How To Install A Door Stopper Tips Amp Common Mistakes

Door stoppers are terrific a good way to prevent damage to the wall and the door itself. You can save lots of money through doing the setting up yourself, and you don’t want too many supplies to get started. As soon as you’ve chosen from the two kinds of stoppers, you may assemble your provides and get to work.

So, do you want to find out how to set up a door stopper? Here’s a brief breakdown:

  1. Measure and mark the drill facets on the wall and the door.
  2. Drill pilot holes and line the mechanism up with them.
  3. Mount the door stopper and test your work.

There’s not too much complexity concerned with the installation process. So long as you’ve organized your self with all of the necessary tools, you should be capable to conclude the assignment in under five minutes. Throughout this post, you’ll additionally learn about usual mistakes, tips, and setting up supplies.

Tools and Supplies to Set up a Door Stopper

Before you start installation your door stopper, you wish to understand which one is right on your home. There are two other forms to select from:

Hinge-mounted stoppers healthy inside the hinge of your door frame. They don’t require any drilling, that’s why such a lot of homeowners want this type. However, they stick out a bit bit extra to avoid slamming from the inside. The bulky visual appeal may not be whatever that bothers you, but it’s worth checking out.

Fixed submit stoppers require you to measure and drill into the wall and the door. If you don’t want to harm your home or you’re not allowed to as a result of apartment agreements, then you’ll perhaps be compelled to apply another style. However, the hid appearance and durability of fixed put up door stoppers makes them a best choice for many people.

After you’ve chosen the kind of door stopper that you desire to purchase, you’ll need to get the remainder of your supplies. Here’s a brief record to run by way of as a way to make sure that you’re able to get the activity started:

  • A pencil and an eraser (you’ll want so that you can remove the mark)
  • The door stopper of your choosing
  • A energy drill
  • Drill bits to compare the screws that came with the put up (if it’s a hard and fast stopper)
  • A flathead screwdriver (if it’s a hinge-mounted stopper)

Get every little thing laid out and ready to cross once you’ve pulled it together. Keep in mind that you basically want a flathead screwdriver if you’re working on a hinge-mounted stopper. Every little thing else is simply required so that you can set up a fixed put up stopper. The breakdown of each is simple, so let’s leap into the details in the next section.

Installing a Door Stopper Step-by-Step

Installing a door stopper is among the safest and fastest home renovations that you may do. It takes lower than 5 minutes, depending on which of the two versions you’ve chosen.

Note: A good way to use a hinge-mounted door stopper, you would like to make sure that the hinge is detachable and now not locked in place.

Without further ado, here are the stairs to take as a way to set up every door stopper:

Hinge-Mounted Door Stopper Installation

  1. Start through grabbing your flathead screwdriver and eliminating the bolts from the hinges of your door. You’ll have got to positioned the hinge-mounted stopper in the middle hinge, yet them all have got to come out so that you’ve sufficient room to fit it in. You can eliminate the bolts through hitting the screwdriver upward in the direction of the head of every one.
  2. Line up the hinge-mounted stopper in the middle hinge and cargo the bolt returned through it. You’ll also must update the remainder of the hinges to put the door lower back on completely. Give every bolt a bump at the suitable with the back of the flathead screwdriver to seal it lower back in place.
  3. Rotate the stopper and experiment your work. The door should be able to open each of the way, yet it’ll be stopped through the rubber feet of the stopper. In case your door is proscribed or it opens too far, you would possibly have got to loosen the center bolt and rotate the stopper a little bit in a single course or the other.

Fixed Put up Door Stopper Installation

  1. Open the door till it’s lined up parallel with the way. It can’t be slanted in any respect since the stopper needs to sit down flush with the door. The best way to do that is to place the stopper between the door and the wall and hold it so the stopper is flat on both sides.
  2. Take a pencil and mark 1.5 inches inward on the door and the wall. You will have two dots; One that’s 1.5 inches inward on the door and one that’s directly across on the wall while they’re held parallel.
  3. Use your drill and drill bits to create a pilot gap at the wall. Some persons opt to have their door stopped on the door, while others want it on the wall. The alternative is yours, and there aren’t any advantages to both alternative other than the situation of a protruding post.
  4. Take the fixed submit stopped and screw it into the pilot gap with your hand. You won’t need a drill seeing that it’s a hand-twisted stopper. Once you get a snug fit, you could see if it’s coated up in which you desire it to be.
  5. Test your paintings by commencing and shutting the door. If the stopper isn’t flush with the wall and the door it’s opened each of the way, then you have to loosen and tighten the stopper again. A somewhat stripped screw or slanted pilot hole could be the resource of the problem.

Common Mistakes

Although the setting up is particularly straightforward, there are numerous problems that may end up in massive issues down the road. If you’re no longer robotically inclined, you don’t have got to worry; This area is designed that will help you avert normal mistakes that we’ve all needed to deal with alongside the way.

Here are the most everyday installing mishaps:

  • Trying to break out with out using tools won’t ever work. In case you don’t hammer the bolts down on a hinge-mounted stopper, the door will loosen up and fall down. You’ll additionally have got to deal with a hanging stopper that doesn’t do its job. Never attempt to take the quickest route; It’s already speedy enough!
  • Don’t drill too far inward on a hollow door. The explanation that 1.5 inches is the distinctive size is that you can almost certainly punch a hole right through the door along with your pilot hole. Hollow doorways aren’t intended to take a beating, so never drill beyond 1.5 inches away from the edges.
  • Always drill pilot holes earlier than you start. If you attempt to screw the fixed poster stopper in the wall or your door devoid of creating a pilot hole, you’ll both wreck the stopper or the surface. Stripped screws, cracked wood, and chipped paint are many of the probabilities of neglecting to use drill bits.
  • Remember to line up the door parallel to the wall earlier than creating a mark. Eyeballing the task will result in all sorts of problems. You’ll come to be with a effect that’s a mix of each of the flaws above. Take some extra seconds to get every thing down correctly earlier than intending to the subsequent step.


Door stoppers are greater than definitely worth the investment, and they purely take a short time to install. You’ll end up saving your self additional cash via now not having to repaint scuffmarks and broken drywall. Having a stopper on every door is differently to raise the price of your home when you’re attempting to sell it, too.

To recap, here’s what you should’ve learned:

  • The two styles of door stoppers are hinge-mounted and fixed post.
  • You’ll purely want a drill, drill bits, a flathead screwdriver, and a pencil to install them.
  • Test your paintings via commencing and shutting the door a number of instances to seek for looseness, flushness, and all-around accuracy on the door, the wall, and the stopper.