5 Best Peephole Door Viewer Covers To Prevent Intrusion

Peepholes serve a superb goal when you desire to work out who’s at your door. However, they can also be a risk to security. With a view to restrict intrusion, you ought to think about getting a peephole cover. But a way to know which one to choose?

There are several good peephole covers at the market. Think about getting one from a company like SPEyeGuard for the reason that they offer the two moveable and everlasting options. Furthermore, there are options like Peephole Shield Easy Covers, Defender Safety S, or Rockguard 620VC.

In order to understand which peephole hide could work for you, you have to understand why you need one in the first place, what your safety disadvantages are, and which contains a good peephole conceal has. For all of this data and more, examine on.

Best Peephole (Door Viewer) Covers at the Market

1. Rockguard 620VC.CRM Brass Door Viewer Cover

This door viewer conceal is a trendy one with a chrome finish and plenty more to offer. You will buy a larger package and get complete protection for the entire home or dorm. It’s additionally well or while you’re traveling.

You can get it with a peephole, so when you are seeking to buy a brand new one, the canopy will tournament it and seem remarkable with it. The brass it’s made of is durable, so it is going to last for a really long time. It’s good both as an enduring solution or as a short lived one.

For example, the reasonable pack of 10 of those covers is great for dorms, and scholars might break up the price. It’s simple to install and set up, and it is going to be useful for a protracted time.

2. Peephole Shield Simple Covers

Peephole shield easy covers are a perfect travel accessory. It’s very simple, both in design and in installation. It is a good idea for dorm dwellers or any comparable circumstances while you need a short and simple answer for a security loophole which are peepholes.

It looks good, taking into account how portable it is, and it absolutely can add slightly of fashion to any door, whether you choose it as a permanent solution. Among the best things approximately it is how simple it’s to set up. You won’t need any tools, and all you have to do is peel the protective tape on the returned and stick it to your door.

It doesn’t healthy directly onto your peephole, but rather above it, and then the cover is going over your peephole from there. It’s reasonable as well, and you can get a double pack if you travel a lot, and you want to remain in various locations in the course of your trip.

It can safeguard you opposed to any spying, including with the reverse door viewer. One more advantage of it’s which you won’t have to pick the size due to the fact this one fits so much doors. It’s small and very portable, which makes it a perfect journey buddy.

3. SPEyeGuard Moveable Peephole Cover

SPEyeGuard transportable peephole cover is an easy gadget that will provide functionality for you at the equal time. It’s finest suited for travelers, students, and different those that need simple and transitority ideas to protection their rooms against intruders.

It is available in two sizes — one smaller and one larger — so you’ll have a well amount of techniques in your door. A good advice is to head with the bigger one since you by no means understand what sort of peephole will anticipate you when you travel. Or you could get the two if the cost isn’t too excessive for you and necessarily have one whatever the dimensions of the peephole is.

It can retain you safe from any tampering, and it’s simple to put in and operate. The canopy slides with ease, so you may necessarily see who’s out there. It disables all actions of a reverse peephole viewer as well.

It is available in white color, and it has an emblem on it as well. It’s good for residences as well.

4. SPEyeGuard Fixed Metal Peephole Cover

This peephole hide is a bit more permanent, and it’s generally used in homes. It’s first-rate against spies and intruders while looking based and sophisticated. It’s made up of brushed nickel and comprehensive off with metallic coating. It’s reliable, and it is possible for you to to get the function you need from it, in the sense of ease of action of the cover.

You don’t ought to take your door viewer aside to install it. All you need to do is install it over the existing peephole. It enhances wooden very well, and it’s going to be an addition on your home’s look. You’ll have to screw it into your door, so it’s not that well for travelers, renters, or those who stay in dorms. But, on the identical time, it’s a perfect choice for homeowners as an everlasting fixture.

It’s very durable, and it will final you a protracted time. This peephole hide additionally has an automated self-closing system, which will make your existence easier.

