How To Make Tile Floors Less Slippery 9 Tips You Could Follow

Tile flooring can be totally beautiful, but they may be a possible risk — even more so if they’re wet. However, whether they’re now not wet, tile flooring would play more than a few on you when you least expect them to.

Because of the way slippery they are, these floors tend not to be the first selection of house owners (unless they stay in Florida, that is, where nearly each home has tile flooring). But, so one can install tile flooring on your home, there are plenty of matters you can do to lead them to less slippery.

Before we look at the suggestions though, it’s well to understand why tiles are so slippery in the first place, and what negative aspects they may in all likelihood pose. So, let’s take a look!

Why Are Tile Floors Slippery?

There may be several reasons a tile floor gets slippery. By default, an indoors tile ground should have “at least 0.5 [COF] for all walkway surfaces less than the two moist and dry conditions,” in step with the Global Ground Safety Network.

GFSN says that the “Coefficient of Friction (COF) is explained because the friction force opposing sliding motion divided by the force normal to the surface.” Without a doubt put, that’s physics operating its magic and making persons slip on tile floors.

In different words, if your floor’s company didn’t take into account any particular COF, then your flooring are slippery.

Also, remember that any floor that is wet is increasingly more slippery. Therefore, if you have a ground that is already slippery (when dry), you then should be extra cautious whilst it’s wet.

What Are the Negative aspects of Moist Tiles?

It ought to be highly obvious, yet the most chance of wet tiles is slipping and falling. That poses a good bigger risk for elderly people, for whom such a fall could be fatal. But, aged people aren’t the sole ones who are in larger hazard from wet tiles. Children, too, might fall much more easily.

Therefore, superb is to adopt some measures to help you enhance friction and make tile floors less slippery. Let’s check out what you can do to make your flooring safer.

Tips on How to Make Tiles Less Slippery

If you desire to make tiles much less slippery, we have some hints you could follow. Some of them are very simple, which includes utilizing carpets, while others require some elbow grease, which includes employing an anti-slip coating. Discover all of these options, and decide which one would be the best for you!

1. Wear Slippers With Anti-Skid Soles

If you never want to fear about slipping and sliding across your tile floor, the answer is really simple — wear indoor slippers with anti-skid soles. They are not precisely the ultimate style announcement piece, yet they are going to keep you secure with minimum effort.

By donning non-slip shoes you won’t have to fret approximately changing the tiles, treating them with anti-slip solutions, or setting up foam pads (see below). Lucky for you, there are some very lovely indoor slippers that won’t make you despise using them:

2. Vicinity Carpets in Key Places for an Additional Design Element

Carpets are a great layout assertion and might enhance the seem of any place. You may vicinity them in spaces that get numerous traffic, and hence cut down the slipperiness of the ground in that area.

Furthermore, if you choose a carpet that fits the design of the room, it’s a win-win situation. You’re now not sure what design to choose? How approximately one in every of these:

All of these carpets can paintings high-quality on tile floors, and if you pair them with rug grippers, they’ll stay in region for a very, very long time.

3. Non-Slip Kitchen Mats Are a First-rate Carpet Choice for Kitchens

Kitchen mats are an excellent carpet choice for any kitchen. If you choose the right design, it is going to not merely improve security but also add to the look of that area. For instance, in case you have tiles in the kitchen and round your kitchen island, mats are a very good solution.

You might place a mat in key areas subsequent to the sink and stove. Nobody will be able to inform it’s merely there to maintain you from slipping! If you don’t know what to choose, here are a few first-rate options:

Such kitchen mats are specially designed to be slip-proof and really easy to clean. So, if you’re battling a slippery floor in your kitchen, they’re obviously a very good choice.

