What Is Message Blocking Is Active On Iphone And How To Remove It

Whether you possess an iPhone or an Android device, likelihood is excessive that you’ve come around the “free msg: not able to send a message – message blocking off is active” and blocked textual content messages as soon as or some times.

The “free msg: unable to send a message – message blocking is active” notification turns into this kind of nuisance while it prevents you from sending text messages on iPhone or Android. Especially if you needed to communicate urgently.

Interestingly, when people be given the notification, they’re speedy to think that the person they are sending a message to blocks them, making it not possible for the messages to be sent. Notably, there is multiple purpose you’ll get then pop up while trying to send a text message utilizing an iPhone or an Android. Being blocked on messages is simply among the reasons.

Stay tuned and retain examining the well-researched article to realise every little thing approximately message blocking off active notification, and blocked textual content messages.

Is your iPhone asserting message blocking is active?

The “free msg unable to send a message – message blockading is active” notification is a regular function in android gadgets and iPhones. Have you ever tried sending somebody a text message in the direction of the end of a month or early into the month before renewing your subscription, and the pop-up got here out of nowhere?

Often than not, the very first thing that clicks into a person’s mind while he sees the notification is that the recipient has blocked them on messaging; accordingly the default texting app views all texts to him as blocked messages.

While this may be true. Normally it seems that the sender has some settings that prevent sending messages to that particular individual. Besides, it can be that his subscriptions have expired, and it’s that time of the month while renewal is due.

Therefore, rather of being quick to judge. Do some check-ups which are later covered in this article to know that matters are okay from your end.

What is message blocking off is energetic and blocked messages notification?

Before moving into minor information about how message blockading is lively notification and blocked messages work. We need to first recognize what they mean.

Interestingly, the terms are informative, and you could tell it from the names. When you take delivery of the “free msg unable to ship a message – message blocking is active”, it signifies that some underlying causes are causing a limit to sending messages.

This feature can block sending messages to 1 individual, many, or quite a few persons you want to ship textual content messages to.

If it’s resulting from past due billing for subscription fees. You may have blocked messages to all contacts. and each time you attempt sending anyone in your contact list a message, you’ll get the pop-up.

Is ‘message blockading is active’ notification something to be feared?

When you are utilizing your iPhone or an Android gadget to ship a text message, and the ‘message blocking off is active’ notification appears, you can get paranoid.

Visualize a condition wherein you are sending some useful, urgent information to a person, then, every thing shuts down, making it not possible to send messages to all of the contacts in your iPhone.

Admittedly, that’s a tricky condition that would get all people worrying. Thankfully, you wish no longer worry so much about the pop-up and blocked text messages because the predicament isn’t incorrigible.

What’s important is starting the cause of the error, and with such a root cause, you may follow alongside and connect the problem. Usually, checking history message settings, swapping sim cards, and confirming information superhighway access if you are utilizing the iMessage app is enough to troubleshoot the error.

Still, you have to transcend the traditional in different cases, above all while the issue is more in-depth. The subsequent section addresses all of the possibly motives of the “free msg not able to ship a message- message blocking off is active” in your iPhone, and understanding them makes it simple so that you can solve the issue.

9 reasons why your iPhone says message blocking is active

The message blocking off is an active notification that is as a result of many causes affecting the sender or the iPhone recipient. Here are a few of the motives you perhaps having blocked text messages and the recounted “free msg: not able to ship a message – message blocking off is active” errors while using your iPhone or Android.

  • Short-code problem
  • Service failure
  • Surplus of top rate messages
  • Being low on balance
  • Being at the wrong plan
  • Data plan issues
  • Coverage issues
  • Turning on message blocking on your phone
  • The recipient has the message blockading characteristic on

Short-code problem

Many T-mobile clients might be given the ‘message blockading is active’ notification as a result of having shortcodes. As such, the contraptions become aware of the code and fails to set up a full connection, displaying the error message.

Of course, the problem isn’t unique to T-mobile clients merely and includes iPhones. Short-code difficulties could need technical intervention for the phone to ship and be given textual content messages.

Service failure

As outlined on the beginning. It is unwise to conclude that the ‘message blockading is active’ blunders looks since the recipient has blocked you. In some instances, the difficulty may be more internal and outcomes from service failure.

For instance, there may be a slight time-lapse from your carrier provider, and as soon as the issue time for sending the textual content ends, you’ll receive the notification. Therefore, you would possibly must seek advice your service supplier and ensure that every thing is on point.

In some cases, the carrier provider may suspend textual content messaging capabilities devoid of notification. You will simply awaken to the ‘Sorry, message blockading is active’ error message.

Surplus of top class messages

Restrictions to sending or receiving top class messages are a superb characteristic only utilized by some phones.

It may be the reason your iPhone or Android device can no longer send or receive textual content messages.

This generally appears just like the final of possibilities, yet reviewing your subscription phrases to realise its regulations will assist your qualify surplus of premium messages as an effective opportunity for the error or directly rule it out.

Being low on balance

Many persons now favor pay as you go features for calls and textual content messages. Paying a certain quantity probably at first of a month gives one an easy time due to the fact from now on repayments are buried, and the convenience is to be celebrated.

However, you may find that you spend so much of the pay as you go quantity on one particular month that the stability is too insufficient to support sending text messages.

