What Is Test Dpc App And How To Uninstall It

Test DPC app become designed to help OEMs, EMM, and ISVs. The point of the app is to check the systems and functions of Android’s controlled profile. For instance, Android paintings profile. This Test DPC apk works in two directions a testing program for APIs flex and a device coverage controller sample. and it’s available for Android enterprises. The testdpc apk was published in 2015 first, through Google the app, and has a specific habit under a corporate context that uses Android.

That’s why the app is smart enough when you are an Android app developer, and want a test of an app’s behavior less than some conditions. Android would be enrolled to work profile mode or paintings managed through EMM. When you set paintings managed or paintings profile utilizing experiment DPC app can confirm the distant app performance.

What Is Test DPC App?

The experiment DPC app enables its clients to test and investigate the application workability all over the world to make sure even if those applications are operating correctly or not. It correlates server and EMMs to configure the settings of the device with none knowledge. Don’t take the danger to uninstall the TestDPC, due to the fact it is not too hard to do so.

The testdpc apk is an Android integrated setup that perhaps uninstalled, some apps inclusive of epdg test app or CQATest can’t be uninstalled easily. It’s beneficial when you would like to ascertain the performance and workability of an app its handling must be careful or else it may cause a knowledge loss.

Device Policy Controller DPC comes with an Android device, its operate is to manage many of the device settings. These device settings may well be managed manually from the Android placing or controlled by using the Firm Mobility Management (EMM), Original Tools Company (OEM), and Autonomous Application Vendor (ISV).

It capacity the settings may well be managed manually and immediately through the Test DPC app. The user can deal with application restrictions, set safety policies, and many extra with the aid of utilizing this app. It is also a reference implementation for different DPCs. Another important issue is that there isn’t any gadget rooting is needed for the Test DPC apk.

How To Use The Experiment DPC App?

There are some parameters to test DPC app after applying those instructions. You could test the app behavior and performance of those apps that are utilized in a distant area. These are some guidelines here;

  • At first step install Experiment DPC app on your Android
  • Go to Android Launcher
  • Tap at the Setup Test DPC icon
  • An guidance message would be shown on screen
  • Now install the app and test the style how it runs in a work profile

TestDPC apk acts among the server and EMM console simply as a bridge joining the two ends. The person as an admin can participate in many duties like device settings configuration through using the EMM console.

The DPC app manages and controls the paintings profile on Android wherein it is installed. Testdpc App has many versions, they are updated well timed consistent with the necessities to check the applications.

The newest edition accessible now could be 8.0.1 for smartphones, while using an Android the DPC app is used to supply a work profile to the person that is entirely managed with the aid of the manufacturer. It is the IT admin who sets the program guidelines provided by using the organization’s EMM provider.

Can i Uninstall TestDPC APK?

Amazing cellphone working procedures has been developed with the aid of the Androids for a lot of years. Android operating technique has unique features in it, that no different operating process provides you if you are utilizing Android for checking out some applications. In case you don’t have sufficient expertise of app testing, then your phone may well be locked and you are feeling trouble.

So, at this level uninstall the Test DPC app service, because it is going to assist you to unlock the android phone. Surely it is suggested that Test DPC App is an important app to free up your Android phone.

The TestDPC App is a service that provides you the power to test your apps and determine their performance whether it is working safely or now not through clicking one easy tap.

If you want to make sure your android is operating perfectly. Then you would like now not set up the test DPC apk from the device. Even don’t use this app for in basic terms that purpose. Because there is in a different way to do a similar work easily in case you wait for making an identical work?

Simply it looks relatively simple to use the app to check other apps but in fact, this app is a provider which could damage your Android, if not standard properly.

How to Uninstall Test DPC App?

At this time of trouble, you have to uninstall the app service, it is possible to uninstall the testdpc apk through following some steps, now have a look at uninstalling Experiment DPC App steps;

  • Go to Settings on your Android
  • Open the Apps
  • Then faucet on Test DPC
  • A new window will appear having two options Uninstall and Force Stop
  • Tap on Uninstall button
  • You will see a affirmation message click on Ok
  • A pop-up message will show up Uninstall Finish
  • All is done now

Follow those easy and hassle-free checklist to uninstall efficaciously Test DPC App out of your android. Developers dedicate their effort and time to the construction of the applications.

The IT rules are distinct for those purposes based upon the a number of structures on which they run the apps, for instance; the testdpc apk is jogging on Company-Owned Enterprise Purely (COBO), Company Owned Individually Enabled (COPE), or Carry Your Device (BYOD).

Before you install the app to check on Android, you must consider trying out the DPC app first.

The Experiment DPC App complements the operating surroundings on Android, this app is a developing tool. Always be cautious with your device, whilst jogging the app. Because the experiment DPC app will delete the Android instance for work that’s already set in your Android.

It can disable and remove all functions which are already installed. Test DPC app may be configured to raise information from exclusive mobiles that are utilizing company-owned applications completely managed by using the enterprise. Any coverage difference can take place in simple terms to individual functions or maybe utilized all over the Android phone.

Modifying accessibility service, NFC sharing, vicinity access, app restriction, information usage, camera, certificates management, and a lot of a lot, are the coverage management functions included in the Experiment DPC app.

If you want to simulate an IT administrator, who uses enterprise-specific guidelines simply click on on the regulations you desire to set by way of coverage management, then run your application in a workflow.


The discussion displays that the Test DPC App is an Android app, and implementation for cellphone to envision the operating profile of numerous applications. testdpc apk involves various coverage leadership functions it possibly dealt with in numerous ways like individual application settings or company restricted policies. It is referred to as a smart app utilizing a specific work behavior, it really is the best tool to test the other purposes as well.

Test DPC apk is also a assisting device to test and verify remote applications. Whether they’re jogging in a well-organized form or want any update. The tool increases the Android phone’s working, and makes the performance smooth, testdpc apk is designed for the Android working technique and doesn’t support the remainder of the working systems.