Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame

You lately discovered that an air mattress suits you perfectly: it’s light, portable, and joyful enough to sleep in. You may very easily stash it at any place within the mornings, or you can place it on good of a mattress body for long run use. However, these bed frames seem unsuitable, so can you even placed an air mattress on them?

You can’t area an air mattress on a typical mattress frame. General mattress frames characteristic slats now not meant to hold air mattresses, so putting an air bed on them leads to a mattress that constantly slides over. Instead, you can place an air mattress on plywood, a mattress topper, or a box spring.

This article will delve into why putting an air mattress on a regular bed frame won’t work. It’s going to additionally talk about the best choices for mattress frames, no matter if or no longer it’s secure to sleep on an air bed for an extended time, and a few pointers on selecting an air bed.

Why You Shouldn’t Area an Air Bed on a Mattress Frame

You know most air mattresses do best while used outdoors, but you’d like to apply yours indoors. However, you’d love it higher if you can location your air bed on an everyday bed frame, so why can’t you do so? Does placing an air mattress on a common body pose one too many issues to ignore?

Regular bed frames characteristic slats usually made up of wood or metal, and those possess little to no grip. So, when you area a light air bed on the sort of frame, you’ll journey lots of sliding around that air mattresses are notoriously widespread for.

Moreover, these slats provide little support to your air mattress as well. Remember, an air bed is light and made up of air, so when you place it on a frame with slats and then lay down on it, you’ll journey soreness and may even consider the mattress sink at the areas between the slats. It’ll additionally expose your mattress to higher probabilities of puncturing and tearing.

Additionally, air beds themselves healthy floors and outside settings. Brands created air mattresses so persons can use them outside and on floors, in locations in which a bed body isn’t available. Hence, you wouldn’t want a bed frame’s support to your air bed – it’s already even high enough that you should now not need a frame.

Bed Body Possibilities for Air Mattresses

So, if you can’t placed an air bed on a typical mattress frame, wherein are you able to area it? Assuming you’re not okay with the already-elevated providing your air bed offers you, you could select to use plywood, mattress topper, field spring, or exclusive frame as alternatives.

Use Plywood on Good of a Bed Frame

If you’re already satisfied with the height your air mattress possesses and simply wish it had a sturdier bottom, you could take a chunk of plywood to help your air bed’s bottom. Alternatively, you can area this plywood on good of your regular mattress body earlier than putting your air bed on it.

Ensure your plywood is 0.75 inches (1.91 cm) to appropriately aid your mattress. Then, cover the plywood with a tarp or anything that ensures your air mattress doesn’t take delivery of splinters from the wood. You could area the plywood on exact of a mattress frame earlier than placing the air mattress on top, or simply area the air bed on the plywood whilst at the floor.

However, if you’re placing the plywood on a mattress frame, observe that this works finest in case your frame slats are wood slats.

Use a Mattress Topper on the Bottom of an Air Bed

If you in basic terms favor the aid a mattress body gives and already own a high-height air mattress, you can use a mattress topper as a framing alternative. Via doing this, you’re giving your air bed the aid it wishes with no need an improved floor or a body itself.

To use a bed topper on an air bed, purchase a mattress topper that’s at least an identical length as the mattress or a bit bigger for greater weight distribution. Moreover, think about how firm and dense your topper must be. It ought to be company sufficient to not sag and dense sufficient to resist your weight devoid of permitting the air bed to slip.

You can select anything like this Sure2Sleep Gel Mattress Topper. It’s finest to decide upon gel since it offers excellent non-slip residences alongside some cooling, yet if you can’t, you could decide upon cotton for consolation or reminiscence foam for sturdiness.

Use a Box Spring

Box springs usually already incorporate cloth covers, so you don’t have to worry approximately masking them. Rather of using plywood as mentioned above, you could select a field spring and location your air mattress there. A box spring ought to offer you sturdy, firm aid that will avert your air bed from slipping around bigger than a standard bed frame.

You can begin a do-it-yourself task to your field spring, or you may purchase one on Amazon or your regional store. So as to browse on Amazon, inspect these box spring suggestions:

Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Every Night?

You can sleep on an air bed every night, yet air mattresses aren’t particularly recommendable for long-term use. Except you’re very light, an air mattress offers little to no help to your body. Similarly, it won’t assist your backbone to a suitable position as well.

Moreover, you will journey occasional temperature legislation problems together with your air mattress. It’s because an air mattress is composed of man-made substances that don’t disperse heat rather well. Hence, you may journey a too-warm summer time or a too-cold wintry weather when sound asleep on an air bed in the course of these seasons, until you put a cover or barrier between the mattress and yourself.

Additionally, you will uncover pain on an air mattress over time because of its poor strain alleviation properties. You’ll discover you or your partner sinking to at least one aspect as good if you’re sound asleep with someone. On the other hand, an air mattress is ideal for slumbering on for its convenience, lightness, and elevatedness.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t place an air mattress on a bed frame, yet you may use alternatives. This comprises plywood, a mattress topper, or field spring. They’re fairly easy to either create or acquire, so you shouldn’t need to worry about them.