Images Not Working On Iphone Try These 14 Fixes In 2022

Why do you’ve #images now not working or GIFs not loading in your iPhone? Is there anything you may do to fix the would not load results? You probably interested in discovering the answers to those questions. Retain examining this article to find out 14 fixes and the reasons in the back of this dilemma in your iPhone.

Why Are My #images No longer Working on My iPhone?

An iPhone has a built-in GIF keyboard referred to as #images. This function in images facilitates a person to seek for quite a few GIFs and send and accept relocating pictures easily.

However, there were a number of reviews from Apple users. Those who presented their complaints reported that after utilizing the pictures feature at the Messages app, they have been not able to ship GIFs and images to their friends. Also, loose msg not able to ship a message – message blocking is lively and blocked text messages.

In different instances, the pictures searched would no longer be found. Additionally, they acquired the message; “Could No longer Share Image. The internet connection seems to be offline.”

With such reports on #images/GIF, now not working results, it is important to determine the factors and the the explanation why such is experienced, and in all likelihood fixes for the images or gifs now not operating on iPhone.

4 Standard Motives of #images/GIFs Now not Working

Knowing the foundation of a problem makes it simpler to tackle. In an identical way, if you know what might make the pictures now not paintings in your iPhone, you can be capable to find a solution. Here are a few of the the reason why the characteristic could now not paintings on your iPhone;

1- The image characteristic may not be awarded in your country.

One significant aspect to bear in mind is that Apple made this feature country-specific. There are nations and destinations wherein it is accessible and may well be effortlessly accessed whilst there are other territories from which you can’t entry it.

Therefore, if #images aren’t working in your iPhone, then the placement putting isn’t available on your gadget and this could lead to the problem. Currently, the photographs function is accessible within the following countries;

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Italy
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland

Therefore, the pictures will not be operating because the place setting isn’t correct. Which means if the feature isn’t available in your territory, it may not work regardless of the steps you’re taking to repair the problem.

However, if you are in a region supporting this selection yet you still experience pictures / GIFs now not working outcome in your iPhone, you could follow the information under to aim to fix it.

2- An old iOs

If your iPhone is jogging on an old version of iOs, you’ve got problems with some of your apps. Therefore, the #images function on the Messages app won’t paintings too.

3- Deficient information superhighway connection

At times, you’ve got connection issues along with your Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. In some cases, the relationship would just be slow. These could make #images not work consequently a trigger of the problem.

4- Defective System

You could journey #images or GIFs no longer working due to the complete method having a glitch. It’d correct itself after a couple of minutes though.

14 Methods to Fix #images Now not Operating on iPhone

If you journey this, you may try out right here steps to repair the #images now not working;

1- Restart the Messages App

The difficulty you’re experiencing may well be from an errors within the Messages app. If the Messages app isn’t working, then the #images characteristic could be encouraged too and stop working.

Therefore, you can assist resolve it by restarting the Messages app. To achieve this, in case you have iPhone Xs Max and any more recent versions, you wish to swipe from the bottom to the tip of your iPhone screen to open its App Switcher.

In the older variants of the iPhone inclusive of iPhone eight and earlier, you would like to double-click the Home button in your device. Once you open the App Switcher, you can close the Messages app manually.

After that, go back to the Home display screen to open the app again. Once you re-open the Messages app, you may test using the #images and spot if the issue is fixed.

2- Re-add images

Another way of changing the #images no longer operating is by getting the lacking pictures lower back in your iPhone. But how? To re-add your #images on Messages, you can follow right here steps;

  1. Go to Messages on your device
  2. Open an current message or compose a brand new one
  3. Tap at the “A” icon then swipe left and faucet the “More” icon from the app drawer
  4. Tap on “Edit”
  5. Remove the #image
  6. Re-add the #image.

3- Ensure your SMS is on

Suppose you text someone who doesn’t use an iPhone, and the #images are not working, you may just verify and make sure in case your phone is set to send traditional messages. To achieve this, you may follow right here steps;

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Select Messages
  • Ensure the switch subsequent to “Send an SMS” is on. It is also in a eco-friendly position.

In so much cases, you will journey the #images, GIF no longer working results in case you see the bubbles in Messages green instead than blue. Therefore, you may comply with the above steps to help fix the image now not loading problem.

4- Manufacturing facility Reset your iPhone

The iPhone Factory Reset would provide the way to #images or gifs now not loading. So, you could supply it a try. It truly is one large step because it erases all the data from your iPhone.

