Where To Put Your Microwave If Your Kitchen Is Small 8 Ideas

Your microwave place will not be the largest concern for many, but for these with a small kitchen, it’s of grave importance. In case your kitchen already has home equipment like a refrigerator or a stove, you may ask your self wherein to place the microwave.

If you’ve a small kitchen, you could think about placing your microwave inside a cupboard or drawer. There are options of over-the-range microwaves that can save you a lot of space, and a compact microwave can even fit at the counter or built-in in your kitchen island.

In this guide, we cover the significance of discovering the right area on your microwave. We also discuss different concepts in which you can position the appliance. Lastly, we endorse fabulous microwaves for small kitchens.

The Importance of Placing Your Microwave within the Right Place

It’s always finest to maintain your kitchen clean that you can have a natural and organic and hygienic life. We additionally ought to cook dinner to eat, and doing all that in a small kitchen is already hard.

Now, wherein the microwave goes might appear unimportant when compared with other issues. However, it needs to be in a place where it won’t bother you while you do all you need to do in the kitchen.

There are many locations within your kitchen wherein you could location your microwave. They can go in a drawer or cabinet or even over the range. It additionally needs to be in an area to allow you enough space to use and entry it easily. Restrict putting your microwave around the area you store your nutrients or correct subsequent to the fridge, as the microwave can negatively impact both.

Whichever location you choose, you have to keep in mind that it ought to be in a local of easy access for everyone. Overall, the best vicinity to put it is going to depend on the style and area of your kitchen.

8 Thoughts on Where to Vicinity Your Microwave in a Small Kitchen

Here are some thoughts on where to put your microwave in case your kitchen is small.

1. Lower than the Counter

If you don’t have a lot space on your kitchen, you could consider replacing a drawer with a microwave cabinet.

It will allow you to have your microwave reachable with out removing any of the kitchen’s space. However, you ought to restrict this idea when you have babies as it can be damaging for them.

Suppose you are redesigning your kitchen or starting from zero. In that case, a microwave-ready base cupboard will cost you the same as a drawer.

2. Integrated Into Cabinetry

Integrating your microwave into the cupboard is a superb preference that allows you to customise the height for larger reachability. However, it might be too a long way from a counter, so it is not the foremost practical option.

An included microwave can be a bit expensive, but if you can come up with the money for it, opt for it.

3. In a Spare Cabinet

Placing a microwave within a spare cupboard is a do it yourself option.

To make it work, you purely want a microwave that can healthy inside any of your cabinets. Select a cupboard you don’t use, choose a microwave that can go inside, and you’ve solved the problem. However, it probably complicated to entry if the cupboard door receives rusty over time.

Consider calling an authority to wire the cabinet that you should use the microwave. Although, you may additionally do it your self when you have the equipment and knowledge.

Note: Check your microwave training publication to work out if the cupboard will supply sufficient ventilation. If not, this selection won’t be a good suggestion for you.

4. Over the Range

If you don’t have a lot space to paintings with, then placing your microwave over the variety may be the solution. It’s useful, yet perhaps not the foremost appealing option. If the microwave is set too high, it maybe difficult for every person to access it.

Over-the-range microwaves are not the least expensive options, but they are simple to install and are relatively useful.

5. Mixed With a Wall Oven

If you don’t have enough room and want to build your kitchen from scratch, we recommend a wall-oven-microwave combo. It can provide a good exhibit of the two appliances, and it is space-efficient.

You can purchase a microwave-wall-oven combination or just a wall oven and use a kit trim to place the microwave above it.

6. In an Equipment Garage

If you have the option, an appliance garage can provde the correct space to not purely positioned your microwave yet different goods like blenders or toasters. Using an appliance storage will ensure that your microwave and different home equipment are necessarily simple to reach.

You can turn any part of the counter into an appliance garage, and it is a well investment if you can come up with the money for it.

7. On the Island

If your kitchen is small yet has an island built into it, then using that space for the microwave can prevent plenty of time and effort. Kitchen islands are beneficial for many reasons. Using yours to place your microwave will allow you to shop space in the shelves to store necessary kitchen items.

You could also area the microwave in among the island’s drawers, but it might be too low for straightforward access.

8. Built-In With a Trim Kit

If you choose a low spare cupboard or a drawer, you may make your microwave blend bigger with the kitchen via adding a trim kit. A trim package is an easy-to-install steel ring that fills the gap among the microwave and the cabinet.

Microwaves for Small Kitchens

When it comes to microwaves, there are thousands of recommendations with exceptional energy degrees and sizes. However, when you’ve got constrained space, you then ought to think about getting a compact microwave.

If you are looking for a compact microwave, there are some perfect recommendations in this list.

  • Whirlpool 0.5 Cubic Ft 750-Watt Countertop Microwave – Whirlpool’s compact microwave is an effective choice in case you have a small area to paintings with. It’s small, but supplies an analogous power as a daily size microwave. This mannequin is also fantastic for speedy heatings and springs with a +30s button, has enough room for a dinner plate, and won’t take any further space out of your kitchen than necessary. Note: It comes with a lock button when you’ve got small children that desire to play with the kitchen appliances.
  • Daewoo Unfashionable 0.7 Cubic Ft 700-Watt Countertop Microwave – The Daewoo Unfashionable is based and efficient, and its particular colour (mint green) will make your kitchen stick out from the rest. It is compact and powerful, because it powers up to seven hundred watts. It also gives a child lock, and it is rather easy to apply and install.
  • Panasonic 1.2 Cubic Toes Microwave – Panasonic compact microwave has 1200 watts of power. It comes with a GeniusSensor which can modify its settings for various foodstuff types. It also comes with a baby lock, put off start option, and preset menu items. It also comes with the Maintain Warm feature, which continues your food warm till you’re ready to eat.


The location you’ll area your microwave have to be of straightforward access and functionality. You ought to avert placing it near shelves with nutrients or nearly the fridge.

If you have a small kitchen, then a cupboard or drawer might be the finest solution. Use a trim package if you desire the microwave to combination with the kitchen’s style. Over-the-range microwaves are a different great option as it promises two home equipment for the space of one.

Overall, make each little bit of space count and go for the best option in your budget.