What Is Cidmanager On Android And How To Stop It

If you have a Samsung device, you in all likelihood have received the ‘New Provider Provider’ notification. Also, you puzzled about a times what the message means. The notification is brought to you by the CIDManager, a integrated Android app such as Rootpa on Samsung devices.

While numerous people and forums trust that the Cid supervisor app holds the network carrier quantity to your device. The app’s roles expand far and beyond, and knowing them might deepen your appreciation of the app. In addition, you also have to recognize how to go about the notification message that pops up, what motives it, and what it means. This text will help you understands how to stop the CIDManager app and whether the app is some type of malware or spyware.

What Is The CIDManager Android App?

Before getting into aspect in regards to the position of the CIDManager Android app, we first must realize what it is. The CIDManager is a preinstalled Android app that comes built-in with Samsung devices. It allows the telephone to match the devices’ community vendors with their international locations of starting place to allow the gadget to get updates.

This type of update is critical due to the fact they are firmware-related and the gadget would not ever operate good devoid of them. In addition, they’re country-specific, as a result the have got to event codes to access them.

How Does The CIDManager Work?

The mechanism of CIDManager operating is somehow complex. Each gadget has its country of design or the Long-established Layout Manufacturing (ODM) country. It is dependent upon the country where it’s used, it will have a particular provider community or the service provider.

There are specific codes that link the provider provider and the ODM country to get firmware updates. The codes are without a doubt known as Country Specific Code (CSC).

The CIDManager Android app has the carrier provider’s quantity and acts as a bridge among the service community and the ODM nation to notice and entry country-specific firmware updates.

What Does com.android.cidmanager Mean?

Every Android app has a unique identification extension for its access and advertising in Play Store or Apple Store. An identical extension is indispensable when downloading the app.

Although built-in apps aren’t traditionally available in stores and are set up in a tool by using the programmers. Also, they have their exclusive identity extension, which is especially used to spot the app amidst other apps.

The CIDManager Android app also has its identification extension, the com.android.cidmanager.

How Can I Recognize That My Gadget Has The CID Manager App?

The previous paragraphs have expounded on what the CIDManager app is, and you probably questioning no matter if your gadget has it. Of course, when you have a Samsung device, you definitely have the app despite the fact that you would possibly no longer have the ability to see it.

Other gadgets by using special firms also have an app that links their provider networks to the country of origin, only that one of a kind names are used to confer with them.

The CIDManager is a integrated Android app that runs within the background and fetches updated information. The reason you can not see it among other apps is that it runs within the background.

If you doubt even if you’ve the CID Supervisor app and would like to make sure approximately things. Assess your phone’s Activity Log and you’ll see that the CIDManager is definitely one of the background apps your cellphone has.

What Permissions Does The CIDManager Want To Work?

Unlike different apps that require multiple permissions to operate, the CIDManager is extremely simplified. It basically requires one permission, i.e., the Telephone permission to function. With the aid of enabling access to the phone. The Cid supervisor can fetch each single piece of information about the telephone that it must function.

Is The CIDManager A Secure Android app?

We love the technological developments that make paintings easy for us. It enables us to talk with our family in real-time. Sadly, the unfavourable part of the advancements is that they’ve brought about various compromise in information security. Every individual is eager about confidential information being taken without his consent.

Consequently, people even worry new apps and doubt some of the most useful process apps on their devices, adding the com tmobile pr adapt, and cellular functions manager. For example, some persons have claimed that the app is spyware and that it eavesdrops on the phone’s activities.

The good information is that while the app has entry on your phone and community provider. It does now not spy on your activities.

Furthermore, some people have claimed that the app is a program the device does no longer want and unnecessarily takes the device’s resources. Admittedly, the CIDManager takes up area and reminiscence in Samsung devices.

The CID Manager app is critical to the phone’s functionality and facilitates it to have country-specific firmware updates, which would not ever be attainable devoid of it.

Additionally, the claims that the Cid manager is a scourge also are invalid due to the fact it is protected by Play Defend policies. Therefore, you can rest guaranteed that the app won’t disrupt your device. Also, it is going to now not corrupt confidential data because it is safe.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Having The App On Your Device?

The CIDManager is certainly a critical app that’s necessary to your device and firmware updates. Still, there are risks associated with its presence in any device. The most common one is the ‘New Carrier Provider’ notification issue.

The message notifies you of new provider settings you wish to permit your gadget to access and upon added probing. It demands a factory reset which, does not solve the problem and the loop continues. This may be annoying, especially since it does now not let you do anything at the device.

What Reasons The New Provider Notification Issue?

Sadly, what activates the hot service supplier notification remains unknown. However, chances are that the device does no longer help its Open Marketplace Customization (OMC) functions such that once the CIDManager Android app attempts to compare the ODM and CSC codes, a disadvantage arises and triggers a back-and-forth prob, as a result the loop.

The most perfect solution to solve the difficulty is to force stop the CIDManager app, and the next part discusses how to cross approximately this.

How Can You Stop The CIDManager App?

The new service supplier is demanding and denies you the joy of using your Samsung device that you really cherish. The most perfect component to do is to force stop the app and discontinue the loop. The method isn’t complicated, and all of the person have got to do is to follow the directions below:

  • Tap on ‘Settings’ at the leading menu and select the ‘Apps’ option.
  • On the 3 vertical dots that appear, select ‘Show Method Apps’.
  • Locate CIDManager app.
  • Click ‘Clear Cache’ adopted by ‘Force Stop’ and the notification will stop appearing.

Other suggestions incorporate disabling the app utilizing Root Explorer or Kit Disabler Pro, Flash Stocking ROM, or uninstalling it using ADB installation or Titanium Backup. However, clearing cache is one of the best ways to repair CIDManager issues and other applications like com.sec.android.daemonapp or com android incallui without losing significant data.


The CIDManager is a built-in up that comes preinstalled in Samsung devices. helps the detect and get country-specific firmware updates. The app is secure even with claims that it’s a virus, spyware, or malware like OMACP. However, it’s worrying whilst the ‘New Carrier Provider’ mistakes appears and creates an pointless loop. The most ideal way to clear up the difficulty is with the aid of force-stopping the app. Gaining access to it via Settings and clearing its cache. You can additionally disable the app or uninstall it utilizing ADB uninstallation or Titanium Backup.