How To Fix Android Phone From Sending Duplicate Text Messages

Android devices have the highest number of clients at present who enjoy the comfort of these smartphones but now not devoid of some issues like android sending reproduction text messages. It’s a nuisance to the receiver and the sender, explaining why many android clients are after knowing the way to discontinue android from sending double textual content messages.

First, it’s worth noting that android sending duplicate textual content messages could result in many issues, adding problems with the phone, invalid sim card, and third-party messaging apps. Since there are various causes of android sending double text messages, there are equally many tips on how to resolve them. This article allows you know to fix the android telephone that continues sending assorted text messages, but let’s first see what causes the error in the first place.

What Factors the Android Sending Replica Textual content Messages Error?

Before knowing a way to repair the android sending replica text messages in your phone, you’ll want to recognize what could cause it. After all, don’t you remedy the difficulty through first looking at the root cause? Listed here are some the explanation why your android cellphone maybe sending assorted textual content messages;

  1. Sim card issues: a faulty or an old sim card could bring about the android sending replica messages issue
  2. Phone issues: as the phone receives historical or receives crammed up with junk and cached files, it would begin misbehaving, even sending double text messages to people
  3. Having third-party apps for messaging except the original or default messaging app on your cellphone might also cause the android to send double textual content error
  4. Internal bugs in your device could make it ship messages twice
  5. Low internet connection, especially for the sender’s side, might also result within the android device sending messages twice
  6. Out-of-date messaging apps could send duplicate messages, so you have got to replace them to the latest variations to solve the duplicate message problem.
  7. A low protection place might suggest that your gadget disconnects midway while sending textual content messages and delivers them twice

How To Stop Sending Duplicate Text Messages on Android Phone?

There are many motives in the back of the android sending replica text messages error. Likewise, there are various procedures you can use to prevent and fasten the error, including;

  • Reboot your android
  • Clear messaging app cache
  • Uninstall one messaging app
  • Remove the SIM Card and reinsert
  • Change SIM Card
  • Turn on/off plane mode
  • Factory reset your phone

1- Restart Your Device

Restarting your telephone to repair the android sending reproduction text messages might sound somewhat off and unlike it. Yet, it is a great method of solving such a lot android problems inclusive of com android settings, and a lot of clients attest that it has salvaged the situation many times.

In fact, the android sending distinctive text messages is a regular trouble between Samsung users, who also confirm that restarting their device solves many issues, including the has stopped. Here’s the way to discontinue the android from sending duplicate messages via restarting a cellphone device;

  • Close all the walking apps
  • Long-press the flexibility button
  • Several concepts appear on the screen, adding Flip off and Restart
  • Click on Restart, and the phone turns off and on, perhaps solving the android sending reproduction messages issue

2- Clean Cache on the Messaging App

Since a faulty messaging app would additionally make the device ship double text messages, you can select to provide it a clean start and notice if the problem is solved.

Of course, you do now desire to clean information for the messaging app on account that this would suggest wasting all of the information associated to the app. Contrarily, clearing the cache solves the transitority bugs the app might be having. There are various thoughts for clearing cache at the messaging app, and two are shown below.

Option One

This is the 1st preference and perhaps the quickest that does not contain many steps.

  1. Select the messaging app from the main menu
  2. On its correct corner, tap the three-ellipsis menu
  3. Select and faucet on Clear Cache
  4. The cached files are deleted, might be clearing the transitority insects in the messaging app that motives the device to ship reproduction messages

Option Two

This is the most typical approach to deleting cached files for apps, and you can employ it whilst you want to clear cache for other apps, all you’ll do is difference the final step, based on the app whose cached documents you are clearing. This is a way to go approximately clearing cached files for messaging apps;

  • On the main menu, locate Apps
  • On Settings, click on Manage apps, Apps or Applications, depending on the mannequin of your device
  • The apps in your device are lined, so stumble on the massage app
  • On the app’s information page, tap Clear Cache and Confirm the movement through clicking OK at the on-screen prompt

3- Uninstall One Messaging App

Most Android devices include in-build messaging apps. Still, you might desire to use a trendy messaging app from Play Store, particularly if it has extra features that the default messaging app does no longer have, and you’ll down load it.

While you may benefit from the experience, convenience, and additional features, it’d cause bugs. As such, you can choose it to repair the android sending replica textual content messages issue. If it does not work, you could have to delete it. This is the way to delete third-party messaging apps in your phone;

  1. On the main menu, stumble on the messaging app
  2. Press and carry it
  3. An app drawer looks with an overlay menu with a number of options
  4. Click on ‘X,’ ‘Uninstall,’ or ‘Remove’ option, based in your phone’s model, and the app will be permanently removed.

NB: This selection cannot paintings for the default messaging app like com Samsung android messaging. Those are technique apps that come pre-installed on a device, and you can not uninstall them as you will with third-party apps.

4- Eliminate the SIM Card and Reinsert

You would get rid of the sim card and have it returned again and spot in case your Android telephone keeps sending reproduction textual content messages. Here is how to remove the sim card and install it lower back again;

  1. Using the manual, come across the sim card slot
  2. Turn off the device
  3. Using the sim card pin, eject the slot, and the sim card protrudes outward a little
  4. Remove the sim card
  5. Put it again returned and turn at the device, and the difficulty ought to be solved

5- Change the Sim Card

If you have a faulty sim card, it may be accountable for the android sending replica messages error. As such, you could have to alter it or update it to maintain your phone number. However, earlier than concluding that the sim card is the issue, you could attempt inserting an additional sim card and see what occurs once you ship messages.

6- Turn On/Off the Airplane Mode

Other than restarting your Android phone, turning the aircraft mode off and on is going a protracted way to fixing major bugs adding com android captive portal login, including the android sending replica textual content messages issues. Besides, it is not high-priced in that it does not trigger any information loss, and it is simple, entailing right here steps;

  1. Drag down the notification panel. Some android editions have their notification panel accessed through dragging the display screen up from the bottom, so do what applies to your phone.
  2. Click on airplane/flight mode, based on how it is marked with the plane icon
  3. Wait a few seconds and tap it returned to turn it off

7- Manufacturing facility Reset the Device

Factory resetting a cellphone could assist clear up nearly any issue. inclusive of google play services stopped working However, it’s valued at noticing that it is a high-priced technique that factors data loss, and the sole way to salvage the placement is via backing up your important data. With every thing set, proceed as follows;

  • Tap on Settings after which Approximately phone
  • Select the Manufacturing unit reset
  • Scroll Right down to Manufacturing facility Reset Settings
  • Confirm the manufacturing unit reset through clicking on Erase all data

All information is wiped, and the phone is left anew, just like you acquire it. However, if you backed up Android data earlier than the reset, you can retrieve them out of your Google account. Still, you can not retrieve third-party apps, and you’ve to download them from Play Store afresh.


Android sending duplicate textual content messages are usual hassle android clients have to deal with, with Samsung clients complaining the foremost approximately it. It may effect from issues with the phone, the third-party messaging apps, the sim card being faulty, and internal bugs. Whilst it’s nothing to stress about, it is a real nuisance. Thankfully, there are a number of tips on how to approach and fix duplicate textual content messages on your Android phone, as specified during this article.