Therefore, you should take this step simply while necessary and after you have tried all attainable fixes unsuccessfully.  To Manufacturing unit Reset your iPhone, you may follow the steps below;

  • Go to the iPhone Settings.
  • Tap on “General”
  • Tap on “Reset”
  • Select “Erase All Content and Settings”
  • Confirm erase on the pop-up window

When you are done, watch for a while to allow the reset to be completed. When you are requested on your iPhone passcode, please provide it.

Important: keep in mind that once you Manufacturing facility Reset your iPhone, you’ll lose information and knowledge given that it is going to delete each of the information saved in your phone.

Therefore, you may backup your messages, name logs, apps, and extra earlier than taking this step.

5- Examine your community connection

If the community connection is the root cause of #images no longer working, you can test yet another one. You could even select a cellular network.

Therefore, try out connecting to a different instant network if you may entry it.

Furthermore, you may ensure that Cellular information is became on in your iPhone. It could help solve the problem.

6- Reset the network settings

When you continue to can’t get a solution to images / GIF not working, you can reset the community settings on your iPhone.

However, in case you think about doing this, you would like to keep in mind that acting this task will delete your community settings.

For instance, in case you have saved your Wi-Fi passwords, they will be erased. That allows you to reset the community settings on your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap on “General”.
  • Tap on Reset
  • Tap on  Reset Network Settings

This approach would get your #images operating once more. After all, you would not desire to delete and eliminate your community settings inclusive of Wi-Fi password for no reason, would you?

7- Restart your iPhone

If you have tried so much solving above but still images or GIF aren’t working, you could as good change off your iPhone for a minute.

You can then flip it on and it will reconnect to the internet. Also, restarting your iPhone enables get rid of bugs.

Performing this easy act might help repair #images no longer working.

8- Update iOS to the newest version

At times, you’ll experience images not operating since you probably utilizing an previous version of iOS.

Such a version could cause such issues, therefore, if a brand new version is available, make sure you up-to-date the only you ought to the newest and most current one.

You can update your iOS with the aid of following the stairs below;

  • Go to the iPhone Settings.
  • Tap on “General”.
  • Locate “Software Update”
  • Tap on “Software Update”
  • Tap at the “Download & Install” option

After tapping on “Download & Install”, just leave it to continue. The good news is that iPhone instantly appears for updates anytime you faucet on “Software Update”.

Therefore, the solution to fixing the photos now not operating results could just be an replace of the iOS.

9- Disconnect and re-connect WIFI connection

When you have #images not working, the predicament might be your internet connection, now not the #images. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you could disconnect and re-connect after some time.

You can do that with the aid of turning off Wi-Fi then waiting a minute or so then reconnecting to work out if #images will work properly.

Tips: You could unplug the modem and router for a minute if they’re separate.

After that, you may plug them back and determine if the images are working. At the different hand, if you are using mobile data, you may be sure the connection is well so that you clean your doubts if it can be the cause of images now not working.

10- Reset the settings

In some cases, some settings might difference on your iPhone. This may make some features which include #images now not work properly. Therefore, resetting all the settings on your iPhone could assist resolve the problem.

It has labored on many occasions and could paintings to unravel this dilemma too. To accomplish this, you could comply with here steps;

  • Step 1: Pass to the iPhone Settings then tap on “General”.
  • Step 2:  Scroll all the way down to locate “Reset”.
  • Step 3: Tap on “Reset“. After that, select “Reset All Settings”.

11- Change your location setting

Apple’s #images is a country-specific feature. Therefore, it may be that you are experiencing the issue since the region placing is unsupported.

So, when you are in a country wherein the feature is available, you may try out replacing the location setting.

On the other hand, if it’s not accessible in your country, you could choose the US as a region.

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Tap on General
  • Select Language and Region
  • Tap Region
  • Select an additional that this feature is accessible in, such because the US, UK, Canada. Etc.
  • Exit Settings
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Select lower back Language and Region
  • Change your place returned to the original one.

Following the method above to change the location placing could assist make the #images may be responsive and begin working.

12- Use GIPHY

If #images aren’t working and you’re not able to ship GIFs too, then you can get a solution. A further step you could take to repair the problem is to down load the GIPHY App from the Apple Store.

You can get it within the deal with section. After downloading it, you could turn on it. When you have the GIPHY, you may use it to look for a similar content material in an identical format as that presented in #images.

13- Try out iOs process fix tool

When you test each of the possible fixes unsuccessfully, you ought to no longer supply up. You may try Anyfix that’s an iOS technique recovery. That’s defined as the one-stop approach to repair a number of iPhone and different Apple gadget concerns in minutes.

