What Is Iothiddenmenu App On Android Can I Get Access To It

Since the first Android version became released, it has visible special changes that make it the two confusing and exciting. It’s exciting because it facilitates users to savor many stuff that aren’t possible on function phones. However, it’s confusing due to the fact countless system purposes leave users asking what are they. Those include provider hub and iot hidden menu applications.

These technique functions allow you to regulate your Android gadget to fit your preferences. Besides, the iot hidden menu additionally allows you to access other functions that are not immediately available to users. Therefore, when you have encountered this option in your telephone and wondered what it is, become a member of us as we deliver info on what the iot hidden menu app is, a way to access, and resolve it in your phone.

What does IoT mean in your phone?

First, allow us to start by means of explaining what IoT is. Of course, iothiddenmenu application is a mixture of two vital components which you should know. These are IoT and Hidden Menu Applications. Therefore, that you should understand how the applying works, you ought to first recognise what is IoT.

IoT stands for Information superhighway of Things. Those are quite a few self sustaining or bodily devices that are linked and can exchange data over the internet. IoT offers the real world or physical objects the ability to hook up with the internet, technique data, and analytics.

For Android users, it enables communication with the info network international without the use of an intervening keyboard and screen. In short, it means bodily objects can take directions from the cyber web with out human intervention and assistance.

What Is iothiddenmenu App on Android?

After information what IoT is, the next query is possibly what’s the iothiddenmenu app on your Android. When you get a brand new device, you will necessarily be curious to customise its User Interface in order that it fits your preference. However, you cannot do this without getting access to a unique menu that allows you to participate in such operations as replacing the default interface.

Iot hidden menu android app is, therefore, a secret menu that allows you to customise the Person Interface at the Android phone. This mystery menu is not always seen to users as builders deliberately conceal it so that you can discover and find it.

Moreover, Hidden Menu settings are portion of the OS or software and are referred to as “Easter Eggs”. Builders will depart the easter eggs undocumented so that you can uncover them whilst setting up your phone.

In such a lot Android devices, the iot hidden menu app isn’t displayed as Hidden Menu Settings yet as System UI Turner. This Technique UI is accessible in Android Version 6 or Marshmallow.

It enables to customize the Android status bar, gadget’s clock, notifications, and a lot of more. In most cases, you will no longer effortlessly observe those settings in your phone, but you may just kind *#0*# and the secret menu will appear.

What is the Operate of iot hidden menu App?

Though iothiddenmenu or Technique UI Turner is not displayed within the cellphone like other apps, it does no longer suggest it is useless. Besides enabling you to customize your smartphone’s Consumer Interface, iot hidden menu is also used to diagnose other hardware and program components on the phone.

Therefore, with this Method UI Turner enabled in your phone, you can relish right here modifications:

  • It enables you to monitor the display’s performance through exchanging it to black, green, blue, and red. You can also become aware of some defects which includes damaged pixels, locked pixels, darkish spots, and ordinary colors.
  • You can entry different functions like pictures visualizing reading, gyroscope, compass, and accelerator.
  • It facilitates you to select and get uncooked data out of your smartphone’s sensor and likewise study editions within the reading.
  • It also permits you to run a dash experiment in which you may examine your phone’s contact sensor.
  • You could also assess if capacitive keys are working. Besides, you could verify the overall performance of the earpiece and speaker through blasting EDM music.

How to Release Method UI Turner (iot hidden menu) On Your Phone?

For you to have entry on your secret menu and customize your smartphone, you need to unencumber or enable the iothiddenmenu app on your phone. However, keep in mind that this hidden menu is not accessible on all phones.

This means the method is in basic terms applicable to Android contraptions that already have the menu. If your phone does now not have the menu, you need to allow it as defined in the next section.

To release Method UI Turner in your phone, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to unlock your phone and swipe down the notification bar to access device Settings.
  2. If the shortcut is not on your notification bar, you could just move to Settings directly.
  3. Open the System UI Turner and click on on OK or Acquired It.
  4. Once done, you can now customize your cellphone and show your telephone battery at the screen. This selection also allows you to modify your Quantity button and use it for Do No longer Disturb (DND).
  5. If you do every little thing correct following the immediate displayed at the screen, you’ll get a buzz that notifies you’ve established Technique UI Turner in your phone.

How To access iothiddenmenu App on Android?

If the hidden menu settings aren’t disabled in the settings yet the consumer can access the menu, you can use this technique to set up the menu in your phone. However, you ought to cross-check first to check if the settings are not disabled as follows:

  • Go to Settings and search Method UI Turner or iothiddenmenu, based at the model of the phone.
  • If it is there, click on at the 3 vertical dots on the right corner.
  • Tap on Remove Settings.

If the process does no longer clear up the problem, use this lengthy method:

  1. If you are using a customized display screen launcher like Launcher3 or ADW Launcher, return to the Home Screen.
  2. Long-press on a space.
  3. Tap on Upload to Home Display screen and choose Shortcuts from the menu displayed.
  4. From the custom Shortcuts, select Decide on Your Activity, and ultimately Activities.
  5. Once you click on on Activities, a black display screen will appear. Scroll down to work out the Hidden Menu. The name varies from gadget to device and may show up as com.android.hiddenmenu on some devices.
  6. When you faucet on Hidden Menu, special settings will be displayed at the screen. You can do whatsoever you like from the hidden settings freely.

Second method

You can also access the key menu in your telephone by means of entering a mixture of one-of-a-kind codes referred to as MMI Codes at the dialer. These codes also range from cellphone to phone. However, here are the final codes you could use to check the popularity of your phone:

  • *#0228# enables you to assess the battery status.
  • **05***# allows you to release PUK Code. You should in simple terms use it on the emergence dial.
  • *#03# tests the serial number of NAND.
  • *#3282*727336*# tests the repute of knowledge usage.
  • *#9090# allows you in Diagnostic configuration.
  • *#*#4636#*#* exams data associated to phone, battery, data, and more.
  • *#06# checks the IMEI number of the telephone to track a misplaced android
  • *#7780# facilitates to reset your telephone (FRP).

When you’re carried out customizing your phone, you could simply double-tap the again button to go out the hidden menu. You’ll also function your gadget ordinarily even after executing the adjustments with none problem. Also, you can still discover other additional features in the future to alter how your cellphone looks.


Iothiddenmenu is a characteristic that has been present in Android contraptions for a long time. Though there’s no self sustaining iothiddenmenu app displayed on most devices, the menu might be effortlessly accessed by way of getting into mixtures of unique keys at the dialer.

You could also enable the hidden menu settings in your phone to allow access to various capabilities of the phone, adding Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Barometer, and Camera. Therefore, the IoT hidden menu will let you customise your smartphone’s User Interface and heighten your journey with the phone.