What Is Sim Not Provisioned Mm2 And How To Fix It In 2022

Imagine having the excitement of utilizing a brand new iPhone or Android phone, and you then stumble upon a sim now not provisioned mm#2 pop-up You are particularly annoyed, yet you can do not anything about the sim card no longer working error.

You need to quit performing the most important duties utilizing your phone, i.e., making cellphone voice calls or connecting to the internet to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and different social media platforms. This happens many times, and it is particularly frustrating, if not annoying. Besides, each of the joy you were expecting posting your good images on social media has to scale down.

Why does my cellphone say no sim? How can you repair sim no longer provisioned mm#2? What explanations the sim card to prevent working? Those are one of the significant questions whose solutions you wish to know. This article is your informant because it answers most of these questions about sim not provisioned mm 2 mistakes and is going ahead to element how to repair it. Hold interpreting for these hacks.

What does sim no longer provisioned mm#2 mean?

First things first, let’s understand what sim now not provisioned mm#2 is before getting into minor details about solving it. Sim not provisioned mm 2 is an mistakes message that appears whilst your android telephone or iPhone, new or old, can’t connect in your service supplier during the SIM card.

Although this error typically happens whilst developing a new device or SIM card, it isn’t unusual between users with historic SIM cards and devices.

So then what causes sim no longer provisioned mm2?

What is reason for sim card no longer provisioned?

We have obvious that sim no longer provisioned mm#2 is an errors that happens when your sim card fails to connect your Android cellphone or iPhone to your wireless community service including Sprint, Verizon, TFW, AT&T, T-Mobile.

Of course, there are various tactics to resolve this problem, and so are the error’s causes. Listed here are 11 reasons why you may see the sim no longer provisioned mm 2 error;

  1. You have a new telephone and a new SIM card
  2. Have a brand new SIM card that you are trying to installed on an historic device
  3. You are attempting to move contacts from an historic SIM card into a brand new one
  4. You have no longer effectively activated a new SIM card, and it won’t seamlessly work devoid of flaws
  5. Out-of-network protection location or cellular community state disconnected
  6. You are utilizing the capabilities of a instant network provider whose authorization servers are not accessible on your current location
  7. Sim card now not placed in fact in slot
  8. You are using a broken SIM card, and you’ve got the lamest inspiration about this
  9. SIM card bought moist for one reason or another, and the gadget cannot examine it
  10. You are utilizing a SIM card that’s fairly old and went dead without your notice
  11. SIM card has dirt on its surface, and your gadget can’t read it

These are among the accurate motives you would possibly be given the sim no longer provisioned mm#2 error, and there are more motives behind the message.

Why does your phone say sim now not provisioned mm#2?

This could sound like really an transparent question, especially if you have encountered the sim not provisioned mm2 errors before. However, people who have no longer experienced the mistake might no longer really realize why it’s irritating.

Imagine being not able to make or accept voice calls, including from your loved ones! Actually, the essential rationale we spend cash on luxurious devices is that we desire to appreciate flawless calls and now suppose a world devoid of them.

Furthermore, when the sim isn’t provisioned mm#2 mistakes or your cellphone says no sim, it bars your telephone from having access to the internet. As such, you can’t even use your phone for sending messages and the phone begins getting messages blocked is an energetic mistakes on your iPhone or Android.

Besides, if you get pleasure from video calls utilizing Facebook, Zoom App, WhatsApp, and other platforms, you will appreciate them no more. Isn’t this frustrating?

Now you know it, and you additionally realize why you need to know how to repair the sim no longer provisioned mm2 mistakes that you can effortlessly remedy it the next time you come upon it.

Why is a SIM card significant for iPhone or Android phone?

As obvious within the area below causes of sim no longer provisioned mm#2 error, the pop-up has a lot to do along with your SIM card. The latter is a small card with magnet chips that attach your device to a mobile carrier provider.

The SIM card relays some information regarding your account to the wireless network service for this to happen. And as soon as this knowledge is confirmed, you could use the SIM card to make calls, hook up with the internet, and get pleasure from video voice calls, between different activities.

Sadly, when the SIM card cannot relay information about your account to the community provider, the sim no longer provisioned mm 2 blunders occurs. It’s as although the go-between connecting the telephone to the network service is barred, creating a void in between.

There is well news!

Even although the sim not provisioned mm#2 errors is stressful and frustrating, there is good news to it.

You can solve this sim no longer provisioned mm 2 errors using various troubleshooting techniques. As such, you wish no longer be involved about it, yet hold analyzing this write-up.

8 Tips on how to repair sim not provisioned mm#2 error

As explained above, you need no longer grow weary approximately sim not provisioned mm 2 error. The causes behind the error are numerous, and so are the techniques for troubleshooting it.

