What Is The Nativedropboxagent App And How To Remove It

Nativedropboxagent is a pre-installed app consisting of a safety log agent on Android, it’s an unwanted application that may cause many problems in your phone. The app operate is to paintings with backend operations some of the users aren’t good conscious of the Native dropbox agent. They won’t use it but the difficulties created by means of the app are trendy and frustrating.

If you additionally face a problem due to this app then it will be resolved right here it is a pre-loaded app for each Android. Native dropbox agent on your gadget is not related or affiliated with Dropbox that’s a cloud storage application.

What Is Nativedropboxagent Android app?

However, it is an legitimate app that’s useful and can make some significant concerns on your Android. There’s an transparent difference between DropBox and Native DropBox Agent apps.

Both are useful in any respect yet dropbox supplies additional facilities to paintings with other apps. Also, important documents within the type of sharing. Whilst native dropbox agents can distort your Android’s different applications. This app is useful for the clients who come to know the proper operating of it.

5 Ordinary Hassle With Native Dropbox Agent

The malicious function of the NativeDropBoxAgent app can slowly damage your Android. Now take a look at what the app does in your phone.

  • It affects telephone charging capacity
  • Uses beside the point data
  • Increases internet consumption
  • Device car shutdown
  • Android different apps functionality decreases

The app creates a lot many issues which aren’t in general universal to us always keep an eye on the adjustments that arise on your Android and use a reliable antivirus bigger than a premium one.

What Are The Capabilities of Using Dropbox?

Dropbox has many effective features that make your Android cellphone able to maintain your data in an prepared manner. It synchronizes documents from multiple channels instantly and makes it simple to entry an identical information at Android, Laptop, and Tabs on the equal time.

Most cloud features are hard and now not simple typical clients don’t have any experience of that. Dropbox resolved this difficulty with the aid of making an app that makes the document’s safety and creation easy for the users where they could save documents on Android.

Tab, and might go away them to the app itself. It gives ease to get access your documents and documents from any gadget via an internet connection.

Every Android person has significant documents and documents on the cellphone to be able to get connected with folks like friends, family, and co-workers you need to share the files.

Simply each user wants it to be secure enough. Dropbox offers the facility to select diverse apps and send them to distinctive locations on the equal time with one click only. These documents and files can be shared by way of any platform but make sure you have information superhighway availability with you.

How To Discontinue NativeDropBoxAgent Android App?

Various techniques are used to forestall the NativeDropBoxAgent and different apps adding diagmonagent from working. Yet here’s a normal and simple thanks to stop the app. The forced discontinue for any of the apps might disturb the remainder of your Android phone’s data. In this case, there’s a thanks to prevent this information harm.

Force Stop

When you forcefully discontinue an app a warning message will be given with the aid of the Android that the movement could interrupt your essential documents. However, this can be a small hassle but you can remove this following with the aid of those easy points;

  • Open Menu on your smartphone
  • Open Settings
  • Now faucet at the App Management
  • Locate the NativeDropBoxAgent app

Now you will come to understand how simple and simple is the process that needs only a second to force stop.

How To Get rid of NativeDropBoxAgent App?

Like many of the other pre-installed apps, the NativeDropBoxAgent app isn’t possible to be removed out of your Android as it is a pre-loaded app like BBCAgent through the company so it’s no longer been attainable to delete it.

Anyway, there’s an choice to disable the NativeDropBoxAgent in an effort to disable it you have to uninstall all updates first after uninstallation is finished then comply with the aid to disable the native dropbox agent app.

  • Open your Android phone’s settings
  • Tap at the Apps
  • Locate Native DropBox Agent
  • Select uninstall updates

Right once you conclude uninstalling updates you could disable the app. There are purely 3 steps to be followed;

  • Go lower back to the Settings
  • Locate NativeDropBoxAgent App
  • Select the Disable button


Finally, the above dialogue indicates that the distinctive Android apps depart a separate impression on your device. Some would damage your information and dossier some are useful. In most cases, regular Android clients don’t realize commonly the capabilities of an app and the way to use an app properly.