What To Do If Diagmonagent Android App Keeps Stopping

Questions that have been requested severally by means of Android users comprise is what’s Diagmonagent? Similarly, others have confronted many concerns when dealing with this feature, especially whilst the app has stopped on their smartphones.

Imagine if you are appearing a necessary task in your cellphone or playing your well known game. Unfortunately, you cannot watch movies or the Android game continues lagging and what you notice next is diagmonagent has stopped. This pop-up can be disgusting, especially when you have not ever encountered it before.

Luckily, because of technological advancement in the mobile industry, such concerns should no longer be of a lot concern for the reason that they can be solved as speedy as they appear. That is why during this article, we try to breakdown down imperative issues, including what’s a DiagMonAgent and what to do when a com.sec.android.diagmonagent has stopped.

What is DiagMonAgent App On Android?

DiagMonAgent is a quick form of Diagnostic Track Agent. It’s an internal device or software that analyzes malfunctioning programs in Android instruments and sends reports to the developers.

DiagMonAgent software is usually found in Samsung contraptions and acts so speedy to observe and remedy any difficulty which can impact the phone’s system. In so much cases, the DiagMonAgent notification pops up at the display screen when the telephone is in use. This makes people ask…

Is DiagMonAgent app a virus?

Diagmonagent has stopped message generally pops at the display screen while gambling a game or looking video clips in your phone. It additionally disappears instantly once you click on on any part of the screen, even though it may nonetheless be disgusting to users.

While most folks forget about the notification as it pops and disappears immediately while attempting to entry something at the phone, others still consider irritated and ponder it as a virus. However, in reality DiagMonAgent isn’t a plague like OMACP.

Com.sec.android.diagmonagent is a built-in application that exams your phone’s functioning and ensures the technique runs smoothly. It is, therefore, an invaluable program hidden within Samsung contraptions and its notifications mean it’s sensible in monitoring your device.

What is The Function of DiagMonAgent App?

Before seeking at why this software is very important in Samsung phones, it should be famous that this tracking software is ordinarilly pre-installed in Samsung instruments and works by sending notifications to the person every time it detects process malfunction.

Diagmonagent additionally sends the report back to cellphone developers, who later use the feedback to improve at the new Android phones. Besides, this unseen device additionally includes out manual checks on different components inclusive of contact screens, speakers, cameras, and telephones.

Though important, this program also reasons some issues on your phone. Therefore, you may assess for those issues to comprehend how DiagMonAgent works:

It Sends A File Notification Once You Turn on Wi-Fi

If you’re using a Samsung phone with Android 5 or above, you will see a notification bar showing “Sending Report” when you flip at the Wi-Fi.

The report is generally asked by the DiagMonAgent Android program yet does now not show the precise information being sent. However, it is believed that the document is ready whatever concerning phone programs.

It can be annoying if the notification pops up anytime you activate Wi-Fi, but it ought to no longer be a significant limitation since it disappears once the document is submitted. However, you will have got to take further action if the problem keeps reoccurring.

Why Does Your Cellphone Hold Announcing DiagMonAgent Has Stopped?

The traditional limitation associated to the com.sec.android.diagmonagent app is the “diagmonagent has stopped” notification that pops on the display whilst acting a necessary task. The message might show up as soon as and disappear finally or it may retain popping until you are feeling frustrated.

The well news is that Samsung service vendors have tried seeking at the issues and designed countless ways to manage such notifications. However, if you discover it irritating, you can resolve the failings utilizing the techniques outlined herein.

With this in mind, why is the DiagMonAgent app important in your phone? Listed here are the major features of this selection in Samsung devices:

  • The software facilitates phone clients to inspect the exhibit with the first colour Buttons. You could assess if the exhibit is operating effectively by using urgent the application.
  • It has an option that allows users to examine if the receiver at the Android is working well. The user can converse whatever which will come again and helps to verify if the transmissions at the gets end are perfect.
  • It enables to check the vibration of the phone.
  • In the newer Samsung models, the applying facilitates to envision the sensors like Fingerprint, acceleration, and digicam sensors.

How To Fix The DiagMonAgent Has Stopped Errors Message?

As mentioned earlier, DiagMonAgent is a pre-installed software that incorporates the Android cellphone inclusive of cqatest app and aasaservice. Though on minimum occasions, the person might have to install the track by downloading it from the browser. In whichever case, however, dealing with the failings resulting from the application can involve elaborate techniques as recommended by means of the Samsung developers.

