What Is Comlgeshutdownmonitor Android App Can I Remove It

LG gadgets are popular today and use the com.lge.shutdownmonitor provision. Still, you will not be aware of a aspect concerning the com lge shutdownmonitor Android app, making them wonder tough what it is, whether it is safe, what are the disadvantages of getting it, and how to remove it. If you are one among them, you’re in the correct place; stick round to get the answers to all of your questions related to com.lge.shutdownmonitor, adding how to remove it, answered.

What is com.lge.shutdownmonitor android app?

Before entering into the nitty-gritty of the com.lge.shutdownmonitor, let’s take a moment to understand what it means. Honestly put, it’s the kit name for shutdown monitor. A provision that monitors the gadget fame of any android device. The package name is important while you wish to uninstall the app or update it due to the fact it’s the very package call that you’ll type in this sort of platform.

Com.lge.shutdownmonitor denotes a preinstalled technique app. Which means that you wish now not down load it, however you’ll have to update it often times for soft running. In addition, the package call is while checking for the strolling apps in the device’s Google Activity.

What in regards to the shutdown monitor?

The shutdown track is a provision in LG android devices that monitors the device’s status. It is a procedure method that maintains walking within the historical past and earlier than your android device can log off, restart, or be switched on. The track saves unsaved activities so that the person can access and retrieve them.

The shutdown monitor extends past android instruments and works with Home windows PCs for the sake of saving unsaved information when the PC is restarted or logged off.

What if I cannot discover com lge shutdownmonitor between other apps?

Many LG users have questioned in the event that they certainly have the shutdown monitor provision or the com.lge.shutdownmonitor package in their devices. Those issues usually arise whilst a person tests the main menu and does now not discover the app. If that is the case, fear not due to the fact com lge shutdownmonitor is a history android app and does not appear in the foreground with different apps.

Thankfully, there is always a manner out for everything, and you may get to see this app. All you got to do is click on the main menu and tap on Settings. Access the ‘Mobile usage’ choice and you’ll see com.lge.shutdownmonitor among the strolling apps.

Is com.lge.shutdownmonitor safe or a spyware?

We savor many benefits, courtesy of technological advancements. Sadly, though, most of these advancements placed persons susceptible to data corruption in which their private information and knowledge are leaked, spied on, or exchanged and used for malicious intent.

Some third-party apps were the genesis of information corruption, that’s why numerous people don’t trust apps.

Consequently, many have requested no matter if the shutdown track app is safe, or it’s just an extra spy ware just like the omacp. Thankfully, the app is safe and you’ll discover this relieving. Although it could require some permissions to monitor your android device fame and store unsaved stuff.

Rest certain that it does no longer snoop on your activities to compromise information integrity. You may also be overjoyed to know that com.lge.shutdownmonitor, being a method app, is guarded via PlayProtect. An additional provision that assures you of its safety.

Does shutdownmonitor devour into your android resources?

Another trouble that almost every consumer of wise devices has is whether or not the device’s apps devour into resources. During this context, some users have questioned even if the com lge shutdownmonitor app eats into the smartphone’s resources.

By resources, we suggest cupboard space and the device’s memory. The answer to this query is no. Admittedly, it takes some area while being hooked up in a device like the other app which includes Lia informant, and com.lge.launcher3. However, it takes no more area apart from what it desires for installation.

Concerning phone memory, remember that any app, even if method or third-party, takes up a fragment of the memory the gadget allocates for it to function. Similarly, com lge shutdownmonitor takes up a fraction of the device’s memory, yet no more than what the phone allocates it.

What are some great benefits of having the app?

If you’re an LG device user. You are definitely thinking how android com lge shutdownmonitor app discussed during this article benefits your device. The answer to this question is a one-sentence summary, ‘it video display units device fame in order that in case of a shutdown, it takes care of the unsaved data to prevent data loss.’

Of course, there are occasions when you will switch off your phone unintentionally. For example, whilst your stance ends up in involuntary long-pressing of the ability button, a command that switches of a device.

In such cases, the com lge shutdownmonitor app collects information in regards to the current activities whose information you did not shop and saves them. The next time you access your device, you could view and retrieve the data.

The other case is the shutdown of a low battery. Again, it is involuntary and the only way to reserve it is through recharging your device. The app saves unsaved information and once you switch the gadget on, you may discover the pastime log and information for unsaved stuff.

Are there any disadvantages?

Like a coin with two sides, the com.lge.shutdownmonitor android app additionally has its drawbacks apart from assisting the consumer retrieve unsaved data.

The first one has to do with battery consumption, which occurs since the app runs within the background. Because it operates as long as your device is on, it additionally consumes energy and battery, ultimately contributing to quicker draining of charge.

However, remember that there are many other apps adding rootpa, the two procedure and third-party jogging at the phone, and these types of make a contribution to battery draining.

Furthermore, as outlined previously. The lge shutdownmonitor app takes some space for storing on your gadget at the point of installation, that’s the case for the other app in your device.

The other drawback is about memory, wherein com.lge.shutdownmonitor takes up portion of the device’s memory to function. Again, commenting on this, keep in mind that all different apps in the device take in memory for them to function.

Therefore, no matter if you were to take away the LG shutdown track app, it is going to no longer do your gadget any huge good.

Should i remove com lge shutdownmonitor app?

Many have puzzled whether or not they should remove com lge shutdown track app from their devices. The previous sections of this article have helped you recognise what the app is, what it does to your device, why the LG device needs it, and its professionals and cons.

Therefore, it’s all up to you to choose whether or to not hold it in your phone. If you choose to take away it. Remember that you’ll now not have the ability to recuperate your unsaved data in case of a shutdown.

How to take away com.lge.shutdownmonitor?

Com.lge.shutdownmonitor is a method app, which means that its installing approach calls for root access. You could study the Android Rooting Guide and upon getting received root access.

  • Download the System Remover Application.
  • Launch it at the device.
  • Type Shutdown Track and, on the checkbox, faucet ‘Uninstall‘ to verify the deletion.
  • The app would be permanently deleted and you’ll no longer lose different significant data except what the app had.


Com.lge.shutdownmonitor is an app that works hand in hand with the shutdown monitor technique method to monitor your device in order that in case of a shutdown, unsaved stuff can be stored and later retrieved. Although many mislabel it for spy ware and malware, it is none of those and it’s additionally a safe app. To remove it, comply with the Android Rooting Aid directions then opt for the procedure app elimination method, and the app and its information will be cleared.