What Is Com Motorola Launcher3 App And How To Remove It

Every time you need to release other apps on your telephone or tablet, you would like an app launcher to provide you with an interface and make the function possible. Com Motorola launcher3 is one such android launcher that works on Motorola devices and facilitates the clients to access apps and widgets.

The launcher may well be compared to the PC’s desktop, permitting access to the packages and apps. The PC ordinarily has the task manager as a suitable choice by which other apps might be accessed besides the fact that children android gadgets have no options for the launcher. Dive into this text to learn more approximately Android com.Motorola.launcher3 app, a good example of a launcher used on Motorola devices.

What Does Com Motorola Launcher3 Mean?

The first step in appreciating is what is com Motorola launcher3, and what it does on your Motorola devices. Every android device has a stock program called the launcher. Motorola launcher 3 is the stock app for Motorola devices.

The com.Motorola.launcher3 allows launch different apps and customize software drawers, in addition to the home screen. In fact, when you want to make a call, send a textual content message, play a video game, use social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s a launcher just like the com Motorola launcher3 that makes such functionalities possible.

Is Com.Motorola.launcher3 An Android Open-Source Application?

The technological world now uses the phrase ‘android open-source software (AOSP)’ greater than ever. And you may wonder what the phrase means. It denotes free apps whose downloads come at no cost.

Launcher 3 apps are the AOSP type, meaning that their download expenditures nothing. However, com Motorola launcher3 is a pre-installed process app like any other apps like the com sec android daemon app. Youngsters you may uninstall it and get a further launcher of your preference. This might be as a result of distinct reasons, including blunders messages constantly performing or when the Motorola launcher three does not serve you satisfactorily.

Is Com Motorola launcher3 A Heritage App?

You might discover it a bit tricky to understand the com Motorola launcher3 app if you cannot see it among different apps even with knowing how important it’s for your device.

You cannot see the launcher due to the fact it is a history app, that means that itself and its operations won’t appear within the foreground.

Therefore, whilst you want to grasp whether or not it is working, examine your Exercise log, which allows you to see which apps are jogging in the fore and background.

Motorola launcher 3 stays a very good app that Moto gadgets might no longer operate with out until you put in other third-party launchers.

Is com.Motorola.launcher3 Malware?

One of the largest issues you may face while downloading something on line is infection by way of malware or virus. The priority is likewise with many apps, including pre-installed ones, which many accuse of being loaded with malware.

Consequently, you probably involved that you’re subjecting your device to a virulent disease via utilizing a Motorola gadget with com Motorola launcher3 because the default launcher.

The straight solution to that’s a no since the Motorola launcher 3 app is Play-protected and isn’t malware-infected. Therefore, as you appreciate using a Motorola device, rest certain that there’s nothing to worry approximately and that the app launcher will not corrupt your procedure just like the OMACP Android app.

Does Com.Motorola.launcher3 Secret agent On Your Android Phone?

Other everyone is involved that com.Motorola.launcher3 app could be spyware, eavesdropping into your actions and sharing your information with 1/3 parties, or bloatware, filling your gadget space for no reason.

Thankfully, the Motorola launcher is none of these, and there is not anything to raise eyebrows for whilst you use it.

The Motorola launcher 3 app is there to help you release and use different apps including com Tmobile pr adapt and widgets in your Moto gadget and won’t share your data with the brands or any 0.33 party for any malicious intent.

Answering the bloatware concern, it is good to understand that Motorola launcher 3 is a procedure app, which means that your gadget wishes it for it to run. In fact, without launcher3, you’ll not entry different widgets and apps until you download and install different third-party launchers.

What Are The Negative aspects Of Having Launcher3 In Your Android?

There is nothing big approximately having a launcher3 on your device, particularly due to the fact your device needs it to operate. However, having countless launcher apps in a device takes area and memory, and with time, the telephone or the tablet could run out of these.

Sadly, while area and memory are insufficient, your gadget will sluggish down, and its functionality, adding speed, will be compromised. Worse off, the device may shut down completely, showing how indispensable reminiscence and space scarcity can get.

Nothing to fret approximately with only one launcher like com Motorola launcher3 in your device.

What Are The Unique Functions Of Motorola Launcher 3?

The specific function of each app makes it useful and commonly specific from the rest, and you perhaps interested in knowing what capabilities make com Motorola launcher3 ideal. Listed below are a number of its top notch features;

It is a stock launcher

Being that com.Motorola.launcher3 is a inventory application, it’s clean and easy to use. Clean denotes that the Motorola launcher does no longer have any ads, not like the third-party apps that can annoy you with their many apps.

This is the case because the launcher3 apps come the style google designed them and are not modified. In addition, they’re simple to apply and provde the greatest experience, one you wouldn’t appreciate with the custom launchers. In addition, stock launchers do not consume a large number of energy even with jogging within the background.

It gives the user a easy app drawer

The other exclusive and ideal attribute of the com.Motorola.launcher3 app is that it gives a simple app drawer. For instance, by way of an insignificant click of the menu button, you could entry each of the apps just like the carrier hub. Besides the menu button is a button showing all the lately accessed apps.

As although that’s not enough, the launcher3 app lets you make new folders, merge countless apps. Circulate them to the folder, and provides it a becoming call for easy access.

Power-saving and battery efficiency

If you wanted to check com Motorola launcher3 opposed to different consumer launchers. You will recognize that the latter is extra efficient. Being a inventory app, it’s specifically designed to save lots of battery and maximize energy saving.

Consequently, you’ll not must charge your gadget from time to time, unlike custom launchers which drain power.

How To Eliminate Com.Motorola.Launcher3 App?

Although the com Motorola launcher3 app is great and its functionality outweighs many client launchers. It nonetheless may not be your launcher of choice, and you might want to get rid of it from your device.

For you to do so, you have got to attain root entry by way of following the manufacturers’ instructions. However, you may clean information and disable the Motorola launcher if it turned into your default launcher; Also, install a custom launcher of your choice.

You can do that by way of clicking on ‘settings’ at the leading menu and selecting the ‘Apps’ option. On it, search for ‘default launcher’ and scroll downwards to get the ‘clear default’ option. Verify the movement via clicking on the option.


Com.Motorola.launcher3 is the app launcher on android devices. It helps you to entry and release other apps and widgets and customize the house screen. Youngsters it comes pre-installed on the phone. You can disable it if it does now not meet your expectation or follow the foundation access instructions and uninstall it. Unlike most custom launchers, it is battery efficient and easy to use.