Lg Ims Keeps Stopping What Is It And How To Fix It In 2022

If you are an Android phone owner or an LG user, you’ve noticeable a pop-up, ‘unfortunately LG IMS continues stopping’ blunders message appear on the screen. Like hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, you perhaps left wondering what is LG IMS used for in your device, and how to repair it.

Sadly, as a result of ignorance, many users reported LG ims a plague such as omacp and feature linked it with unlawful data transmission between Android telephones and 0.33 parties. However, is that the case? Do you would like the app? How about solving the LG IMS that maintains stopping? Retain interpreting this text to get the reply to these types of questions and many others.

What is LG IMS app on android phones?

First matters first, we ought to fully recognize LG ims earlier than moving into the details approximately what it’s used for and what it does in your device. It’s the quick form for LG IP (Internet Protocol) Multimedia Services.

From its increased form, you can be getting wind of what the app bargains with, i.e., IP multimedia services. Multimedia features encompass many things, but LG ims specifically deal with extra provisions, adding Wi-Fi calling and Voice Over Long-Term Evolution, or VoLTE.

Is LG IMS basically found in LG devices?

If you have an android gadget and feature come across the ‘unfrotuntely LG ims has stopped’ blunders notification, you perhaps thinking why that’s the case as a result of the LG facet in the message.

Well, despite the fact the ‘lg’ in LG ims denotes LG company, it does not imply that the availability is completely meant for LG devices.

Over time, different android manufacturers have embraced it, and it’s no ask yourself that the mistake message may even appear in non-LG devices as the Badgeprovider has stopped.

Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it implies no harm for your LG device.

Does the app have a kit name?

Package names are extra popular today, even more as technological advances see one more hallmark. They’re significant while downloading apps from app stores, including LG smartword or Google Play Store.

Besides, kit names turn out to be useful when jogging updates due to the fact a few of the purposes are completely diagnosed via their kit extensions.

Additionally, whilst you desire to delete apps, especially the method pre-installed app which include coremobility app vnotes, or com google android packageinstaller using USB Debugging or the System App Removal method, the package name additionally is available in handy.

LG ims, in spite of being a framework, has a package name, that’s com.lg.ims, with which it is identified in android devices. Utilizing this extension, you can update the app frameworks.

Is LG IMS an outbreak or spyware?

When people don’t realize particular facets or apps on their devices, they companion them with viruses or malicious applications. An identical has been reported of LG ims procedure app, but you might be relieved to grasp that the framework is not a malicious app.

Consequently, you don’t have to stress about your information being by accident transmitted to third parties whilst using Wi-Fi calling or different IP multimedia functionalities.

Do I want the app?

Many Android and LG Stylo and Wing clients have requested us whether they certainly want LG ims.

If you are making Wi-Fi calls and use VoLTE functionalities, you wish LG ims but I’m sure you’ll not have to see the has stopped working error. However, in case you don’t use those functionalities, you don’t want the framework and might want to remove it.

What is the problem linked to LG IMS?

Although the LG ims app on android is an essential framework in a device and allows the execution of particular multimedia functionalities, clients have had countless concerns adding the LG IMS keeps stopping, and doping up on T-mobile.

Some of those are in simple terms trivial due to the fact it is how every app works, but we’ll talk about all of them, including;

  • High battery consumption
  • Automatic turning on of location
  • Unfortunately LG ims continues preventing blunders message

1- Excessive battery consumption

Many clients have linked LG ims with high battery consumption, especially after checking battery usage and seeing the framework indexed among different battery-raining apps.

As outlined previously, LG ims make VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling multimedia features possible. Realistically, we expect the framework to gasoline battery intake as a result of Wi-Fi usage.

Therefore, whilst you will blame the app for battery draining, it has nothing to do with it.

2- Automatic turning on of locations

The other dilemma many people have raised concerning LG ims is the automatic turning on of location.

How so? From time to time, you may uncover your location grew to become on, and upon attempting to flip it off, you get a notification that informs you that turning off the situation will stop LG ims from running, as a result the linkage.

While this can appear as if a large issue, it’s only how the framework is designed to work. To make use of Wi-Fi with out interruptions, especially for Wi-Fi calling, LG ims have to turn on location.

