7 Siri Alternatives For Android Google Assistant Hound Alexa And More

We used to just use our phones to call and text people, but those days are long gone. Now, we use our phones every day to do things like set an alarm to wake us up in the morning, add reminders to our calendars, look up answers to random questions, and so much more. And a virtual assistant like Siri makes it so much easier to do these things. But does Android have a Siri?

Siri might have been the first popular digital assistant, but she’s not the only one now. Even iPhone users have sometimes chosen to use a different virtual assistant app instead of Siri. Some of these apps are probably on this list.

So, Siri isn’t available for Android, but here are seven great apps that are just as good, if not better.

1. Google Assistant

If all you want is a Siri-like app that works, you probably already have one on your phone.

Google Now turned into Google Assistant, which is already on most Android phones. You can get to it by pressing and holding the home button or, on some phones, by squeezing the sides of the phone. You can also use “Hey Google” instead of “Hey Siri” to start it.

As you might expect, Assistant can add things to your calendar and answer your questions. But with it, Google is trying to expand our ideas of what digital personal assistants can do, like make calls and reservations on your behalf.

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2. Hound

Hound is a great alternative to Siri and other big virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Hound can help you with all the usual assistant tasks, like setting alarms and timers, telling you the news or the weather, and calling and texting your contacts.

But Hound can also help you with more complicated requests, like finding barbecue places near you with 4 stars or more. Hound can also help you find songs whose names you don’t know, find answers to random questions, and even call an Uber for you.

3. Amazon Alexa

Amazon has taken over the world, and Alexa is the star of the show. Alexa has become a helper around the house, so why not use her on your phone too? If you have an Amazon Echo speaker or other home devices that work with Alexa, it’s obvious that you should download Alexa as your personal assistant.

If you’ve been using Alexa in other parts of your home, it will be very easy to add her to your life. Once you open the Alexa app, you log in to your Amazon account to connect everything, and you’re good to go.

Alexa can tell you the weather, set timers and alarms, answer your questions, and do a lot more. You can even use Alexa to help you get in shape.

As we’ve already said, Alexa will also work with other home devices that support her. So, if your air fryer or coffee maker works with Alexa, she can help you set timers for those specific appliances.

4. Robin

Robin is a good choice for a personal assistant if you don’t want to share your information with big companies like Google or Amazon. Even though Robin can’t answer your most important questions like Siri can, she can still help you in a lot of other ways.

When you’re driving, Robin is at her best. So, if that’s when you need a virtual assistant to help you the most, download Robin.

She can play different playlists, send texts for you, set reminders and alarms, help you find your way, and more. Think of Robin as a friend who sits in the back seat and does things for you while you drive.

5. Extreme

If you care about your privacy, the Extreme personal assistant app will take care of you. Your conversations and questions to Extreme are only seen by you and are never shared with anyone else. Also, if you ever decide to delete the app, all the information you’ve given to Extreme will be gone.

You can ask it Extreme questions, have it take a selfie of you, or use it in more practical ways, like to get directions or set timers and alarms. Extreme can do anything you would normally do with a personal assistant app in a safe way.

6. Jarvis

If you’ve seen the movie Iron Man and know the name Jarvis, you may have wanted a virtual assistant with the same name. This app gives you the answer.

Even though you can change Jarvis’s name to anything you want, why would you? Jarvis can call people for you, open apps when you tell it to, read you messages, play music, and do other things. Jarvis is your man if you need a simple personal assistant.

This app has a Pro version that doesn’t have ads and lets you talk to Jarvis from any screen or window. With the free version, there’s always a pop-up telling you to open the app to keep the service going (pictured above).

7. DataBot

DataBot is a personal assistant, but it’s more of a replacement for the fun and witty side of Siri. On the more useful side, DataBot can help you make multimedia presentations, search Google for answers to specific questions, and act as your secretary.

But the fun things you can do with DataBot are where the app really shines. If you tell DataBot your birthday, it will tell you what your daily horoscope is. DataBot can tell you jokes, give you quotes, play brain games with you, and stump you with riddles.

The Best Voice Helpers for Android

We all have different tastes and needs. Google Assistant works pretty well right out of the box. Alexa from Amazon works well with other devices that work with her. But some people don’t feel as comfortable giving these big companies even more information.

People who don’t want to give these companies more information might want to look into Robin, Extreme, or another smaller app. If you have a Samsung device, you can also try Bixby, which is kind of like Samsung’s own built-in Google Assistant.