What Is ChocoEukor Android App Should I Delete It

People are more and more becoming excited by bloatware apps like ChocoEukor on Android devices. Some reviews even declare that such apps are stealing data and data from people’s phones. Yet, 95% of the world has a smartphone, with the vast majority of this figure owning Android phones.

Most Android phones, adding Samsung and MI phones, have bloatware. ChocoEukor turned into originally found in Samsung phones, including the newest Word series, but has now extended to different Android telephones like MI.

So then, you wonder, what’s chocoeukor? What are its negative aspects and advantages? Is it malware? Ought to I eliminate it? Peer into this article to address these questions and a lot of more.

What Is ChocoEukor Android App?

ChocoEukor is one more instance of a bloatware app on Android. You will discover it most often in Samsung devices, however MI gadgets have also included it lately.

In different Android contraptions except Samsung, chocoEukor is current yet with a further call which includes coolEUkor or roseEUkor, and these types of mean an identical thing.

ChocoEukor, CoolEUkor, or roseEUkor is a bloatware Android app that allows persons kind characters within the Korean language.

This built-in pre-installed app has specific fonts for the Korean languages, and so much Koreans might comprehend it.

Besides, Samsung is a Korean company, and we predict it to prioritize its native language. Still, if you aren’t drawn to Korean at any point, the app might be a waste of area and RAM to you, and you would possibly want to have it uninstalled from your phone.

What Is Bloatware?

Whenever you buy a brand new digital device, adding phones and tablets, you’ll detect that they come with a large amount of memory and RAM already taken.

This is since the contraptions have some apps pre-installed in them including a silent logging app or com.android.server.telecom services, even before you could purchase them. Such apps are called bloatware apps and feature the drawback of consuming space and RAM.

With this, your phone would method data slowly and perhaps interfered with. Of course, not all bloatware apps are a waste of space. In fact, some are surely essential for the phone’s functionality.

For instance, could a phone be a cellphone devoid of the SMS, Android Dialer, Calculator, and Music Player apps? You know the answer. However, some bloatware apps is probably not necessary, and in case you aren’t utilizing them, you may want to delete them out of your telephone altogether.

Is ChocoEukor Safe?

Some of the misconceptions about the ChocoEukor app are that it steals confidential information. In 2019, some reviews claimed that the app reads through the device wherein it is established and steals information.

That’s in fact now not true. All of the bloatware apps are authorized by way of Android before installation, yet they aren’t viruses such as the OMACP. To be specific, ChocoEukor is set up to assist Koreans kind their characters with numerous fonts and it’s safe to use.

The app does now not study via your device to thieve your data. When it would certainly waste your RAM and area (if you are not fascinated within the Korean language), you should not be worried about it analyzing via your information.

It’s additionally actual that when it runs in the background, it drains your battery like com.qualcomm.atfwd, yet it will not scouse borrow your data considering the fact that it’s no longer any form of a virus.


Many persons could no longer find the ChocoEukor Android app, cooleukor, or the RoseEukor apps precious to them. These apps help kind Korean language fonts, and if these people have not regarded studying the Korean language, they don’t comprehend the app, that’s why they might cross approximately trying to uninstall them.

For those gaining knowledge of the Korean language or speaking and writing it, chocoeukor Android app is definitely a precious application. Imagine being able to sort whatever you desire in whichever font you prefer.

This is satisfying, isn’t it? And that’s how the Korean-oriented guys realize the chocoeukor app.


This is the facet that most folk will see; the negative aspects of Chocoeukor and different bloatware apps. Since the app is pre-installed which includes config apk and accessible even before purchasing the device, it consumes space.

It doesn’t exist in no space, and that’s why a large amount of space that could be occupied via other apps you wish is going away by the point you’re getting the device.

Secondly, the strolling of each app wants RAM. As the ChocoEukor, coolEUkor, service hub, or roseEUkor runs, it takes RAM. Worse, the app runs perpetually in the background, so it takes RAM at any given time. At some point, your gadget might even begin processing commands slowly.

Thirdly, ChocoEukor, just like any other app including the Rilnotifier android app, drains the battery. It truly is made worse by means of the undeniable fact that at any given point, it runs within the background, and therefore, you have to continuously recharge your phone.

Should I Get rid of The ChocoEukor App From My Device?

Most people who are not interested in knowing the Korean language and don’t communicate it might reasonably want to get rid of the ChocoEukor app from the device.

The basically limitation is that the app is built-in like the MCM client and the process type; for that reason deleting it from the device will not be easy. This can be a specific case when compared with different third-party apps, which somebody can always download, install, and uninstall from the Android phone.

Still, you are not completely out of options, and there’s something you could do to delete chocoeukor from your device in case you aren’t utilizing it. Peer into the next section to learn what to do to delete the chocoEukor app from your device.

How To Delete ChocoEukor Android App?

The App Remover can delete technique apps easily, and you don’t have to fret about losing vital data if you use it to remove specific apps. Of course, eliminating any app utilizing App Remover will delete the documents associated to the app and clear Android data, but it will be not anything greater than this.

To delete ChocoEukor (or any process app like com android incallui) using App Remover, continue as follows;

  1. Go to Playstore and down load App Remover and set up it in your device.
  2. Launch the app, and you will detect that it collects all of the apps on your Android device.
  3. Select chocoEukor from the gathering and hit at the Uninstall option.
  4. When a conversation appears, confirm the action by means of clicking on ‘YES,’ and the app and all the files and knowledge associated to it’s going to be all gone.

Uninstalling ChocoEukor Via USB Debugging

The other thanks to uninstall the ChocoEukor app is thru Android Debug Bridge, shortened as ADB. To uninstall the ChocoEukor app using ADB, you would like a Windows PC.

With this, you create a Unix shell for the device, which you can use for disabling, installing, and uninstalling technique apps.

  • Click ‘Settings’ then ‘System’ and ‘About phone.’
  • Tap at the ‘Build Number’ seven instances until the Developer Techniques are activated.
  • Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Developer Options’ and ‘USB Debugging.’
  • Download ADB at the PC and open the zip file.
  • Once the zip dossier is extracted and the folder is opened, press and hold the SHIFT key and double-click on a clean space.
  • Click ‘open PowerShell window here’ and enter ‘adb services.’ Use a USB cable to attach the device to the PC.
  • Type ADB shell pm uninstall –chocoeukor on the phone, and the app will be uninstalled.

The equal method can be used to disable the app, basically which you have got to replace ‘uninstall’ with ‘disable’ within the last step.


Bloatware apps are these pre-installed apps on mobile instruments earlier than purchasing them. While some are useful, others is probably not useful. One bloatware app is ChocoEukor which allows people type Korean fonts and characters. This text facilitates you gain knowledge of everything about this app, adding how you could uninstall it in case you don’t need it.