The 6 Best Chromebook Parental Control Apps To Monitor Your Childs Activity

Your kids would do well with a Chromebook. They are cheap, easy to carry, and don’t weigh much. The software is also free. You want to know what your kids are doing when they start using technology.

Chromebooks and Chrome OS have a good range of parental controls because they are made with kids, students, and education in mind. Some come with Chrome OS, and others can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store or Google Play.

Here are the best ways to protect your child’s Chromebook as a parent.

Google Family Link is one of the best ways for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ Chromebooks. The Google-made app lets parents watch what their child is doing on their Chromebook from their Android phone. Chrome Supervised Profiles have been replaced by Family Link. Chrome Supervised Accounts that are already set up still work, but you can’t change their settings or make a new one.

With Google Family Link, parents can:

  1. Limit how long Chromebooks can be used.
  2. Manually set daily time limits
  3. Set individual app time limits
  4. Check how the kids are using apps and make time activity reports for them.
  5. App downloads and other online activities should be okay.
  6. Add remote apps for education and exploration
  7. Lock the Chromebook from a distance and set a specific time to unlock it
  8. Use Family Link on your child’s Chromebook to find him or her.

You can also control your child’s Chromebook from another Chromebook, as long as it can install Android apps. (Some Chromebook models can only run apps from the Chrome Web Store and not apps for the Android operating system.)

Google Family Link works the same way as a Chrome Supervised Profile, plus it has a few extra features that are helpful.

Christian Cawley has explained in detail how to install Google Family Link on an Android device, and the process is the same on a Chromebook.

Mobicip Parental Control App

Mobicip Parental Control with Screen Time is the full name of the app. It lets parents keep an eye on their kids from afar. It is one of the most popular and complete apps for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows that lets parents control their kids’ devices.

Mobicip Parental Control Features

The following features are part of the Mobicip Parental Control Standard Plan:

  1. Chromebook screen time can be planned and limited
  2. Lock your Chromebook from afar
  3. Look at your recent history of browsing
  4. Apps for social media, videos, and games can be blocked and controlled.
  5. Handle filtering of internet content
  6. Send messages to the Chromebook, such as homework checks and reminders. When the Chromebook is on, you can track where it is.

Mobicip Parental Control is simple to use and comes with a lot of features. It is a paid app for keeping kids safe. The Standard Plan from Mobicip costs $49.99 per year and gives you protection for up to five devices. Mobicip also lets you try out the parental controls for free for seven days to see if they work for you and your kids.

Qustodio Parental Control Apps

Qustodio is a useful app for keeping kids safe. It just got a new update that makes it work with Chrome OS. With this move, Qustodio’s highly rated child protection tools, like its easy-to-use web interface, are now available on Chromebooks for the first time. Even better, you can use Qustodio with Google Family Link. With some other apps, you have to turn off the built-in option.

Qustodio is also available for iOS, Android, Kindle, macOS, and Windows devices, giving you a full view of your kids’ devices and their network.

Qustodio features

The following features are part of Qustodio for Chrome OS:

  1. Check social media, video games, and apps for inappropriate content and block it if you find it.
  2. Keep an eye on calls and texts
  3. Set limits on screen time to keep it in check.
  4. uses smart web filters to keep online content from getting through.

There are three price points for Qustodio. The entry-level Small Plan costs $55 per year and protects up to five devices. The Medium Plan costs $97 per year and protects up to ten devices. Need to protect more things? The Large Plan, which can cover up to 15 devices, costs $138 per year.

Qustodio isn’t the cheapest way to protect your kids on multiple devices, but it does give you a lot of ways to keep an eye on your child’s Chromebook. Also, Qustodio just switched to Chrome OS, so the iOS, Android, and browser versions of the parental control app should be getting more features soon.

WebWatcher Parental Control

WebWatcher has been in the market for parental controls for a long time. WebWatcher doesn’t have as many features as Google Family Link or Mobicip Parental Control for Chromebooks. But it does a good job of managing Chromebooks from afar and has some useful content alerts. You can do the following with WebWatcher Chromebook monitoring:

WebWatcher Features:

  1. Check website and search history
  2. Keep an eye on URLs for social media.
  3. Make word alerts that automatically take screenshots
  4. Use the “continuous screenshot mode” to get updates all the time.

The Alert Log tool in WebWatcher is a great choice. Advanced filtering is used by the Chromebook’s Alert Log to keep an eye out for any dangerous behavior or content. If your child does something bad on their Chromebook, you’ll get a notification email with a screenshot of the problem.

The WebWatcher Chromebook monitoring model protects the privacy of Chromebook users and lets parents know about any potentially dangerous activities.

WebWatcher for Chromebook is a paid app for keeping kids safe. You can pay $3.32 each month or $39.99 for a year’s worth of access. WebWatcher also lets you try the parental control system for free before you buy it.

Blocksi parents control

Blocksi Manager Home is a full-featured way for parents to control their kids’ Chromebooks. It has a lot of monitoring and management tools. There are different kinds of Blocksi. The free Blocksi option lets you filter URLs and content, add websites to a whitelist, and rate websites.

Blocksi Manager Home Premium is the best choice because it gives you:

  1. Internet, social media, video, gaming access time controls
  2. More ways to filter YouTube by keyword and channel
  3. Filtering rules that can be changed
  4. Near-real-time search, web history, and analytics
  5. Notifications when dangerous or illegal content is tried to be accessed Screen time enforcement

The annual cost of Blocksi Manager Home Premium is $59.50 per user. Blocksi Manager Home is one of the more expensive parental control apps for Chromebooks. But it is also one of the most thorough. Blocksi has a free trial, just like the other parental control options on this list for Chromebooks.

Apps like Blocksi need a password so that kids can’t turn them off. Check out the other ways your kids will try to get around the rules you set for them.

mSpy App

mSpy is an app for parents that helps them keep track of their kids all the time. In this way, mSpy gives you a constant look into what your child is doing on his or her Chromebook, as long as it is turned on or being used. mSpy offers a wide variety of parental controls, such as:

  1. Keeping an eye on social media, like WhatsApp and Snapchat
  2. Tracking and reporting on how people use and search the web
  3. Tracking emails and looking at them
  4. When the Chromebook is in use, it can track your location.
  5. Geo-fencing alerts let you know if your child uses the Chromebook outside the fence.
  6. Control, monitoring, and blocking of applications were set up.

mSpy is the most complete parental control app on this list, but it also costs the most. Geofencing, blocking websites, and other features are part of the $53.99 per month Premium subscription. If you sign up for 12 months, the price drops to $12.49 per month, which is less than if you pay for one month at a time.

What is the best app for keeping kids safe on a Chromebook?

Google Family Link is what you need if you want something free and easy to use. It works right away after you open the box. Almost any Chromebook that is compatible can have it installed. It uses your existing Gmail account to keep track of what your child does on their Chromebook. The app itself is easy to use.

The other options are all useful, but they give parents different levels of control. But since they all cost money, the best choice is the one that doesn’t cost anything.