Is The Shower Curtain Supposed To Be Inside Or Outside

A pleasant shower curtain can surely make an ornamental difference in a bathroom. Whatever pattern, color, or design you choose can change the room’s entire look. But whilst a bath curtain’s beauty and simple applications may well be clear, identifying how to hang one up may not be as simple as it seems.

A bathe curtain goes inside the bathtub or shower stall whilst hung. That way, the curtain can keep water from spilling out or dripping onto the floor. However, one of a kind bathe curtain types might be hung differently, depending on the material. In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss no matter if you should hold your shower curtain within or outside your bath. I’ll additionally go over the first materials bathe curtains are made of and how you should hold them. Keep reading.

The Objective of a Shower Curtain

The purpose of a bath curtain is to maintain the lavatory floor dry whilst somebody is bathing or showering. A shower curtain may also serve as a decoration. It’s an reasonable preference for people who have a mixed bathtub and bathe and can’t have a shower stall door to achieve the same job.

However, it could imply that your bathe curtain isn’t doing a good job if you observe there’s nonetheless a large number of water getting on your bathing room floor whilst you shower. The way it’s hung probably the explanation — right here area explains this in detail.

Which Sorts of Shower Curtains Go Inside/Outside

Not all shower curtains are made equally. You’ve got concept that the main change between the exclusive curtains you could discover is their pattern or their length, yet that’s now not the case. You’ll want to make sure that you dangle your shower curtain properly, based on which one you choose.

Singular Bathe Curtains Ought to Be Within a Bath or Shower

A singular bathe curtain is highly self-explanatory. These applications will generally say that they come with one shower curtain enclosed in the packaging. If that’s what’s outlined at the packaging, it’s traditionally intended to be hung on its own. During this case, the curtain is normally created from water-resistant or water-resistant material, which I’ll cross into in more aspect below.

These bathe curtains may have a decorative print or colour on them, yet their leading goal is to be functional. These curtains ought to be at the inside your bath or shower for use properly.

Plain, Water-Blocking Coated Bathe Curtains Move Inside a Bath or Shower

When you spot a kit that says it holds a “lined shower curtain,” that means once you hang it up, you’ll have two curtain swatches of material. In most cases, this sort of curtains would be ornamental and made from a softer material that’s more such as what you may find in other varieties of curtains or upholstery.

The different curtain will likely be created from water-repelling fabric and might be a plain color like white or transparent. The finest thanks to hang these curtains is to allow the decorative curtain to hold outside your bathtub so it doesn’t soak up water and might serve its more “fashionable” purpose.

Instead, the plain, water-blocking curtain ought to be hung inside the tub so that it can retain water from spilling over your tub and onto the floor.

Decorative Alternative Bathe Curtains Move External a Tub or Shower

Replacement bathe curtains may well be hard to recognize. These curtains may say anything like “decorative curtain” or “liner” or “replacement” somewhere on their packaging or of their descriptions.

These programs will come with a unmarried curtain. However, they vary from the singular curtains outlined above due to the fact those are meant to be substitute curtains. If you have a covered curtain that needs a brand new decorative or lining piece, and you’d favor not to purchase a completely new set, these curtains are well options.

So, you’ll desire to hang a substitute liner inside the tub and a decorative replacement curtain outside. In the case of liner replacements, if they’re held on their own, there possibly won’t be any problems. However, you should examine to make sure that an ornamental curtain is made from fantastic material to be hung on its own or if it’s, in fact, a replacement side for a covered curtain.

Popular Shower Curtain Materials

The material a shower curtain is made from can verify how it’s purported to be hung for these circumstances once you probably confused.

Vinyl Bathe Curtains Will Block Water and Won’t Take in Moisture

Vinyl is usually the 1st fabric people will consider once they examine bathe curtains. That’s because this material is excellent for handling water. Since those curtains are waterproof, they won’t take up moisture. So long as they’re cleaned usually and may dry, they won’t grow mold.

