How To Install A Peephole In A Door And How High

Peepholes are convenient, but they also offer a feeling of security. No matter if you’re seeking to determine what noise you heard external become otherwise you clearly want to determine the weather, there’s no denying its benefits. Due to the fact many doorways don’t have peepholes, it may be as much as you to DIY the installation.

So, do you desire to methods to set up a peephole in a door, and the way high it ought to be? Comply with these steps:

  1. Using a tape measurer, mark the spot on your door that’s the most convenient for everyone who lives with you.
  2. Drill the outlet with twist drill bits.
  3. Slide the viewer during the hole to make certain a decent fit.
  4. Lock it in vicinity on the external of the door.

Throughout this post, you’ll also gain knowledge of in regards to the presents you need, a detailed step by step guide, no matter if or not you need a peephole, and numerous other useful tips.

Tools & Supplies to Set up a Peephole

Installing a peephole is incredibly easy so long as you have the correct equipment for the job. You should use power tools, so you might want to check out the area lower than about hiring a professional if you’re uncomfortable utilizing them.

Here are the tools and provides to put in a peephole on your door:

  • A marker, pen, or pencil to mark the placement of the peephole earlier than you drill. Not ever try to eyeball it!
  • Measuring tape to line up the center of the door in addition to your desired height.
  • Safety glasses and gloves to guard your eyes and arms from flying wooden or metallic debris.
  • A power drill to chop a hole anywhere you desire your peephole.
  • Twisting drill bits to slot the size of the viewer which you purchase. There should be measurements and standards on the packaging.
  • Silicone sealant to secure the viewer in place.
  • (Optional) A stool or step ladder to raise your self to the level of the peephole.
  • (Optional) Tape to mark the intensity of your drill bit whilst drilling into wooden doors.

Installing a Peephole Viewer in Your Door: Step-by-Step

Once you’ve accumulated each of the tools you need, it’s time to begin attending to work. It is a one-person job, however it doesn’t damage to have a assisting hand nearby in case you would like somebody to flow you the equipment which you need. Without further ado, let’s jump into the step-by-step directions below.

  1. Start with the aid of discovering the peak that you want the viewer to be at. You can either take the common of everyone’s peak in your household or set it at 5 toes to 6 ft tall. You ought to also just be sure you degree the width of your door to come across the middle point in your peephole. When you’ve found the two measurements, mark the realm with a marker.
  2. Wrap tape across the base of your drill bit. You ought to measure the width of your door, then wrap the tape on the equal depth on the bit. This would restrict you from drilling too some distance by way of to the other side.
  3. Attach the twisting drill bit in your energy drill and slowly reduce into the door at the marked spot on the outside. All visitors will come with the exact size you need, so don’t pressure approximately picking out the wrong size. In case you can’t find the correct bit at the packaging, line it up with the viewer. The viewer ought to be a similar width as the twisting bit at its base.
  4. Head around to the inside once the drill bit pokes through, then repeat a similar method from the inside of the door. After you’ve successfully drilled by way of both sides of the door, you’ll have a perfect circle right on the marked spot. Use a rag to remove particles and clear the opening completely.
  5. Separate the viewer with the aid of removing the lens from the barrel, then slide the lens throughout the gap you’ve just created. The lens has threads on the outside, so once you slide it through, hand-tighten the barrel on the different facet of the door. Note: Keep in mind to put the lens at the inside, now not the outside!
  6. Before you total the seal, location a bead of silicone caulking around the edge of the lens. This sealant will avoid moisture from entering, however it additionally allows to secure a decent carry for many years to come.
  7. Use the tool that came with the viewer (or a quarter) to finish the tightening process. This would lock it in place, but ensure you don’t strip the threads. A few snug turns would be more than enough.

As you could see, it’s now not too difficult to put in a peephole in a door. If you’re used to working on DIY domestic renovations, you can get by means of the complete approach in under 5 minutes. Whether you’ve not ever executed anything like this before, it shouldn’t last longer than approximately fifteen mins or so.

Common Mistakes

Despite the simplicity of the installation, there are obviously some steps that may be botched. Missing out on these blunders and how to avoid them might cost you quite a lot of money. If you’re involved about messing up, look into those ordinary difficulties that beginners run into:

  • Don’t forget to add the silicone bead at the end. If you do, you’ll come to be both having to continuously tighten the peephole across the year, or moisture will build up. Whilst wooden rot occurs, you’ll ultimately have to replace the total door. An reasonably cheap silicone tube might prevent hundreds of dollars!
  • Never reduce corners and drill directly through. Keep in mind that you ought to create a pilot hole from the outside before you drill by means of on the inside. Failure to take action would cause your door to splinter, leaving gaps around your peephole. Not merely will it seem tacky, yet it could actually invite termites.
  • Always degree and mark earlier than you drill. Trying to eyeball it will on no account exercise session in your favor. You should degree the height as well as the width before marking. It merely takes approximately 30 seconds, yet this step will deliver your door a far smoother appearance. You’ll thank your self later.
  • Make certain you use the right bit size. Traditional drill bits won’t work at all; You need to have a twisting bit to get a perfect circle. Necessarily seek advice from the scale mentioned on the packaging. For reference, so much peephole visitors require a ⅜-inch bit. This measurement would change, though, so determine before you drill.
  • Drill at a 90-degree perspective or you’ll mess up the installation. Because the viewer needs to slip directly in at eye-level, you need to carry the drill perpendicular to the door. In case you get even the slightest angle whilst drilling, the viewer won’t slide it. You’ll be stuck with a massive hole on your front door.

Should You Pay a Professional or DIY?

Sometimes, paying a professional to do it for you is less difficult and less stressful. But let’s be honest, you’re right here because you want to understand how to do it yourself. There are plenty of domestic renovations that require professional assistance, yet this isn’t one among them. You could have every little thing achieved in a short interval of time.

If you’re set on hiring someone else to do it for you, then you’ll must fork up a massive $80 for a viewer installation, per DIY or Not. This estimate is a whopping 3 to four instances the amount of money you’d pay if you did it yourself, to not point out that you’d have to watch for their time window to open up.

In short, hiring a professional perhaps convenient in some ways, but the money isn’t valued at it. With the aid of amassing the necessary tools and supplies, you could have a brand-new door viewer in your the front door in no time. Why pay a pro while you may DIY?


You can install a peephole in a door in lower than 15 minutes max. With the help of a pal or sufficient expertise on the topic, you’ll be capable to finish it in 5 mins or less. All in all, installation a door viewer is among the easiest renovations that you can do in your house.

Here’s a brief recap of the post:

  • Always measure and mark earlier than you begin drilling.
  • Create a pilot hole earlier than drilling the most gap from the inside.
  • Wooden doorways have a tendency to splinter.
  • Remember to apply silicone caulking to avoid moisture from entering.
  • Drill at a 90-degree angle for the peephole.