What Is Yourphoneexe App Process In Windows 10 Should I Uninstall It

Yourphone.exe is a approach procedure introduced within the Home windows 10 PC and is answerable for your cellphone app at the PC’s background. YourPhone exe App, though quite new, is a feature on Windows 10, facilitates you the advantage of syncing your android phone or Android seven capsule with a Home windows device. This selection will allow you to entry all telephone notifications which includes emails and messages from the PC without checking your android device.

However, if you have an iPhone or iPad and wonder how to benefit from Your Cellphone exe App, installing Microsoft Part or using an identical Microsoft account on your iPhone gadget will suffice. While your telephone exe. Continues to run on your machine background, you may be sure that all notifications will function your computing device screen. It offers you the good thing about making a choice on from wherein you left your phone and a very good event with the associated apps in an identical Microsoft account.

Is the YourPhone.exe Safe?

Since the yourphone.exe App comes with valid Home windows 10, it’s a Microsoft app and may as a result be trusted. You can keep it strolling within the heritage of your PC without fearing that it would secret agent on your data. This App can harm neither your mobile phone gadget nor your computer.

If you’re nonetheless in doubt, you can verify the App’s authenticity by using confirming the publisher, scanning your cellphone exe window security, or by means of strolling it in home windows Sandbox. Nevertheless, you could disable the applying if you don’t want heritage apps to increase your PC’s operations.

Where is Yourphone.exe positioned on Windows?

YourPhone.exe is an important application that comes with the new windows and is secure for use.

To come across its location, pass to subfolder categorized C, then click Software Files- windows Apps- Microsoft- Your Cellphone exe. You will then see the numbers 1.19071.901.0_x64_8wekyb3d8bbwe.

How to Manually Discontinue the YourPhone.exe Process?

YourPhone.exe is a popular home windows App and might as a consequence be disabled at every time you want. To achieve this task, comply with right here steps:

Right-click the taskbar on the bottom of your screen after which click on Assignment Manager among the record or press Ctrl+ Shift+ ESC to open the Task Manager instantly from the keyboard.

From the Home windows Project Manager, scroll right down to Your Cellphone process. Whether it is walking within the background, it will show as your telephone process, and you can right-click it then press the End Task option.

The strolling strategy will discontinue till you reboot your PC or until you returned open the application manually. You’ll not get any notification or message out of your phone in your PC until you open the App again.

How to Disable Your Telephone EXE from running in the background

If you don’t want to link your telephone to the PCs and intend to restrict the history App on your machine, you could choose to disable the Your Telephone exe application. Here is the way to move approximately it.

1: Right-click, the start menu at the bottom left of your Pc and chose Setting from the popup menu.

2: Click privateness at the putting windows.

3: Locate the history Apps; click it and scroll down until you pick out Your Telephone app one of the list of heritage apps.

4: Now snap off the App for historical past applications.

Yourphone.exe will cease strolling in your machine background. However, in case you are not satisfied with disabling and would desire to uninstall the application, perhaps to create some space, then the stairs that comply with will show helpful.

How to Eliminate YourPhone.exe App from home windows 10

Follow the stairs mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Right-click the start menu on windows ten after which choose Windows PowerShell
  • Step 2: while on the Windows PowerShell, type right here command and then hit enter; Get-AppxPackage Microsoft Your Phone-AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage.

Upon completing this command, Your Telephone app will be erased out of your computer and not run as a heritage app. What if, within the future, you want to reinstall the appliance on your PC?

How to reinstall Your Phone EXE in Home windows 10?

The need to connect your mobile gadget in your machine will necessitate the re-installation of the Your Phone app at the PC. The steps mentioned less than will be sure successful re-installation.

Step 1: Pass to the window search bar from the beginning key and kind Store.

Step 2: Right-click on the effect to open the Microsoft store. Remember, you can still install this App from the authentic Microsoft store by means of downloading it.

Step 3: Press the Get button to download after which install the application. Once the setting up approach is complete, you could sync your telephone with the computer to share your document, images or move your widespread videos from PC to iPhone.

How to Reset YourPhone.exe Approach in Home windows 10?

Follow the stairs less than to reset YourPhone.exe on a windows 10 laptop

1: Click on the start icon at the backside left of the PC and then sort settings

2: while on the Placing app, scroll to the App option

3: The above movement should take you to App & features Settings page

4: At the Apps &features screen, pass to the right, then scroll down to locate Your Cellphone app

5: Click on Your Cellphone app. You will might be detect the uninstall characteristic at this stage, and you may eliminate it from the putting app if you want.

6: Here, you’ll see improved preference link

7: Scroll downward to the Reset section

8: Click on the reset button back for affirmation ought to popups appear.

Upon completing these processes, reboot your computer, and the YourPhone.exe strategy will not appear at the Project Manager. Additionally, you could select to employ unfastened software together with C-Cleaner to help uninstall YourPhone exe App. Make sure you run a plague scan earlier than using virus program or use a trusted third party antivirus to notice any threat which can freeze your PC.