What Is Comandroidservertelecom App And How To Fix It

Without the com.android.server.telecom services, we might under no circumstances be able to make any call. The com android server telecom is necessary on your device since it permits you to make, end, and deal with calls at the device. It’s such as the com.android.mms app which permits sending and receiving media files. For instance, so as to make a video, SIP, IP, or VoIP call. Yes, The android server telecom enables your SIM card to initiate the call.

The com android server telecom works together with the InCallUi app to allow someone to manage calls. However, from time to time, you’ll have difficulties utilizing this service, especially an errors message associated to this Android service. This text discusses this carrier intimately and explains numerous techniques of adjusting the error message related to the com.android.server.telecom service.

What Is com.android.server.telecom App?

Take a moment to suppose that your telephone can’t make or take delivery of calls, go away by myself manage them. I wonder what kind of a telephone that would be due to the fact I’ve on no account come throughout one.

A phone has distinctive functions, adding playing video games and looking videos. But a cellphone with out the flexibility to name or be given calls?!

No; and that’s what your device would be without the com.android.server.telecom service. It is a service belonging to Android OS that provides the interface among the device’s OS and the InCallUI app to permit the telephone to send, receive, and manage calls.

Anything from VoIP to SIM-based calls is controlled with the aid of the com android server telecom service code.

How Does The Com.android.server.telecom Service Work?

The previous section explained the fundamental operate of the com android server telecom service and this section expounds on how the service works. It all starts offevolved when you use the Phone app to select a contact or key in numbers to provoke a call.

The second you ship the decision clicks the ‘call’ option. The android server telecom comes in handy and utilizes the Android Framework to create connections and ship the call.

Simply put, the calls is absolutely not despatched even after releasing the call button with out the android server telecom service activating it.

Alternatively, lets investigate the Android device’s operating system and the com.samsung.android.incallui kit dossier as two distinctive entities, with the latter having the call, abort, receive, speaker, hold, conference, merge, and a lot of other options.

The com.android.server.telecom android operating procedure carrier that bridges the space between both and confirms action while the InCallUI app initiates them. The provider is designed in this type of way that it can handle all calls, adding VoIP and SIM-based calls.

What Are The Key Roles Performed Through The Com.android.server.telecom Service?

We have visible that the com.android.server.telecom carrier sends, receives, and manages calls. But these are the umbrella functions with several subdivisions less than them. Another breakdown of the umbrella phrases exhibits right here as a number of the so much significant roles of this code-related Android working manner service:

  • Call management
  • Maintains name details
  • Connection
  • Phone account
  • Disconnect cause
  • Call conferencing
  • Profile of videos

Call management

The basic role of the provider is to manage calls, including receiving incoming calls and confirming the initiated outgoing calls. Whilst an incoming call comes, the carrier displays the graphical user interface with the ‘receive’ or ‘abort’ option, which added lets you ship a message informing the caller why you cannot decide on up the call.

Maintains call details

Although the contacts info are discovered at the Android Cellphone app. The com.android.server.telecom service that lets you access call details. These include the call of the caller, the number, how long the call went, and whilst the decision started and ended. The carrier bridges information from the phonebook and internet database to present the acknowledged details.


The provider connects the caller and the recipient. You’ll on no account pay attention the man on the other conclusion of the call with out the connection enabled through the com.android.server.telecom android service.

Phone account

Have you ever gone back to the call logs to substantiate which line or network you used to call or on which you were called? It’s the com.android.server.telecom android provider that provides those details. A similar is for SIP and VoIP calls.

Disconnect cause

Sometimes you are in the midst of a decision while it suddenly disconnects you. As you assess the decision log to work out even if a deficient network or cellular network is disconnected. Remember that android server telecom is the provider accountable for producing and storing this information.

Call conferencing

Gone are the times once you would only conference people over the internet! Today, without or with the internet, you could do a call conference. This happens courtesy of the com.android.server.telecom service, which goes forward to record the number of persons on the call, their contacts, how lengthy each of the contacts listed on the call, depending on when they joined and exited the call, and these kinds of details are provided.

Profile of videos

The provider additionally notifies and presents to the person graphically the video options accessible on a call. While on the call, the provider notes any motives of disconnect and records this information, which the person can access when he wants.

Why The Com.android.server.telecom Has Stopped?

The previous sections have defined how essential the android server telecom is to your device. Despite those roles, the app has its mistakes and might show the ‘Unfortunately com.android.server.telecom has stopped’ message.

This is annoying because it usually happens when you’ve got an incoming call, meaning that it could deny you the opportunity to choose up important calls. The error has many causes, but cache blunders or technological glitch are the two leading ones. The good news is that you may effortlessly fix the error, and the next part expounds further on this.

How To Repair ‘Unfortunately Com Android Server Telecom Has Stopped’ Error?

In case you get the com.android.server.telecom blunders message, you could observe here techniques to repair it:

  • Clear cache
  • Clear information on the phone app
  • Change the ring tone
  • Clear the cache partition

1- Clear cache

When cache reminiscence fills up, it can disrupt services and trigger errors, including ‘the com.android.server.telecom has stopped error,’ which could be cleared through clearing it.

  • Select ‘Settings‘ on the leading menu.
  • Select ‘Apps,’ and on the three vertical dots.
  • Click on ‘Show Manner Apps.’
  • Locate the com.sec.phone apk file.
  • Click ‘Storage’ then ‘Clear Cache.’

2- Clean data on the telephone app

Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Apps,’ and when they appear, click on at the Phone app. Verify the motion through clicking the ‘Clear data’ selection and all the data at the app would be erased, solving the mistake message.

3- Change the hoop tone

Changing the ring tone to fix the com.android.server.telecom error appears trivial yet it’s also one of the easiest tips on how to go. Interestingly, numerous people have modified their ring tones and solved the mistake successfully.

4- Clear the cache partition

This is likely one of the easiest thanks to pass without wasting important data. Do that through turning off the device and retaining the power button+ quantity up + volume done, that will reboot the device.

The telephone will then restart at recuperation mode, at which you can use the power button to ‘select action’ and the volume up/down button for navigation. After you have cleared the cache partition, restart the gadget and the mistake message is often sorted.


The com.android.server.telecom is a code-related android OS carrier that establishes connections for calls and manages calls. It has assorted functions, including starting up & receiving calls, dealing with the telephone account, proposing video profiles, retaining call logs, and working with the InCallUI app to facilitate those functions. If you event the ‘com.android.server.telecom has stopped’ message while utilizing the app. You can clean cache, clear data on the phone app, clear cache partition, or difference the ring tone to fix the error.