Humidifier Bedroom Placement On The Floor Or The Nightstand

If you’re handling low humidity, and as a consequence dry air, you ought to definitely consider getting a humidifier. After doing so, you’ll be able to breathe extra freely, and you’ll sleep higher at night.

Although it’s so much commonly discovered within the residing room, that is traditionally the foremost crowded room within the house, loads of persons like to put the humidifier in their bed room instead. But the query is — ought to you put the humidifier in your bedroom? Is it safe? And if it is, should it’s on the floor or on the nightstand?

I’ll solution all of these questions shortly. But first, let’s see how humidifiers work.

How Humidifiers Work

There are many types of humidifiers, and the location of the humidifier in fact depends upon them.

The first and the commonest style of humidifier is the evaporative humidifier. It’s particularly easy and simple to use, so many people decide upon this one. The machine in fact has its possess reservoir, which gets filled with water. Then the water passes by means of a filter out and evaporates. Next, a fan blows air into the filter, which then sends the evaporated air into the room.

You can both select to purchase a separate evaporative humidifier or integrate it into your house’s existing heating or cooling system. Another sort of humidifier is a mechanical humidifier.

Oddly enough, you may additionally fill a pot or bowl with water and positioned it on a radiator, and that could also count number as a mechanical humidifier. This system is competitively priced and works particularly well.

In case you’re seeking whatever a touch more modern, you could buy a separate humidifier. Typically, you can select between:

  • ultrasonic
  • central
  • impeller
  • wick humidifiers/vaporizers.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency vibrations to create droplets. Vaporizers use steam, and impeller humidifiers use rotating discs to break water into droplets and release it into the air. All in all, whatever type you choose, you can’t surely move wrong.

Humidifiers additionally fluctuate in size. Which length you get should rely on where you want to put it. That allows you to disguise an area with plenty of people, you ought to move with a much bigger humidifier. However, remember that large humidifiers could be really expensive.

There are also cool-mist and warm-mist humidifiers, but I’ll tackle these somewhat later.

Where to Placed the Humidifier in Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a superb place for a humidifier with the intention to improve the standard of your sleep. You will awaken feeling refreshed and able to start the day. Utilizing the humidifier every night time can significantly enhance your health and wellbeing within the long run.

However, many people make the error of placing it correct next to their bed, which isn’t a well idea. So, you ought to carefully think about the situation of the humidifier. Placing it in an inconvenient location may well be unsafe if you’re no longer careful.

In short, the humidifier ought to be incredibly close to your bed, given that it’s in a secure and secure location, a long way from anybody’s reach.

I usually see persons asking — should I placed the humidifier at the nightstand or on the floor? Frankly, the answer is — neither. Here’s why:


The nightstand appears like a good spot on your humidifier, yet it’s correctly the other of that. As I mentioned, you want to maintain your humidifier a ways from your reach. Now suppose this situation — you wake up in the morning, stretch your arm out to arrive on your phone, and you by chance knock over the humidifier. Then it falls down and breaks. This situation might seem silly, yet it is really more likely to happen.

I don’t have to explain to you why it’s bad. If any equipment hits the floor tough enough, it’s going to destroy and turn out to be useless. So, you’ll both have got to repair it or purchase a brand new one, and both will cost you some money, time, and effort. And unfortunately, not everyone can afford that.

Moreover, slumbering too nearly a humidifier isn’t healthy. It could weigh down your sinuses at one point, which might be particularly uncomfortable. It will surely wake you up. If you have no room for a nightstand, you could use the sort of alternatives.


The floor is likewise a nasty selection when it comes to humidifier placement. The reason for that is equal to with the nightstand. You could effortlessly tip it over, inflicting it to break. No matter if you don’t have babies or pets, just jogging via the humidifier may well be dangerous.

Aside from the chance of breaking your humidifier, there is likewise a hazard of having burned. You see, such a lot humidifiers use steam, so they’re generally fairly hot. And if somebody by accident knocks one down, they have a excessive opportunity of burning themselves with hot water. Discuss a bad start to the day, am I right?

In addition, the floor is a dirty place, and your humidifier should be squeaky clean at all times. While it’s at the floor, it gets dirty twice as quickly, so you’ll have got to clear it particularly often. To avoid wasting your self a while and effort, don’t place it at the floor.

No matter wherein you choose to put it, you ought to clean the humidifier regularly. If you don’t, it is going to begin soaking up the dust and sending out germs into the air, making you and everybody round you ill.

Another explanation why you shouldn’t place the humidifier at the ground is mold. The humidifier can effortlessly make your ground or carpet wet. If the moisture gets deep enough, it can cause mold. And we know that inhaling moldy air is incredibly bad in your health.

Where Ought to You Vicinity It?

So, between the nightstand and the floor, the nightstand is a better option. However, as I said, you need to make sure that you can’t by accident knock down the humidifier.

In my opinion, the best place for a humidifier is a table or a desk in the nook of your bedroom. It doesn’t genuinely matter what it is, as long as the humidifier is safe, stable, and high off the ground.

Also, make sure it’s no longer dealing with direct sunlight, as that can speed up the growth of unwanted algae and bacteria.

And if you have kids, take additional precaution. You should place the humidifier a long way faraway from their reach. I suggest you place it someplace high, perhaps on a shelf. It will paintings simply as effectively, yet won’t danger anyone’s safety.

Also, whilst buying a humidifier in your bedroom, you should obviously search for a quiet humidifier. Believe me, you don’t desire to listen to that gurgling sound all night.

Cool-Mist vs. Warm-Mist Humidifier Placement

The other two main kinds of humidifiers are cool-mist and warm-mist humidifiers. The warm-mist humidifier makes use of boiling water and distributes hot air, whereas the cool-mist one doesn’t exceed room temperature.

As you can tell, warm-mist humidifiers are a lot more harmful than cool-mist humidifiers. Despite the fact they are really soothing if you have a cold, you could effortlessly get burned with boiling water if you keep the humidifier too almost your bed. Therefore, you ought to be incredibly careful, and make sure you safe it in each way you can.

Cool-mist humidifiers are designed to be safe. Still, you can’t just place them anywhere. Like I discussed earlier — don’t retain it right subsequent to your bed. Despite the fact you won’t get burned if you knock it over, it may nonetheless easily break. Plus, your sinuses will get irritated in case you maintain the cool-mist humidifier too nearly your head.


All in all, humidifier placement matters, especially within the bedroom. You can’t just vicinity it in which you think it appears ‘nice.’ It’s a humidifier, no longer an ornament.

If you desire to get the a lot of the humidifier and also continue to be safe, you should follow the advice I gave you in this text. To recap — you shouldn’t vicinity the humidifier correct subsequent in your mattress or at the floor. Either one of these placements are terrible, whatever style of humidifier you own.

The best vicinity for a humidifier is a corner of a room, somewhere it will be safe and a long way from the attain of kids and pets. If you’re having a tough time figuring out wherein you ought to put your humidifier, you may necessarily assess the instructions. They will basically show you what the best placement to your particular model is.