5. Defender Security S 5084 Portable Plastic Cover

This peephole conceal stands proud because of its portability and lightweight. It’s white and made from plastic, which money owed for portability. There are specific options in terms of sizes and several exclusive packs that you could buy.

It will shield your privateness perfectly, disabling reverse door viewers. It’s going to healthy so much peepholes, especially if you choose the larger one.

This one is probably not that groovy for homes, yet it’s a good suggestion for dorms, travelers, hotels, hostels, Airbnb’s, offices, and different spaces which have dangerous peepholes. Because it’s so easy to install, you won’t want any tools to do it, and you’ll have a safe peephole in no time.

How to Uncover the Finest Peephole Cover

Peephole covers are simple yet beneficial little tools. As such, you can’t make many blunders regardless of which one you pick, youngsters there are several matters to notice of.

The Size of Your Door Viewer

Door viewer sizes differ widely, so you need to be careful now not to pick a peephole viewer that is too small to your door. That way, all people with a reverse viewer could still see into your home. On the same time, an even bigger peephole cover than your peephole will do the job, yet it will not appear good.

So, degree your peephole before ordering or buying anything. This should provde the correct answer in terms of the scale of the peephole, and you’ll be able to uncover the one who works for you.

The Look

While the seem of your peephole hide will not be the first thing you think of, it’s maybe going to be nicer for you if it appears nice. There are all forms of peephole covers — from wooden and inventive ones to plastic ones or the ones made from metal. You’ll possibly select this according to the appear of your door and the viewer.

For example, if your door viewer is already brass with chrome coating, you’ll select a canopy to match. In case your door is wood and you desire the peephole to compare that design, you may choose a wooden one.

Plastic ones are generally no longer a best choice for people, yet they’re generally good for vacationing or occasions wherein the appear isn’t important.

The Ease of Installation

A peephole conceal shouldn’t be tough to install. Of course, you can necessarily uncover ones with a more intricate design, yet most folks prefer anything simple. If you’re getting one for your house as an enduring installation, desiring more equipment and time will not be a problem.

But let’s say that you are renting an condo or a home and you can’t make any alterations. In this case, you’ll probably appreciate whatever adhesive that won’t harm the door or the present peephole. An analogous is going for travelers.

Also, if you are in a dorm and you don’t own any tools, you’ll possibly desire anything easy to install.

The Functionality

The basic objective of a peephole cover is to hide your peephole. However, it ought to also be simple for you. A peephole hide that makes access to the peephole tough or impossible on your aspect isn’t a good peephole cover.

It shouldn’t sluggish you down or restrict you from utilizing your peephole, yet rather prevent other folks from utilizing it whilst allowing you with traditional function.

The Price

Peephole covers are usually cheap, so you possibly won’t pay a lot attention to the price tag on them. Such a lot variety anyplace from $5 to $15 USD, and you’ll be able to uncover varied of these in a pack.

The priority, during this case, stands out as the different factors, especially the dimensions and the functionality. The shipping for them is likewise reasonably-priced due to the fact they’re small. You can also purchase one in a ironmongery shop and skip the delivery entirely.

The Portability

Portability will not be the largest element to so much people, yet for people that circulate around plenty and wish their room or present home to be safe, it’s an important thing. Most peephole covers will be portable, but some might be more intricate to install.

Look for those that are adhesive and feature countless of them in one pack. The adhesive element will put on out after a few doors, yet you’ll be capable to set up these with ease. Needing tools for this may be annoying, so keep on with the sticky ones.

Can You DIY a Peephole Cover?

You can DIY so much matters at the market, but the query is whether or not they’ll provide as much high quality as a commercially made product. You’ve probably seen all those lovely peephole covers online, with plant life or similar decorations.

But, you need to think about how a lot time you are willing to speculate during this project. Buying all of the materials for the DIY peephole cover that will work well will cost you greater than a regular peephole purchased online. To not mention that you would have to put aside the time to make it after which put within the attempt to install it.

