Best Paint Brush For A Smooth Finish No More Brush Streaks

The best factor you could do to your painting project is to select the correct tools to paintings with. Now, I’ve already instructed you approximately all the wall portray equipment you would like to fret approximately before getting your brushes and rollers. However, the fact remains that, with the exception of the paint, your portray instruments are the biggest portion of the process. So today, I thought that we ought to discuss which paint brushes are the finest for buying a gentle finish.

Before I evaluation a number of of the finest painting brushes I’ve found, I’ll current a quick buyer’s guide. But first, let’s discuss why brush marks take place in the
first place.

Why Brush Marks Ensue and The way to Get a Gentle Finish

Full disclosure, I already have an editorial that explains how you may hinder streaks whilst using a brush. However, as easy as you assume it might be, you wish to apply a definite technique to get that uniform look.

So let’s talk about what prevents us from getting it. As I explained in the article I’ve linked to, it comes down to 3 factors:

  • The surface you’re operating on
  • The method you’re using
  • And the equipment you’re operating with

So you might be seeing bumps and brush strokes since the wall (or whichever surface) you’re portray is uneven. Fortunately, that’s clearly a question of preparation.

The subsequent attainable motive is that you’re not portray correctly. You could see the correct manner to use a brush in the article I’ve linked to. In fact, I’ve a similar aid explaining how to get a soft conclude with a roller.

But this text isn’t about any of those things. Instead, it’s all concerning the equipment you’re using. And since I already defined how you may enhance the paint you’re working with within the first article I’ve linked to — let’s
talk approximately brushes.

Features to Seem Out for When Shopping for the Finest Paint Brushes

Why do brushes subject in this equation? Aren’t they only a thanks to get paint from factor A to point B? Definitely not, or we wouldn’t be speaking about them. As a matter of fact that brushes aren’t merely made for allotting paint — however that’s an important part of their job.

But really, if you’re operating with a high-quality brush, you won’t even notice it’s there. Yes, that is one of those “you don’t know what you had till you lose it” situations. A great brush is something you take with no consideration till you need to paintings with a cheap one.

Only then are you able to truly understand the horror of shedding bristles, sharp edges, and difficult handles. For example, I did my first few projects with a shoddy brush that correctly left blisters between my thumb and forefinger. Once I invested in a quality brush, I realized simply what I’d been missing. In fact, I still use that brush, which include quite a few others I’ve collected over the years.

So what makes a good brush? Well, there are various things to think about if you’re in the market for one.


The bristles of a broom are incredibly significant while you’re selecting one to your project. Obviously, they need to be firmly connected to the manage (I’ll discuss ferrules later on). Additionally, they want so that you can hold paint whilst you transfer it from the can to the surface you’re painting.

Furthermore, you also want to retain the origin of the bristles in intellect while you’re shopping. That’s while you’re going to confer with the kind of paint you’re using. You see, in case you dip a nylon bristle brush into an oil-based paint, you’ll see the paint
run correct off it. However, artificial brushes do a much better activity with latex paint.

If you really have your heart set on portray with oil paint, you’ll desire to use organic bristles. Those hold the oils a lot better, but they’ll pass limp in case you use them for latex (or water-based) paint.

There’s a silver lining among those two sorts of bristles, though. Nowadays, there are many brushes for sale we are able to use for both latex and oil paint. They’re in general nylon and polyester blends, but they work just exceptional with the two types.


The conclusion of the brush is likewise significant for purchasing a gentle finish. There are two matters you need to consider: the form of the edge and its density. Let’s begin with the shape. Based at the fringe of your brush, you are able to use it for different things:

  • Trim brushes are regular flat brushes with a straight edge
  • Wall brushes are thick flat brushes that are able to hold a number of paint
  • Angled sash brushes have an angled edge, and they’re made for cutting immediately lines — they arrive in numerous thicknesses, so they are able to be used for quite a few things

These are your trouble-free sorts of brushes you may run into. Now, how does density play into the sting of a brush?

Naturally, you desire to get a high-quality brush that’s dense sufficient so that you can work with. However, the bristles should ideally taper toward the tip. That could enable the comb to bend as you observe the paint, that’s what you’re seeking for.

Actually, if you want a tender finish, you do want a relatively bendy brush. On the other hand, stiffer ones also are good for making directly lines. So there’s a time and a place
for every of those brushes.


If you’re portray across the perimeter of a wall, you can use a broom that’s anywhere from 2 to 4 inches wide. However, so that you can paint your wood trim with out tape, I mean getting a smaller, 1–2-inch brush. As soon as again, an angled brush could assist you get these nice, sharp lines.


Brushes are available in all shapes and sizes, and the layout in their handles widely contributes to that.

Now, if you suggestion that there turned into a hugely realistic purpose to the form of a handle, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Actually, it does have a somewhat functional purpose. However, I would under no circumstances say that a sure handle has a better form than another. Ultimately, it is going to come all the way down to what you like and what you feel pleased holding.

Just keep in mind that you won’t be keeping the comb by the tip of the handle, like an artist. Instead, you’ll desire to pinch it like a pencil near the bristles, together with your thumb and forefinger.

And that brings me to my subsequent point. Apart from laying off bristles, reasonably-priced brushes often have hard handles too. They’re totally path and made of very porous wooden which will be ruined after one dip. So so that you can save yourself from
blisters, put money into good brushes, ideally ones with alder wooden handles.