4. Apply Anti-Slip Coating to Your Tiles

An anti-slip coating is meant to extend traction in your tiles. It is a high-quality way to avert them from becoming too slippery while keeping their look. It’s highly simple to apply, and you could even do it yourself. The method is simple:

  • First, you wish to wash and dry the surface.
  • Then, test the answer in a small area, to determine how lengthy it takes to dry/treat. Ideally, you desire to try this in a local you don’t use frequently.
  • After it dries totally (and you know the approximate drying time), you can begin utilising it to the full floor.
  • Use a microfiber T-mop to use it on interior tiles, or a garden tank sprayer for the external areas. You can additionally use the mop for outdoors tiles, but with the sprayer, you’ll do it much quicker and canopy a larger surface.
  • Leave the approach to dry completely, after which neutralize it with a mix of equivalent components water and baking soda.
  • Finally, rinse the tiles and let them dry.

That’s it — your tiles should have a better grip after you apply the anti-slip coating.

5. Region Non-Slip Stair Tape on Each Tile or Every Different Tile

If you’re feeling artful and have a great number of patience, you can make an effort to place non-slip stair tape on every tile. And why crafty, you may ask — that’s since it requires fairly a bit of work.

The tape is available in a roller, and if you want it to be ideal and achieve a continuing look, you ought to measure the tiles and reduce the tape to slot each tile. If you want to do that on each single tile, you would possibly need more than one curler of tape.

On the intense side, the tape is nearly invisible. It won’t be obvious over the tiles, and that’s outstanding if you want to achieve a instead seamless look.

It’s additionally valued at mentioning that you don’t have to place it on each tile. For instance, you could region it on each other tile, or simply on specific tiles (such as those in the front of the doorway door).

6. Install Floorboards Over the Tiles

This is an answer that no longer simply makes the tiles much less slippery yet replaces them altogether! Floorboards are inexpensive and they are really simple to install, even for total beginners.

7. Hide Slippery Tiles With Foam Pads

Foam pads are perfect for masking slippery tiles because they convey a style of cushion for the foot, as a result making them a very good alternative to rugs. Besides the fact that children they won’t have a similar glossy conclude as tiles, foam pads may be a well solution when you’ve got little ones walking around and desire to keep them from slipping and falling.

And in case you’re questioning if all foam pads are silly-looking, the reply is no — you could find some genuinely smooth pads that resemble wood floors.

8. Use Stickers to Make the Vicinity Non-Slip and Enhance Its Design

If you’re looking for a cheaper thanks to make tile flooring less slippery, you could go for a tile overlay. What that means, basically, is that you stick false tiles over your present ones.

You can uncover some terrifi adhesive non-slip tiles that resemble real ones, and you could on no account tell they’re now not the actual tiles. The various finest ones would be Alwayspon’s Vinyl Floor Sticky label Tiles, which come in several colors. You could choose the kind you like most, and region it over your current tiles.

However, to make sure the sturdiness of the stick-on tiles, it would be better to use an adhesive with them. Otherwise, flooring that get various site visitors could cause the decal tiles to peel off eventually.

9. Consider Replacing Slippery Tiles With Non-Slip Tiles

As a last resort, you may want to consider changing the slippery tiles altogether. It’s no easy feat, yet it will remove the chance of unfortunate accidents. You can contact your contractor, and choose together on a new set of tiles which have a greater COF rating.

Also, remember that you don’t have to replace all of the tiles. You could just replace them within the locations with the most site visitors (such because the hallway, across the kitchen island, or bathroom).

And don’t fear — in terms of changing the tiles, you don’t necessarily have to remove the historical ones. You can set up the hot ones on top of them, the image of you’ll with floorboards.

Final Words

Slippery tiles are hazardous — even more so if they’re wet. They could be detrimental for kids running around, aged folk, and even for you when you least assume them. But, don’t despair — we’ve the answer (or rather, solutions)! Choose one of the choices from the record above, and you’ll on no account have to stress about slippery tiles again.

You could rock some cute and comfy indoor slippers or set up some non-slip tape — it doesn’t matter which option you go for, all of them work. So, be at liberty to choose the answer you like the most, and not let a slippery ground destroy your day!