What Is com.samsung.android.dialer App Should I Uninstall It

If you have an Android phone, the com.samsung.android.dialer app is definitely a traditional app you use. No matter if you want to make a telephone call, manage contacts, entry call settings, divert calls, reject or take delivery of incoming calls, com Samsung android dialer is amazingly important.

Still, some people think that the app is a trojan horse like omacp and that it eavesdrops on your activities and enables sending confidential information to 3rd parties, when others view the app as bloatware, taking the phone’s resources unnecessarily. Consequently, you might question the legitimacy of the dialer app and consider uninstalling it. This text allows you comprehend every thing concerning the com android dialer, including no matter if you should uninstall it and the way to.

What Is Com Samsung Android Dialer App?

For you to appreciate the com Samsung android dialer app, you would like to realize it and the features it plays on your phone. Absolutely put, it’s the default pre-installed Samsung Dialer app that permits a person to make calls by typing the digits on the dial pad or browsing contacts.

With the dialer app, you could initiate calls with the aid of dialing numbers on the dial pad, browse contacts, growing and getting access to contacts, make Bluetooth calls, access, and uncover who referred to as you. Also, it enables you to edit Call Forwarding or Name Anticipating options, access name logs to view dialed, missed, or obtained calls, switch calls, merge calls and do a choice conference, carry or record incoming calls, and reject or accept incoming calls.

Admittedly, it is probably the phone’s such a lot necessary applications, and without it, you can’t provoke a call. Com.samsung.android.dialer works hand in hand with the com.samsung.android.incallui app to demonstrate the disconnect, hold, speaker, call, etc., options.

Is com.samsung.android.dialer Secure Or Spyware?

Although technologies has certainly advanced and has made matters simple and additional information available, the rate at which people’s exclusive information are shared is worrying. In fact, people are actually worried that even pre-installed method apps are hazardous and might facilitate illegal sharing in their confidential information, incriminating them.

Recently, some have even claimed that the Samsung dialer app is spyware. Thankfully, Samsung assures its users that the app is secure and does now not secret agent on their confidential information. However it has access to contacts, it does not ship this knowledge to third parties. In fact, the dialer and the incallUI apk packages are included by Samsung and PlayProtect policies. That means that you don’t have anything to be worried about whilst using the app to make calls.

Is The Dialer App Essential To Our Cellphone Or Bloatware?

The different declare persons have made about the Samsung dialer app is that it is bloatware, suggesting that it is unnecessary in the phone, although it consumes the device’s resources, including memory. However, the reality could surprise you since the app is essential for you to make calls, and you’ll in no way be able to take action without the dialer app except you resource a custom dialer app like Contacts+.
Admittedly, the app takes reminiscence and storage space, which is correct for any other app in your phone. In fact, the Samsung dialer app does now not soak up any more room or memory, apart from for what is necessary.
Some people have claimed that the app is a deadly disease and that it corrupts the system, this isn’t genuine considering that Samsung rules defend the app.

What Are The Demanding situations Of Having Com Samsung Android Dialer App Package

Any pre-installed method app such as klms agent and bbc agent has its demanding situations in spite of the wonderful functions it maybe offering the user. Likewise, you’ll face some demanding situations operating with the Samsung dialer app, adding space for storing and memory consumption, although that is only a trivial matter considering all other apps soak up the same.
However, if you install a number of dialer functions anyway the default one, you will compromise your telephone functionality, and the gadget might begin slowing down and finally shut down. Any other difficulty is battery consumption, which could need you to charge the telephone usually as the app uses power.

Why Com.samsung.android.dialer has stopped Working?

While attempting to make a decision or browse contacts, the com samsung android dialer software package would stop, and you’ll notice ‘com.samsung.android.dialer has stopped’ error message. This is traditional in Samsung devices and is as a result of a number of factors, including;

  1. Corrupted or overloaded cache files; happens if you have no longer cleared cache files for an extended time, resulting in their overloading or corruption.
  2. The app is outdated; if you have used the Samsung dialer app for lengthy and it becomes outdated, you might take delivery of the error message.
  3. Internal app issues; would occur in case you install a third-party dialer app or the Samsung dialer app has inner issues.
  4. Firmware issues; including the dialer’s firmware being outdated, utilizing third-party firmware rather of inventory firmware, or the device’s firmware being out-of-date.

How To Fix Lamentably Com Samsung Android Dialer Has Stopped?

The com samsung android dialer has stopper issues is a message that become previously mentioned and might be solved in various ways, including;

1- Replace the Samsung Phone app

  1. Go to the Galaxy Store.
  2. Check any pending updates for the telephone app.
  3. Initiate it.

2- Flash firmware (Stock ROM)

Using a firmware flashing device to flash the downloaded firmware or traveling a firmware file downloading web site and downloading firmware files.

3- Manufacturing unit reset your device

Restore initial settings. You could try this with the aid of backing up information in Galaxy Cloud or Google Force then clicking Settings

  1. General.
  2. Reset.
  3. Factory Information Reset.
  4. Reset.
  5. Delete all.
  6. The second final step might require a password.

4- Clear the Samsung dialer app data and strength stop

  1. By clicking Settings.
  2. Apps.
  3. Phone.
  4. Storage.
  5. Clear cache.
  6. Clear data.
  7. Force Stop.

Can I Uninstall Com Samsung Android Dialer Software Package?

Although the dialer app is indispensable for the phone, you might nonetheless desire to uninstall it. It can be that the mistake message keeps reappearing, and also you discover this really annoying.
Still, it isn’t suggested that you uninstall the app on the grounds that you’ll now not be able to re-install it nor make call calls. To uninstall the app, you could cross the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) path or use the Process Application Remover tool.

Uninstalling the app utilizing the Method App Remover

This choice calls for root entry which you should gain. If you don’t comprehend the way to do it, examine the device’s Android Rooting Guide, after which you wish to download the Method App Remover.

  • Launch and investigate it.
  • Search for com Samsung android dialer software package.
  • Once you find it.
  • Click ‘uninstall,’ and the dialer app will be completely deleted from the device.

Uninstalling Samsung dialer app utilizing USB Debugging

The ADB route calls for a Windows PC for downloading the ADB that you can execute the command. Do this with the aid of selecting the ‘Settings’ alternative from the most menu. Followed by ‘System’ and ‘About phone.’ While the ‘Build Number’ option appears, tap it oftentimes until you activate the ‘Developer Options.’
Once successful, head to the most menu and choose Settings again, now selecting the Developer Option. Allow USB debugging option and download ADB on the PC. Then extract its zip folder, entry the individual files. Press and hold the SHIFT key, and double-click on a clean space.
Once done, click on ‘open PowerShell window here’ and input ‘adb services.’ Use a USB cable to connect the Samsung cellphone to the computer. Sort ADB shell pm uninstall – com.samsung.android.dialer on the phone, and the dialer app and its information would be uninstalled permanently from the phone. The method is complete, and you could head to Play Shop and down load Google Telephone or Contacts + for a dialer app.


Com.samsung.android.dialer program kit is the default Samsung dialer app that permits you to make telephone calls, browse contacts, and participate in different dialer functions. Despite the fact some persons assume that it’s detrimental and spies on private information. Samsung assures its clients of the app’s safety. As soon as in a while, an blunders message might appear for various reasons, and the thing has mentioned how to repair the error. With a view to uninstall the app, use the ADB path or the process app remover method.