What Is At&t Locker Android App And How To Delete It

AT&T Locker android app became constructed with the aid of AT&T and has quite a few versions yet 98% of installing is being done with the aid of the version. The generates an auto-start registry entry that enables the program to run on each boot for the users who install the program. AT&T locker is an app for the Android operating manner and iOS. The operate of the app is to let you share, store, synchronize, and keep valuable data and important files.

AT&T Locker has its opponents as well, and these are Dropbox, Google, and Amazon. Now everybody has smartphones with large storage capacity. and still, there’s an selection of cloud garage functions that deliver us a facility to backup important information on-line for the sake of retrieving data while you need it or within the case and unintended lack of data.

To accomplish an identical need AT&T Locker brought an excellent cloud garage service to store enough data online for the users of Android and iOS. Back again, while cloud garage carrier became a trend. The AT&T locker app made it less complicated with extra garage ability to its clients as an alternate to the cloud garage available before.

What Is AT&T Locker App Used For?

AT&T Locker app turned into designed as a contest against cloud garage in which clouds give the facility to shop as much as 5GB of data online. The plan is loose and turned into simple to avail a service for the users of Android.

If the users are looking for extra space than the AT&T Locker app. It’s accessible in top class it allows you to shop your data as much as 30 GB but no longer for free. For example, the app’s premium version fees you 4$ for 30GB of data storage. And 10$ for 100GB of data storage.

All the premium ATA&T Locker apps cost on monthly basis. All your images, significant documents, photos, and movies want extra storage capacity. It can be effortlessly shared on social media networks like Fb Dating, Instagram, Twitter. Also, many extra through the Android app or via the AT&T Locker website.

AT&T Locker app has a significant feature for all users who’ve smartphones. if your cellphone is supporting instantly the AT&T Locker app then you may go to the AT&T web site on a computer.

If you utilize your Android then the AT&T Locker app facilitates you automatically synchronize and create a backup. The lower back up where a dossier is reproduced in the cloud. The consumer can get an overview of the file by way of this app or instantly from the Locker.

Google and Apple permit users to avoid wasting 5GB of data on Apple’s iCloud. The information can be saved on those clouds and different services like SkyDrive and Dropbox. Also, famous as a competitor to AT&T Locker app. Yet all those require the most up-to-date smartphone whilst the AT&T Locker app has a twin alternative for garage from Android and during a computer at Locker’s site.

Does AT&T Locker nonetheless work?

AT&T Locker app is extremely beneficial for Android users. However it wasn’t supportive of the non-AT&T devices. This became a serious disadvantage of the app that’s why the corporate declined the app functions formally a long time ago. Also, they made quite a few limitation for the app users.

On any other hand, the Apple iCloud and Google G Force grew to become incredibly popular between all cellphone users. Offering almost an identical storage, sharing, and backup services.

AT&T Locker app serves its clients to cope data overflow and everlasting storage from all other accessible options in the market. The app is easy to apply and user-friendly. You could effortlessly access, store, and deal with your data, files, photos, images, and videos by way of simple steps. In which you’ve the sharing preference as good for your Android and all different social media channels.

The app creates a catalogue wherein a consumer can view the shared file on social media only. Apple mobile clients have a different characteristic that permits them directly ship information to Apple iCloud.

The photostream alternative offers user’s a facility to store photographs instantly on the Apple cloud. It also can share pictures to distinct iOS devices, the Apple cloud service facilitates a thousand pictures immediately yet cloud garage doesn’t count against iCloud storage.

How do I access AT&T Locker?

AT&T Locker provides the power to review the last performed activities including albums, documents, and file backups, you will see a navigation menu, where you could navigate many contents like access settings, sharing, and more. On the right-hand facet Menu icon lets you make manual adjustments or upload contents from the device.

All the process requires Wi-Fi or cyber web connection by means of mobile or other devices. The app protects your data using a secure Wi-Fi VPN especially once you use an unencrypted information superhighway connection. It alarms you approximately e-mail theft if malicious undertaking is being performed, and all of it indicates you that the network you are linked to probably hazardous to your information and Android.

There is an offline function that lets you entry data and files from the AT&T Locker app, whether you don’t have internet connectivity. To be able to disable the offline entry to a particular dossier or rfile choose Menu and disable office.

If you want to get access on your data, documents, and other related file.

  • Select the navigation three-lined button at the precise left corner.
  • Choose the desired files and folders which are organized by way of the assets like albums, timeline photos, favorites, photos, and all different files.

Does ATT Have Cloud Storage?

This cloud garage service presented by way of AT&T grew to become noted because the AT&T Locker app that’s accessible on iOS and Android platforms. It can be effortlessly downloaded from the Google play store and Apple’s app store within a few minutes. The app was designed to aid all Android telephones connecting with 2.1 or above software to all new devices as well.

How do I Uninstall AT&T Locker?

It is possible to uninstall the AT&T Locker app with the aid of your computer. Pass to the window’s control panel then click add/remove and choose the icon you want to uninstall. Here is a short guide to uninstall the program;

  • Open the beginning menu on your computer
  • Click the bottom left corner, wherein Window’s signal is placed
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Application folder
  • You will a similar icon with the name Programs and Features
  • Open the folder and a brand new window will appear with a tile at the top, Uninstall or Change a program
  • Then select the app or program you want to take away or uninstall (message fluctuate Home windows to Windows)
  • Finally, a development bar will appear displaying the time to uninstall AT&T Locker, and the app or software will be uninstalled from your system


The information accrued in the article is useful and may help to make the file a favorite. Also, create playlists, document sharing, and share visual, and nonetheless contents. After a complete evaluate of the AT&T Locker app. It feels that this is not in simple terms an app but also larger to claim a complete and huge platform in which you can manipulate information per your requirements, this cloud garage potential is a way to manage your information according to its importance and need.