3- The ‘unfortunately LG ims has stopped blunders message’

LG ims have stopped blunders notification is among the so much regularly occurring blunders messages in android devices and perhaps the most important predicament with the android app.

In some instances, the pop-up does now not appear, but the errors happens in the background, making things even worse due to the fact you can not use your gadget anymore.

Sadly, it’s still unclear what motives the error, but we surely be aware of how to troubleshoot it, which is the main target of the next section.

How to fix LG IMS that continues stopping?

Since the pop-up because of LG ims keep stopping is annoying, knowing a way to repair it’s the best way to go. Thankfully, there are numerous simple the way to do this, and at least one should work for you to fix the LG IMS that has stopped working.

1- Uninstalling recent updates and installations

In some cases, updating or installing new purposes may immediate the LG ims mistakes to occur, and the pop-up appears. Thus, you may investigate the Settings app for any current updates and installations. In case you uncover any, uninstall them, and this ought to hopefully fix the LG ims that retain stopping.

2- Use the hidden menu to change the IP version

The current IP edition that runs on your gadget can also immediate the LG IMS error. To remove this as the cause of the pop-up, change the IP version using the hidden menu via following the procedure below;

  • Dial 277634#*#
  • Locate and tap ‘IP version’
  • Switch from ‘IPV6V4’ to ‘IPV4V6’

If the process is interrupted, switch on flight mode, change IP settings, and switch off the mode as soon as done.

3- Manufacturing facility reset the device

Since manufacturing unit resetting a device literally cleans it of any data, many people shun it. However, if techniques 1 and a couple of don’t remedy the LG ims has stopped operating in your android phone, a factory reset will be the perfect way to go, but ensure to returned up your Android data first.

  1. Do this with the aid of clicking Settings, and then about phone
  2. Go to Manufacturing unit reset
  3. Confirm the action by using clicking erase all data.

4- Disable the app

The other way to pass is disabling LG ims app from the system, but keep in mind that you’re going to not be able to use Wi-Fi calling or VoLTE features after doing so. To disable it, proceed as follows;

  • Dial 277634#*#
  • Select Field Test, the Modem Settings, and faucet VoLTE on/off
  • Restart the gadget to finish the process

5- Restart your Android phone

Rebooting your LG can fix the most issues such as lamentably the process com.android.phone has stopped, to repair LG IMS retain stopping mistakes message, just press and carry the reboot button, and make sure by using restarting the device. If this step not working for you, then you can:

  • Close all running apps in the background
  • Long press the ability button to the left or correct of your LG device, Within the switch off, reboot, or restart strategies that appear, click on change or flip off.
  • Wait a while till the reboot finishes the process.

6- Clean the LG and Method cache

If not anything works above, then you may test clearing the procedure cache and app to stop the LG ims keeps stopping, clearing cache data documents for person apps can repair many glitches, bugs, and apps problems, under are the step by step tactics to fix the LG IMS no longer operating or maintain popping up.

  • First, cross to settings
  • Tap on about phone or apps, depending in your cellphone models
  • Locat LG IMS app, and clear cache followed with the aid of clear all data.
  • Second, move to system, and then clear system android cache

Alternatively, a number of our users have fixed the problem via clearing the com.lge.ims.rcprovider cache!!

To clear the com.lge.ims.rcprovider:

  • First of all, flip off the aircraft mode
  • Go to settings
  • Apps and notifications
  • App info
  • Click at the 3 dots above, faucet show system
  • Locate com.lge.ims.rcprovider and click on it
  • Tap storage, then clear cache, and clear data
  • Return to the app and click force stop

If you still accept the LG IMS that continues preventing and popping up errors, we recommended you touch LG shopper support or the network provider which include T-mobile.

How to take away LG IMS Android app?

If you don’t need the LG ims framework, you may think about removing it. But we do not recommend eliminating or uninstalling it. You may accomplish that by using installation a Customized or Stock ROM to complete the process. Both of both recommendations works, but many people desire inventory ROM.

Download it and set up it, then comply with the activates to completion. Whilst requested concerning the app’s name, key in LG ims.


LG ims is a framework that makes VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling IP multimedia functionalities possible. While many have lg ims keeps preventing limitation with its eating battery and immediately turning on location, it is only how the framework works. It is, however, no longer a virus, and if you feel which you don’t need it, you could delete it with out hope of ever using Wi-Fi calling or VoLTE services.