Here are the common methods of solving the diagmonagent that has stopped issues:

Force Stop and Clear the App’s Cache and Data

Clearing the Android cache and app data and strength stopping it is the simplest way to solve the flaws and other difficulties like com.lge.launcher3. The only disadvantage is that the tactic offers minimal opportunities for solving the difficulty compared to different methods. To perform the method, comply with these steps:

  • Go to the phone “Settings” and click on “Apps”.
  • Tap on the 3 dots at the proper correct nook of the web page (the “Ellipsis” icon).
  • Click on the “Show Process Apps” option.
  • Tap on the DiagMonAgent.
  • Click on storage
  • Lastly, click on on “Clear Data” to delete the cache memory.

Phone Factory Resetting

If the 1st method does now not paintings and the application maintains stopping, you will have got to manufacturing facility reset your phone. Manufacturing facility resetting will delete all the phone’s data, adding your downloaded applications. It’s accordingly recommended to back up your gadget earlier than performing the procedure.

A device factory reset may well be carried out in two ways, in accordance with the complexity of the problem. These tactics are:

Hard Reset

Hard resetting your device is probably the finest solution to fix a “diagmonagent has stopped” limitation since it deletes all of the information and switches your telephone returned to how you obtain it. The process follows those steps:

  • First, flip off your phone.
  • Long-press the “Power” and “Volume Up” keys simultaneously until the Android emblem looks on the screen.
  • Several items would be displayed on the screen, including Reboot System, Reboot to Bootloader, and Wipe Data or Manufacturing unit Reset.
  • Using the “Volume” keys, scroll down and use the “Power” key to choose the “Wipe Data” or “Factory Reset” option.
  • Select “Yes” and watch for the gadget to restart.
  • Once the telephone has restarted, click on on the “Reboot Process Now” choice to finish the process.

Soft Reset

If the issue is not solved even after resetting your phone, you can do this easy hack to manage the application by means of resetting the phone settings. This technique resets the settings but does not wipe off the Android’s data.

  • Start by means of going to the phone’s Settings.
  • Tap on the “General Management” option.
  • Choose the “Reset” option.
  • Click at the “Factory Information Reset” preference and a window will open with quite a few data to be wiped off.
  • Scroll down, faucet on the “Reset Button“, and ensure your safety locks inclusive of PIN, fingerprint, or password.
  • Your Android phone will restart and you ought to now not encounter the diagmonagent app has stopped message again.

How To Uninstall Diagmonagent App On Android?

If the above methods do not troubleshoot the issue, uninstalling the DiagMonAgent application may be the only strategy to remedy the issue ultimately. Removing this program can be achieved in two techniques as illustrated below:

Using ADB method

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a tool that runs instructions on Android devices. Using this feature can show to be intricate if you are not tech-savvy since it requires a computer. To uninstall DiagMonAgent using this method, comply with these steps:

  1. Open cellphone Settings, cross to “System” and choose “About Phone”
  2. Tap at the “Build Number” seven instances to turn on the Developer Options.
  3. Switch back to the previous menu and open the “Developer Options”
  4. Turn on USB Debugging and down load ADB on your computer.
  5. Create a brand new folder and extract the downloaded zip file into it.
  6. Open the file, press and carry the “Shift” button, and right-click in the clean area.
  7. Click on “Open PowerShell Window Here” and kind the “adb devices” command.
  8. Connect your cellphone to the PC utilizing the USB cable.
  9. Lastly, run the command “adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.android.diagmonagent” to uninstall the app out of your device.

Using App Technique Remover

This technique calls for your telephone to be rooted with the “Kingoroot” and can be carried out within the following steps:

  • Start by means of downloading the App Remover from the App Store.
  • Install the application, release it, and search for “DiagMonAgent.
  • Checkmark the field subsequent to the app and click on on the “Uninstall Button” to take away the app out of your phone.


Can you presently deal with the DiagMonAgent app that continues stopping in your Samsung device? The article has commonly touched on imperative facets to learn about this application. It has additionally shown several ways to remedy the diagmonagent has stopped limitation every time you come across it. Which means it should now not be an nerve-racking notification sooner or later in case you follow the recommended steps.