The vinyl thickness will affect how long lasting a curtain is, but well-made plastic bathe curtains can final years without being replaced. Shower curtain liners will usually be made out of vinyl or another variety of plastic. However, so will many single curtains. These curtains ought to be hung inside the bathtub to dam water from spilling.

Polyester Bathe Curtains Are Softer Than Vinyl Bathe Curtains

Speaking of alternative plastics, it’s in all likelihood that, in case you don’t consider vinyl, you consider this fabric whilst asked to image what bathe curtains are made out of. Since polyester is likewise plastic, like vinyl, it’s additionally waterproof, that means it won’t soak up moisture.

However, not like vinyl, due to the fact polyester is likewise usually used for clothing, it’s a softer sort of material. Polyester curtains may not always be as easy to wash when compared with traditional plastic like vinyl. You would have got to take them down and positioned them within the washing machine. However, that’s the first difference among those two plastic-based options.

You don’t want a liner for those curtains as they could do the job of preserving water from escaping onto the bathroom floor. So, those curtains ought to be hung contained in the tub or shower.

Cotton Bathe Curtains Should Only Function Decorations

Cotton is a further famous alternative for shower curtains due to the fact it’s a soft, easy to make, and easy to wash material. However, cotton shower curtains are generally meant to be only decorative. This fabric absorbs water, that could harm your curtain, walls, or ceiling (however you have your curtain hung), and will allow water to spill onto your bathing room floor.

These motives could defeat a few of the features of getting it as your significant water-blocker. This curtain should be hung outside your tub which include a liner to move on the inside.

Microfiber Shower Curtains Generally Don’t Want Liners

Microfiber material has grow to be a favored shower curtain choice in latest years. The fabric is more waterproof than other fabric models whilst still being easy to clean. This material is long lasting and can are available a sample or solid-colored options.

Since it’s also a cloth material, curtains made of this material will often look reminiscent of different only ornamental options. However, microfiber bathe curtains don’t want a liner, unlike cotton or other fabrics. If you’re taking regular baths, you might want a plastic liner to help create a seal to maintain water in your tub and not at the floor.

However, a microfiber curtain on my own can generally do the trick for showers. This curtain, while used alone, should be hung contained in the bath to avoid spilling. It is hung either within or outside whilst used with a liner, depending in your preference. Interested in sorting out more information about cleaning bathe curtains? Take a look at this article: A way to Clear a Shower Curtain Without Taking It Down

Shower Curtain Alternatives

While shower curtains are a rather normal selection for a lot of bathrooms, there are some options worth looking at that’ll have their very own pros and cons when compared with curtains.

Shower Doors

If you don’t have a bathtub, a shower door may well be a good choice to a shower curtain. Shower doorways are made in a fashion that seals the bathe stall or box so that water doesn’t spray outside onto the floor.

This choice generally does the trick at maintaining the ground dry as showers contain constantly drained water so it won’t collect. The con to this is that a door ordinarily won’t paintings for bath-shower combinations, and it can be difficult to scrub in the door’s crevices.

Nothing at All

A daring but valid choice if you have a bathtub yet no shower is to preclude utilizing anything at all. It’s a valid preference if you’re self-assured that you could shower devoid of water overflowing. The con is that it’s problematic to take a bath with none water getting at the floor unless you utilize your bath sparingly just to relax for a little while. That suggests extra cleanup for you.

You in all likelihood won’t use this system if you bathe to get clean. Also, in case you have a bath and shower in one, this selection in all likelihood won’t work for you as it’s harder to control the bathe spray to maintain it from getting everywhere with no curtain.


Knowing the way to dangle your bathe curtains may be rather tricky. Between sorts of substances and applications of curtains you may buy, it’s tempting to just go with a further water-control alternative altogether. However, your bathe curtain or liner usually should move inside your bathtub to avoid getting your floor wet.