Here are the hacks you may try and rest guaranteed that one among them will fix the sim card no longer provisioned mm#2, and you will be able to appreciate voice calls and cyber web connection as soon as again;

1- Ensure that the SIM card is not dirty

As mentioned in the explanations section, having dirt or dust particles on the floor of a SIM card might hinder it from working. Besides, it’d immediate the sim not to provision mm#2 message, especially when the magnetic surface is blocked.

Therefore, you could confirm that the SIM card isn’t dirty through eliminating it and checking the surface. You could also dust it off and re-insert it. If it begins operating immediately, it capacity there became dust on the surface.

2- Ensure that the SIM card is not wet

Having moisture debris on the SIM card floor could also effect within the SIM no longer provisioned mm#2 error. Moist particles at the card’s surface might intrude with its functionality, like does dust droplets.

Therefore, you need to examine the SIM card surface for any moisture to make sure that the latter is not the reason for the sim not provisioned mm 2 error.

The good component is that the process is as easy as eliminating the card, checking the surface, and re-inserting it.

3- Verify if the SIM card is properly inserted correctly

For the SIM card to relay data between the device and the community provider, it have to be good placed in its slot. This means that now not placing it effectively may also cause the sim no longer provisioned mm2 error.

As such, you can verify how the cardboard is placed in the slot and notice even if the error message disappears. You could do so by;

  • Turn off the Android or iPhone
  • Use the Q-pin the device came with to remove the SIM card
  • Use a soft rubber and dress to wipe of the SIM card surface
  • Push again the SIM card into its holder
  • Slide back the SIM card holder in its slot
  • Power at the device to work out if the sim no longer provisioned errors has disappeared

4- Activate your SIM card

If you acquire a brand new cellphone and SIM card or a brand new SIM card, you need to switch on it. It’s because activation failure is one rationale the SIM card may not connect your cellphone to the mobile service provider, ensuing within the sim now not provisioned mm#2 error.

Technically, you wish to stress about activation because it occurs within the first 24 hours of inserting a SIM card right into a phone. However, the actuality can be different, and whilst the 24 hours elapse without activation, you may be given the sim no longer provisioned mm 2 error.

As such, you should switch on the SIM card or provoke activation processes. Here is the way to move about it.

  1. Call your wireless carrier utilizing their number, as awarded on the SIM card’s user guide (you need another cellphone to do this)
  2. Send a text message to the wireless carriers and explain your issue
  3. Log in to the wireless carrier’s website and use the chat function to talk with the customer care branch (this additionally calls for a different mobile device or a computer)

This method should troubleshoot the sim not provisioned mm#2 error, particularly if the trigger is related to the service provider. However, if it’s related to the location of the SIM card or technique failure on your device, they won’t clear up it.

5- Visit your wireless carrier’s office

You can also choose to visit the instant carrier’s workplace physically when the error persists, even after eliminating the SIM card and re-inserting it. In so much cases, they’ll solve the problem, no matter if it’s related to the device or SIM card. It’s as simple as;

  • Browsing the bodily vicinity of the instant carrier’s office
  • Visiting the workplaces and featuring your case

6- Restart your device

Restarting a device often works to the user’s virtue because it solves many of the typical problems. Therefore, you might consider restarting your phone earlier than attempting the techniques suggested above. The method is easy, and also you simply want to;

  • Long-press the power button
  • You will see at least two options, Switch Off and Restart. Choose Restart

The device is going off and immediately switches on, with the sim no longer provisioned mm#2 mistakes optimistically solved.

7- Try out a different SIM card slot

Sometimes, the SIM card slot you are using together with your SIM card is corrupted, prompting the sim now not provisioned mm 2 error.

If your iPhone or Android phone has two card sim slots, you can change to the other slot to substantiate that the issue is not the SIM card, however the slot. You could accomplish that by;

  1. Switch off the device by way of long-pressing the power button and choosing Switch Off
  2. Use the Q-pin to remove the SIM card
  3. Insert the cardboard into the different slot
  4. Switch on the device and verify no matter if the error message still appears

8- Update the SIM card

If none of the guidelines above work, go to your wireless carrier’s client care branch to substantiate if the SIM card is dead. If that’s the case, replace it and re-insert it into your device.

Still, you can attempt the ancient SIM card on one other gadget to ensure that the error is not associated to the card.


Sim no longer provisioned mm#2 or your telephone says no sim errors message that appears while the SIM card fails to attach a telephone to the network carrier. It often happens if you have a brand new cellphone or SIM card, however it can be experienced whilst the SIM card and phone are not new. There are many easy methods to remedy the error, and they are certain within the write-up.