I don’t know about you, but I will always inform a cheap brush from a top quality one by seeking at the ferrule. In case you don’t converse the lingo, that’s the steel bit that connects the bristles to the handle. As you could imagine, it is a extraordinarily crucial part if you don’t prefer your brush to lose bristles or if you don’t
want water to loosen the glue protecting every little thing together.

Ideally, the brushes you’ll use could have chrome steel ferrules or at least ones created from a similarly durable material. Believe me — attempting to repair a poorly made brush isn’t definitely worth the effort. So it’s best to simply get incredible tools, to start with.

Best Paint Brushes for a Soft Finish

Since there’s no longer certainly a lot to claim approximately portray brushes, I’m going to group my suggestions by using the kind of paint you could use them with. So we’ll start with
latex paint brushes and circulate onto those that are suitable with oil-based paint.

Latex Paint Brushes

The first product I’ll mention is that this Pro-Grade Home Wall/Trim Dwelling Paint Brush Set. It’s the same one I recommended in my article on the way to avoid brush streaks. Even though I’m listing the brushes from this set as latex-only, they are in fact marketed as all-paint brushes. Still, I can’t totally trust brushes that are as reasonable as those not to fall apart in oil-based colors.


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Plenty of persons love them for latex paint though, so I will basically think that they carry up larger than you’d think. The bristles are made from thick man made filament blend and
seem so that you can hold onto their paint. Additionally, the brushes taper closer to the edge, and there are quite a few angled ones for reducing immediately lines. So except for their suspiciously low price point, I wouldn’t have any qualms approximately utilizing them to use latex paint to my walls.

Still, I usually discover that I feel a lot more happy utilizing brushes that are slightly extra high-end. The Corona 3-inch Chinex Excalibur Expert Paint Brush is a different product that ought to be great for latex paint. It in fact is available in various different thicknesses as well, so you’ll be capable to do detailing with it too. The bristles are dense but tender enough to give you that gentle conclude you want.

Really, you can’t cross incorrect with Corona. It’s the most noted brush manufacturers for sale for a reason.

“All-Paint” Brushes

Aside from Corona, you ought to get used to hearing approximately two other companies: Wooster and Purdy. I’ll in basic terms be talking approximately their items from right here on out. So what do they have
for us of their “all-paint” brushes category?

First up, we’ve the Wooster Brush Softip Perspective Sash Paint Brush. The only I’ve associated with is 2 inches wide, yet you may additionally choose 1, 1.5, and 2.5-inch options. The manage is stable plastic, and the bristles are dense but very flexible.

The conclusion of the bristles is tapered, proposing that gentle tip they outlined within the product name. And it’s pretty cheap for that kind of quality, might be as a result of the plastic handle.

As for Purdy, the company makes quite a few brushes that could be perfect for all paints. However, I’ll consciousness on two of them.

The Purdy XL Series Waft Angular Trim Paint Brush has nylon and polyester blend bristles and a protracted organic conclude wood handle. As you can see from the product name, the brush has an angular edge, which is great for cutting immediately lines. It’s also available in widths from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches, supplying you with a relatively wide selection of options.

I’ve additionally heard good stuff concerning the Purdy Clearcut Sequence Flow Angular Trim Paint Brush, which comes in extraordinary widths too — 2, 2.5, and 3-inch options. With the exception of being a very good reducing tool, it’ll additionally go away your paint seeking smooth, despite which kind you use.

Oil Paint Brushes

Finally, let’s talk about some organic bristles. In the article approximately keeping off brush strokes, I reported that my first selection when using oil paint turned into the Purdy Ox-Hair Sequence Ox-O Angular Trim Paint Brush. Of course, that’s nonetheless true.

The brush is accessible in widths ranging from 1.5 to 3 inches, and its sharp edge is great for portray immediately lines. However, this brush isn’t the only option. For one, the company’s Ox-Hair series is stuffed with splendid oil-friendly brushes. Take, for example, their flat trim brush — the ox hair bristles are extra soft, which bodes good for that tender finish we’ve been attempting to achieve.

Lastly, you may also use the Wooster Black China Bristle Brush. That one comes in 3 and 4-inch widths, so it’s in fact a wall brush.

Now, these previous few brushes I’ve outlined might be costlier than those in the different categories. After all, these are organic bristles we’re talking about. And
personally, I’d always opt for the dearer choice, notwithstanding the kind of bristle you’re seeking for. I just figure that the costlier a brush is, the fewer chance I have of finishing up with bristles in
my paint.

Final Ideas on the Best Paint Brushes for a Soft Finish

Hopefully, these brief reports and the buyer’s guide I’ve presented earlier than have controlled to shed some mild with reference to brushes. Any of the goods I’ve mentioned
should give you the outcome you want. However, don’t neglect to prep your walls and choose the right paint as well.

While we’re at it, you additionally have to be aware of the way to use this kind of brushes thoroughly — and the way to put them away as soon as you’re completed with them. Based on the type of paint
you used, you’d want to clear them in numerous ways. You definitely wouldn’t be capable of rinse off oil paint with plain water.

Just make sure that you’re cleansing your brushes after every portray consultation to maintain them round for so long as possible. I simply understand that preserving my brushes clean facilitates me believe much less responsible about the amount of cash I’ve spent on my sequence over the years. These things are going
to outlive me!