That being said, you can if you wish to and if you are particularly crafty. But when not, keep on with simple and easy techniques like these.

Benefits of Having a Peephole Cover

Peepholes were a large trend ever for the reason that they first seemed at the market. Now there are more options than ever. And in truth, they are highly useful. It’s like having caller identity — you could see who it is and reject them in case you so choose.

Or perhaps you similar to understanding who it’s earlier than establishing the door. But, you’ve the right to choose.

However, they have additionally become a hazard to the safety of your home. With easy tools — as we’ll see later — anyone can effortlessly spy on you so long as they wish. And it is an exceedingly uncomfortable notion, particularly in case you have children.

Since privacy and security are paramount to so much people, intelligent brands have come up with an answer for this — a peephole cover. The best peephole covers are simple, and yet they provide enough safety so that no one can see into your home.

Peephole covers also are ideal for traveling. They are small, very portable, and most could healthy into your pocket. You could use them in lodge rooms, Airbnb’s, lodges and a lot of different places. When you’ve got a rented apartment, this can be a well choice too due to the fact there’s barely any alteration to the door.

These equipment aren’t a hi-tech thing, yet they generally work well, and they give you a sense of safety. There are these that are portable and people who are extra permanent. You can additionally get a brand new peephole with a canopy hooked up on it.

The main purpose of those covers is to keep you safe and hidden from persons trying to undercover agent on you. You can nonetheless see throughout the peephole if you need to, yet nobody can see you, so that’s the finest answer opposed to intruders.

But how can they see you? This question possibly bothers many people. Is there a brand new technologies you don’t know about? Aren’t peepholes supposed to paintings only one way? Well, yes and no.

There are those gadgets known as reverse peephole viewers, which permit anybody to determine you through your personal peephole, and you probably wouldn’t even recognize it.

Let’s check out these intrusive devices.

How Does Reverse Peephole Work?

A opposite peephole viewer turned into probable imagined with well intentions in mind. For example, while cops desire to get inside a in all probability detrimental home, they could use it to determine the location there. However, undesirable people always have the ability to turn a good component bad, so they discovered a moment goal to this tool.

In essence, and as the name of it says, it reverses the complete factor of a peephole, enabling the man at the outside to determine in. The lenses of this gadget opposite the peephole lenses, and the rest is simple. Plus, these instruments are generally small and can healthy into anyone’s pocket, so that you aren’t more likely to detect if someone has it.

If a robber desires to attack your home, for example, they could use this to verify the situation inside. And there are plenty of voyeurs who do this style of thing only for fun. As mentioned, the peephole itself is the two your buddy and your enemy. The opposite peephole viewer may be purchased easily without any suspicion.

Here are some pointers on checking your peephole to verify if it has been tampered with and to ensure that it works well:

  • Look closely at the edges. If there’s any gouging, someone could were seeking by way of your peephole or tampered with it in another way.
  • Is the view from the peephole poor? If yes, update it completely — it needs to paintings well so that you can use it properly.
  • Is the external part a bit loose? If it is, you may remove that side or simply tighten it up or glue it up.

Once you’ve completed this, think about purchasing a peephole conceal as a kind of protection. Whether you don’t suspect having any intruders, you may under no circumstances be too safe, and it can’t harm to feature that layer of safety in your home.


Peephole covers are obviously useful for homeowners, travelers, or students. And there are a number of good quality options at the market, so much of which have been reviewed in this article. You’ll be safe and secure, when nonetheless putting in place a minimum quantity of labor and no longer breaking your budget.

However, retain your needs in mind. For example, if you’re a vacationer and your peephole would customarily be used in homes that are not your own, don’t get a peephole hide that has to be screwed in or attached with different tools. You most likely won’t have the tools, so get anything moveable and adhesive. Necessarily think about the location your peephole hide will be used in.