What Is Lg Smartworld Android App And How To Delete It

If LG is your sought after Android phone, you’ll obviously get bored with its default features, and that’s where the LG smartworld app store comes in handy. Admittedly, LG smartphones and TVs, between different digital devices, are unique, but the LG clever world makes their experiences even better.

Have you given your ideas on changing your display timer? How in regards to the default theme, keywords, and font you purchased your gadget with? You could always change such in certain cases and make a futuristic view of your phone. This article explores what is LG smartworld is, how it is important to an LG device, and other key things about it. You will also be trained from the write-up the way to delete the app and a few disclaimers approximately it.

What is LG smartworld Android app?

Before getting into details about how LG smart world works and what it skill in your Android phone, let’s first discover what it is. LG smartworld is a form of a shop that comes as a pre-installed app in LG android smartphones.

This gives the telephone a distinct view in accordance with the user’s selection and is usually one-of-a-kind from the default settings android comes with. For instance, an entire download and installation of the LG smartworld store presents you entry to quite a few customization features, games, apps, plus themes, and a lot of more.

Additionally, the LG smartworld offers all LG users with unique access to this store, wherein they could discover one of a kind functions to improve their user-interface experience.

It is noteworthy that the app is exclusively available for LG users and now not other android mannequin owners. As such, you need to own an LG model to utilize the LG smartworld app shop and its many features.

The good issue is that the brand has now improved its provisions, and LG clever world can be accessed using shrewd TVs. All included content and one-of-a-kind provisions that warrant a fulfilling patron adventure are all accessible within the app.

How is LG smartworld and com.lge.launcher3 related?

We have received many questions about LG gadgets from clients, and some revolve around how LG smartworld and com.lge.launcher3 relate. While LG smartworld is an app in the kind of a store, com.lge.launcher3 is its default android launcher.

With this launcher, you can entry countless customization features, games, plus themes, key-word themes, fonts, and particular functions on your LG smartphone.

What are the main capabilities of LG smartworld?

LG clever world and com.lge.launcher3 makes a good combo. As mentioned previously, your shrewd LG cellphone comes with the LG smartworld app shop pre-installed, and listed below are some key features your can expect to explore;

  • The KEYBOARD THEME allows you to personalize the keyboard and make it as colourful as you wish.
  • The HOME THEME helps you to customise your homepage, input icons, and create particular command strains for the Edit, Home, and Main Menu features.
  • The FONT characteristic allows you to discover the quite a few font styles and types available with the aid of your LG device, setting simply what you need for Android phone.
  • Using the PLUS THEMES, you could cross forward to customise your textual content keyboard, WhatsApp, and other typing systems in the LG device.

LG smart world application models

As a lot because the LG smartworld software facilitates LG users access to many attractive options, it is noteworthy that it’s not accessible for just any LG device.

Instead, there are particular versions and resolutions an LG phone needs to have for the LG smartworld application to run on it smoothly.

Here are the specifications:

  • Phone resolution: the LG device’s resolution need to be HD, XVGA, WXGA, WUVGA, QHD, FHD, QVGA, HVGA, and HD/XVGA. These are the sole resolutions of LG versions that help lg smartworld, meaning that very ancient LG smartphones whose resolutions do not event the listed ones won’t support it.
  • Android OS: lg smartworld will not run on any LG phone unless its android OS is any of the following; 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, and 5.1. We hope that LG enables distinctive OS to assist its particular app shop within the future, yet for now, it’s the stated ones which are considered important for the lg smartworld application.

Does one pay to use LG smart world app store?

Good things are usually costly, and so are the superb functions presented to you by using LG smartworld. This means that the shop might charge you sometimes, but relaxation guaranteed that what you get in go back is worthwhile.

However, you will be thrilled to grasp that there are a selection of particular features on the LG shrewd world that you may fully discover devoid of paying a cent. What’s more, the free features aren’t proscribing by any means and are both great.

Therefore, you may count on to discover distinctive plus themes, font patterns and sizes, and keyboard functions free, and that they get well as you pay the acknowledged fees.

However, if you are pleased with the loose features and suppose like exploring them devoid of procuring top rate provisions, that’s still ok.

LG clever world disclaimers

Most reputable manufacturers will necessarily spell out their easy operational checklist in the kind of disclaimers meant to help clients get a coarse concept of what they are signing up for.

Likewise, LG has LG smartworld disclaimers, and familiarizing with them facilitates you understand how the app shop operates. Here are some of its disclaimers:

  • Lg smartworld gives general information for consumer awareness
  • The data that the company offers is instantly available to all clients globally and for free
  • All the functions lg smartworld offers aren’t accessible in a single product, and there is a variation from one to the other
  • All LG shrewd world items aren’t available in all markets
  • Should a client journey and knowledge reliance loss, it is on the company’s hazard
  • LG will take duty for all losses, including direct and consequential losses, and even people that touch on data
  • LG SmartWorld gives an informational video that involves easy ideas and troubleshooting thoughts whilst utilizing LG devices
  • The informational videos differ based on the LG model, and it’s the user’s obligation to substantiate his model before imposing any of the suggested solutions

Can i am getting the LG smartworld app?

LG smartworld is a distinct LG app shop that offers users specific entry to themed features, yet one has to begin it up. Usually, it comes with the LG instruments as a pre-installed app, yet in some cases, you might comprehend that your cellphone lacks it.

In one of these case, you will need to start up the process via downloading the LG shrewd world app. The subsequent part facts how you could cross in regards to the download and installation approach to start up the wonderful unending experience.

How to download and install LG smartworld app?

Downloading and installation LG smartworld is a simple procedure that occurs hassle-free, offered you’ve access to the internet.

Once fully downloaded, verify installing by using clicking install, after which the app would be wholly launched.

Once the down load and setting up techniques are complete, click the 3 vertical dots on the accurate right nook of the app and select LG distinct apps and LG apps for a start.

The LG apps give you customized features and instructions to change your homepage, fonts, themes, and keywords.

Moreover, you can choose the video games and apps you want to present on your house screen.

All those are available on the loose mode, whilst the top class features are discovered on paid mode.

How to delete the LG smartworld app?

Although some LG telephones will come with LG shrewd world already pre-installed, it does now not suggest that they entirely need the app to function. Consequently, you can delete the app once you wish.

However, be organized to lose all the customized features you had applied on your phone, and the default settings would be retrieved. Proceed as follows to delete LG smartworld:

  1. Access Settings from the main menu
  2. Click the General option and proceed to Apps
  3. Select LG Shrewd World from the list
  4. Confirm the deletion by using clicking ‘Uninstall‘


LG clever world is an app that grants LG android clients with an specific program store, by which they are able to customize the themes, fonts, and wellknown outlook. It additionally gives clients specific access to games, apps, and plus subject matters merely available to LG users. A good way to delete LG smartworld, access it from Settings and make sure the deletion.