard to overcome that. That is very true given the undeniable fact that this heater makes use of an oscillating fan function to distribute warmness around a given space. What’s more, with 600 watts of power, there’s various capability warmness to go around.

If you’re searching for a low-wattage area heater that also has sufficient watts to warmth a small room efficiently and can get hot in a hurry, it truly is obviously an choice to consider.

In addition, it’s a unit that weighs in on the small side, at just 1.9 pounds, and measures basically 8.3 x 4.3 x 3.9inches.  Those causes make it a pretty decent transportable choice as well.

In addition, this is a sturdy area heater as far as security is concerned. It features automated overheating protection in addition to tip-over protection.

While this unit may be small, it packs a surprising volume of power. That, which include its security features, makes it well worth a point out here.

A Guide to Buying Your Low-Wattage Space Heater

To assist you select the right area heater for your needs, you’ll want to be aware of some effortless security and efficiency considerations. For example, any small wattage space heater valued at considering ought to characteristic a thermostat and overheating in addition to tip-over protection.


You’ll also have got to check how a lot power output you wish to successfully warmth a space. A good way to try this is to measure the size and width of a room, multiply it by means of 10, and that’s the minimum variety of watts it ought to take to efficaciously warmth the gap in question.

Of course, that’s only a difficult estimate, and matters consisting of the placement of the distance heater within the room can added affect that number, but it’s a good starting calculation and guideline.

Types of Space Heaters

You’ll additionally want to be sure you’re getting the correct type of low-wattage area heater. Special space warmers utilize ceramic, infrared, and oil-based materials to generate their heat.

Ceramic space heaters have a tendency to be internally regulated, which enables them sustain the same temperature for a protracted period of time. This may assist mitigate safety risks. In addition, maintaining the same energy output may also help control how much electricity you use, thereby helping you chop down in your power bills.

Infrared space heaters utilize quartz tubes and really good technology to assignment heat outward.

Oil-based space heaters are just what they sound like, heaters that make use of diathermic heating oil used along side inner heating procedures to generate heat.


Then, there’s the query of noise. You might want a space heater with all the heating energy of a roaring furnace, but you probably don’t desire it to be as loud as one. Check reports to see what they are saying concerning the noise level of a given heater. Warmers with internal fans for dispensing warmth could be substantially louder than other options.

Other Features

What’s more, you’ll desire to look for unique warmness settings. While a single energy-efficient energy placing may be nice, most top-tier units will offer two or extra settings for optimum temperature and energy intake control.

Size can have a huge impact on a model’s portability and energy efficiency. Look for units with smaller sizes that also boast enough wattage to maintain you warm.

Finally, with so many heaters and features from which to choose, it’s important which you take a look at every unit individually. Special heaters paintings bigger in different settings.