Although some service vendors do not added divide the monthly pay as you go expenses for calls, SMS, etc… most organizations desire one of these arrangement. In so doing, a consumer has a specific amount meant for messages, and should or not it’s cleared before the subscription period ends, sending textual content messages would be impossible or blocked.

Instead, each of the texts would be treated as blocked messages. The ‘unfortunately message blocking is active on iPhone’ notification appears.

You can rule this out as a likely purpose for the mistake by way of calling your service provider to substantiate your messaging balance. If possible, you may additionally view the stability from your end.

Being on the incorrect plan

This is yet another excuse that will make your iPhone send the ‘message blockading is active’ notification as you try to ship (or receive) messages.

Are you wondering what a wrong plan ability during this context?

Imagine that you usually choose a subscription plan that caters to calls, both video, and voice, in addition to messages.

On a specific month, you unintentionally select a plan that provides all capabilities you usually get, apart from for messaging. You’ll be amazed to receive the ‘message blocking off is active’ notification, now not understanding that the plan you took up excluded messages.

The best thanks to remove this possibility is to study what your month’s subscription includes. Besides, if it still does not make feel and the error notification continues appearing. You can test calling your provider supplier for him to elucidate what your subscription plan involves and what it does now not take care of.

Data plan issues

The other possibly reason you may experience a messaging errors in the type of a message blocking is energetic on iPhone notification is information plan issues. Perhaps you’re wondering how so.

Think of a messaging subscription plan that makes use of the data-only option. Perhaps you have a stable Wi-Fi connection on your house, and also you pay for it in time. The data-only messaging plan will necessarily appear as if a perfect plan when you’ve got one of these connection considering that it is going to reduce your entire subscription bills.

When settling on this kind of plan. You may forget that you’ll lose the Wi-Fi connection due to a power issue, which will obviously make sending messages impossible.

For instance, vandalism or heavy rains could interfere with power provision, ultimately interrupting the Wi-Fi connection. It’s only a backup data plan that saves you at this point, and in case you have none, you’ll no longer be capable of ship messages.

Therefore, while the data-only messaging plan would look cheap. You can anticipate to be given the ‘message blocking off is active’ notification whilst experiencing a power blackout.

Coverage issues

When you have protection issues, you may additionally take delivery of the ‘message blockading is active’ notification. For instance, some areas are grouped less than ‘none’ when it comes to coverage. and if you’re relocating to such, count on to receive the message blocking off notification.

Therefore, it’s good to know your place well, particularly when making plans to relocate to a brand new locality. What’s more, knowing your area’s protection situation is not hard, and also you only have got to key within the tackle details.

Turning on message blockading on your phone

Sometimes, you may turn on the message blockading characteristic knowingly or unplanned, that will prompt the “free msg not able to ship a message – message blocking off is active” iPhone blunders as you attempt sending messages.

The characteristic usually allows clients retain off poisonous people, yet normally it can be an oversight, and you find yourself blocking off one with out planning.

The recipient having the message blockading feature on

Having the message blocking off on from the sender or recipient’s facet ends up in the ‘message blocking off is active’ errors notification.

For instance, if the recipient has his incoming and outgoing texts being termed as blocked messages for any of the first seven reasons above. You’ll be given the error notification when trying to send him a message.

Therefore, you could ask him to examine his message settings to make certain the difficulty does now not originate from his side.

How to repair message blocking is active errors on iPhone?

There are many systems to fix the message blockading is active and blocked text messages, including:

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will necessarily help troubleshoot most of the problems. You can try out restarting the phone, hoping that the difficulty disappears. Long press the power button and click on Restart to reboot the device.

Confirm your range

Key in the address of your locality to network variety status on line and confirm your area’s range. You can also investigate the pictogram at the true of your iPhone where other icons are. Spot the bar, and if it has nothing, it potential coverage is down on the moment.

Review your plan

Confirm no matter if your subscription plan includes messaging anyway calls. You could call the service vendors consisting of Tracfone to find out such details or investigate your account online. Besides, inquire approximately your messaging stability in case your plan further subdivides the charges for calls and messages.

Confirm nation codes

Sometimes you may be given the message blockading blunders if you enter the incorrect nation code. This above all occurs in case you live inside international borders. You, therefore, need to determine the country code you entered to confirm that it is ok.

Checked your message settings for any blocked contacts

If you test sending a message to a blocked contact, it is going to now not go. Make sure to investigate your blocked contact list and unblock the person. You have blocked him by way of mistake.

Call the other occasion and ask him to unblock you

When the recipient blocks you. Your texts to him perhaps grouped as blocked messages and could prompt the messaging blocking is lively pop up. Therefore, you can call the recipient and ask them to examine their blocked touch list and unblock you. If the issue is on their end, you should be capable of ship the message after he unblocks you.


free msg unable to ship a message – message blocking off is energetic is an blunders notification on iPhone or Android you’ll be given as you try out sending or receiving texts, yet they’re termed as blocked messages. It appears whilst there is a restriction, preventing you from sending or receiving textual content messages. The object has discussed how this can be a trouble, the causes, and troubleshooting the issue. Reading the whole article facilitates you know how to fix the error the next time your iPhone stories it.