With this tool, you get your iPhone going for walks and working returned to traditional without wasting any data. As mentioned before, a cause of #images not operating can be a glitch in the system.

Therefore, you could use the Anyfix device to assist fix glitches within the system. This system program can help get your #images operating again. Additionally, with this technique fix tool, you could fix more than one hundred thirty procedures iPhone issues including Fb Courting now not showing up, AirPods retain disconnecting, and more.

Moreover, you could necessarily entry the newest version of the device and cross to Technique Fix to fix the flaws and difficulties of your iPhone.

The benefit of this device is that it really works within some clicks, does no longer require any skills, and does now not lose any data.

Therefore, to experience the benefits, you can download it to begin enjoying its services. What’s more, it might actually help resolve #images or gifs not working on your iPhone.

14- Touch Apple

Having attempted all of the possible suggestions without success, you can touch Apple for help. After all, it’s the solution you need. Therefore, that allows you to select this as your last resort, you could accomplish that with the aid of writing them an e-mail or through calling them.

They have their numbers for various countries on their website, so you could determine and get that available on your country.

Tips: You could flick through their on-line assist platform to get rapid answers to your questions.

This may well be done through touring the Apple Assist web site for help and inquiries. Besides, you could go to Apple Support Groups to get tips and guidelines from other Apple users.

Wouldn’t or not it’s nice to get suggestion and help from a fellow consumer who had would have experienced a similar problems as yours?

Here, you’ll get the guidelines that helped them solve their issues. You may then try the same and notice if it really works on your iPhone too.

Why Does Your GIF / #images Say No Results?

If you’ve ever tried texting a GIF but the search saved telling you no results, you have got been frustrated. However, what can lead to this?

  1. If you’ve turned off MMS. When you turn off MMS, your GIF would not be capable of seek for results, therefore, you will learn “No Results“.
  2. The Reduce Movement Function on your iPhone is enabled. The Reduce Action Function has the point of limiting the action on your iPhone touch screen, and saving your phone’s battery life. Therefore, while it’s enabled, functions which include GIFs not work on iPhone.
  3. The #image feature is turned off. If this selection at the Messages app is off, you may now not get outcome once you seek for GIFs. Therefore, you could help clear up this in the Settings option. Once you are there, click on on Cellular, then click on the image to assist flip it on.
  4. Too many GIFs in conversations. At times, your conversations could be overloaded with GIFS for that reason making it attainable for others to load. You can fix GIF no longer working by deleting some conversations.

How to Fix #images no results

Have you used the #images feature on the Messages app after which experienced #images no results? Right here are many of the guidelines you can use to repair the problem;

  1. Turn on Hashtag images under cellular data. You may try this by following the stairs below;
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on Cellular/Mobile Data
  4. Under Cellular data, turn on Hashtag images
  5. Turn off MMS then turn it back on.
  6. Turn off #images then turn it returned on. This step could be done in the Messages app.

Fix #images Could Not Load Results on iPhone

After taking pictures good quality images together with your iPhone, you possibly desire to get pleasure from looking at them and sharing them with friends. However, in some cases the photographs won’t just load. How to fix images which can now not load results? You could use the information below;

Free some memory area on your device-The photos may not be loaded due to inadequate space on your iPhone.

Therefore, if there are huge iPhone video clips format, unused Apps, or anything that you no longer want in your device, you can get rid of them to clear up some memory space.

The well aspect is that you can understand what occupies the most space in your device. With a purpose to be aware of this, you can comply with the stairs below;

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on General
  • Select Storage and iCloud Usage
  • Under Storage, faucet on “Manage Storage”. Once you’re here, you view your data
  • Look at your list of apps along with the memory space occupied by every one in every of them.
  • Once you get one or two that occupy a lot memory area yet you don’t require, you can remove them through uninstalling it.
  • in this way, you create some memory space.
  • The Optimize Storage Feature- You can turn it off in your iPhone to assist with the problem.
  • Use iCloud- If nothing works to fix the situation, you could entry your photos from the iCloud website.
  • Log in to the iCloud website via a browser.
  • After that, click on Photos and you’ll view them then you could download the ones of interest.


Apple offers an exceptionally effective feature in the Messages app, #images. With this, you can send and receive image documents and GIFs from friends. However, as an Apple user, you will in some cases experience #images not operating or #GIF no results on your iPhone. These two may be frustrating. However, this text has defined the reasons and motives of the same, and how you can repair the issues to make certain the app works correctly and smoothly.

You can always touch Apple for assist and support. Up to some steps can make you lose some information in your device, they may be the finest solutions. Importantly, you may necessarily backup your data so that they aren’t misplaced completely.