What Is com.ebay.carrier App On Android And How To Delete It

eBay is a company platform that has fast improved to the purpose of growing its own app known as the com.ebay.carrier found in some android devices. Although you may have an android device. You may no longer have the com ebay service in your device. Especially if it was no longer sold by means of eBay or the company that sold it does no longer associate with eBay.

Still, you will ask yourself tough what com.ebay.carrier is, and what it does to your Android phone. Considering that some people declare that the app is dangerous and that it spies on your device, you might get worried. This article clears your doubts and clarifies every thing about the app, adding how to delete it. Simply stay tuned and get every piece of knowledge you ever wanted to know concerning the eBay app.

What com.ebay.carrier app means?

eBay is a multinational e-commerce company stylish in San Jose, California. Ever because it become discovered in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. The corporate has obvious excellent advancements, including the construction of their package name, com ebay carrier.

The eBay app allows hundreds of thousands of small, medium, and large entrepreneurial businesses and humans through connecting corporations to consumers, clients to different consumers, and consumers to producers. The company made provisions to accept PayPal payments, which the app also accepts. Besides, you can buy anything from the eBay appon your Android or iPhone. Starting from physical activities goods, cars, to artwork drawings.

In fact, even if you don’t have anything to sell, eBay accepts you as their agent and you may sell for them and generate profits through the app.

Is com ebay provider an android pre-installed technique app?

Many have asked even if the com.ebay.carrier is an android pre-installed process app. Well, of course, the com ebay service is a process app because you can’t uninstall it through following the process for uninstalling third-party apps.

However, it isn’t pre-installed through android, that is why no longer each gadget comes with the app. However, if you are going to buy your gadget from eBay or a firm that partners with eBay, you in all likelihood will discover the app on the cellphone or tablet.

It was pre-installed by eBay or a company that partners with eBay to promote the platform.

What in regards to the eBay associates program that includes the app?

If you got a android gadget with the com ebay provider app. You likely have come around the eBay Associate Program, a provision in the course of the app that video display units and tracks a person’s behavior, including the apps he traditionally uses, how generally he uses them, and what he uses them for.

The subsequent time you utilize the eBay app, you’ll have assorted fee options, cross-device tracking options, multiplied reporting, and better stability, all courtesy of the monitored tendencies and behaviors.

The com.ebay.carrier app works in tandem with the eBay web site and updates information each time you are online, providing you with the finest journey when utilizing the app.

Is com.ebay.carrier a kit name?

The answer to this question is yes, it is a package call for the eBay app. This sort of call has many uses, including device identification. For instance, so much technique apps won’t show up on the main menu despite going for walks constantly in the background.

However, by viewing the Pastime Log, you will see the strolling apps and their respective package names. Besides, while you wish to run a process or software updates, the kit names for the apps additionally emerge as handy.

The com eBay carrier call are significant for identifying the apps in Play Store.

If you choose to ascertain com.ebay.carrier on Play Store, you will probably uncover it due to the fact it’s a kit name.

What does eBay app do in a smartphone?

Have you ever questioned what the com.ebay.carrier app does in your device? Maybe, perhaps not. The com ebay service app is not a prerequisite for the device’s function.

However, it promotes the eBay platform by way of tracking a user’s developments and behaviors and utilizing them to make terrifi hints on the app.

For instance, if you spend time seeking up clothes, bags, phones, and toys online, the eBay app will recommend for you the products on the eBay platform and share with you the assorted fee recommendations available.

Do I need eBay software on my phone?

As outlined earlier, no longer each phone comes with the eBay app pre-installed in it, that’s why these with the app might wonder if they correctly want the app.

The user-friendly answer to that is no; you don’t want the app. When it comes pre-installed in the device, it’s not set up by way of android, meaning that your gadget can do devoid of it.

In addition, the app isn’t integrated your phone, the other explanation why you don’t want it and your gadget will still do well devoid of it.

Is com.ebay.carrier a safe app, or a virus?

Several antivirus apps term the eBay provider app as Trojan, a type of an outbreak program. However, you might be delighted to know that com.ebay.carrier app is safe and is not a virus.

In fact, the product pointers the Ebay app offers are matters you’ll like, particularly due to the fact they are AI-based and scrutinized in line with your trends, searches, and online behaviors.

What’s more, when you are inspired by eBay, you could follow them and simplicity your selection of goods.

Nonetheless, the app could be termed bloatware. Like such a lot technique apps, com ebay service continues walking within the heritage without your consent.

For it to make the product recommendations, it has to maintain along with your activities, that’s why it’s going to keep strolling in the background. Meanwhile, as this happens, the app takes more space on your device to shop the captured data.

Eventually, this would sluggish your device down, despite the fact it is a cumulative effect contributed by way of other apps in the phone too.

Should I delete the com eBay carrier app?

If you don’t shop on eBay and aren’t interested in the product suggestions presented by the com.ebay.carrier app. You might as well choose to completely delete the app.

The good information is that uninstalling the app won’t make you lose any data. Shop for the info on the eBay provider app.

How to delete com.ebay.carrier app?

The com eBay provider is a manner app whose deletion takes an extra technique from what it takes to delete third-party apps inclusive of facebook dating. First, you would like to root the device by following the manufacturer’s instructions or the Android Rooting Guide.

After a effective root access gain, download the System Remover Application on your android gadget and launch it. Seek and discover the com.ebay.carrier app and confirm the deletion by clicking ‘Uninstall,’ and the app inclusive of its data would be permanently removed.

Although force-stopping the app would appear like a perfect solution. It isn’t 100% effective since the app can restart on its own and when it does, it will run and fill your storage space.

Some persons have attempted clearing cache data but this, too, fills up as long as the app continues running. Therefore, the best way to go is to use the Manner Apps Remover and permanently remove the com.ebay.carrier app.


Com.ebay.carrier is the package name for the eBay app that monitors your trend and behaviors and gives product hints that you may like. However it’s pre-installed on some android devices inclusive of carrier hub, it is neither built-in nor set up by android.

Rather, eBay or its partnering companies that promote devices install them to advertise the eBay platform. Which means that the gadget does now not need it to operate. It’s okay to delete it yet before then. Root the device and follow the process app removal steps to the end. The app is deleted and its information is cleared.