How To Fix Android Phone Connected To Wifi But No Internet Access

It isn’t uncommon to journey an Android cellphone connected to WiFi but no cyber web access error. You may be in the midst of studying or making an information superhighway call. And the ethernet is hooked up to WiFi but no cyber web blunders capacity the end of the world to you. It is very important realize what might trigger the error before looking at how to fix it.

Of course, many causes could make your device lack information superhighway after being connected to WiFi, and the wrong configuration of the router, router blockading traffic, and IP address are a few.

If you want to fix the iPhone or Android cellphone related to WiFi but without information superhighway entry problem. There are a number of options to explore, including turning off the route, forgetting your WiFi password, and getting into it again, getting into a static IP address, and manufacturing unit resetting your phone.

Peer into this article to grasp a way to repair the android telephone ethernet related to WiFi but with out internet access. Yet let’s first see what reasons the error.

What Motives the Android Telephone Linked to WiFi but No Information superhighway Error?

It is worth noting that the phone is connected to WiFi yet no internet entry might arise because of many reasons. Less than are the end reasons that may make your device now not seek the cyber web whether it is attached to the WiFi;

  1. The wrong configuration of the router might block the Android telephone from receiving an information superhighway connection. It’s going to not search the cyber web even with being effectively linked to the internet.
  2. Wrong dates and instances on your telephone would make it no longer search the cyber web besides the fact that children it is connected to the internet.
  3. A predicament with the ethernet connected but no cyber web access, particularly when the weather is undesirable or when cyber web cables are broken, would block indicators from being relayed to your device.
  4. If your router is faulty, your gadget could have a difficulty connecting to it.
  5. DNS problems; the device call server (DNS) is prime in connecting to the information superhighway after successfully connecting to the WiFi because it converts the web’s URL to the IPS address. Any drawback with it potential an interruption to the information superhighway connection. It does no longer come as a shock that it could be the reason your telephone gets android related to wifi but no information superhighway access even with being linked to the WiFi.

10 Approaches To Fix Android Related To WiFi Yet No Internet

With the information on what would prompt the Android cellphone related to WiFi but with out cyber web access. You are set to examine how you could fix the error. It is worth noting that you’ve to aim numerous recommendations before fixing the ethernet linked to wifi but no cyber web entry problem. Still, every method is worth the try out till you have your cyber web connection returned and may be able to surf pages.

  • Switch off your device
  • Check if the router is easily configured
  • Forget WiFi password
  • Reboot the router
  • Ensure your device’s traffic isn’t blocked by using the router
  • Turn off Mobile Data
  • Reach out to the WiFi provider
  • Set the date and time of your cellphone to the correct ones
  • Reset the community putting in your android
  • Factory Reset the device

Switch Off Your Device

Switching off an android is necessarily step one to fixing any quandary which include being connected to wifi yet no cyber web or now not registering at the network issue. Persons have solved many concerns by using switching off their phones. And it does no damage to discover it when your telephone connects to WiFi yet cannot load webpages. You can swap off your gadget via following the step below;

  • Close all apps that perhaps walking in the historical past and store any information file which may nonetheless be pending.
  • Long press the power button to the left or correct of your phone, based at the model.
  •  In the switch, off, or restart options that appear, click on change or flip off.

The telephone is going off, and you may provide it some minutes, after which you could turn it off to determine whether the ethernet is connected but no cyber web access is fixed.

Check if the Router Is Well Configured

As mentioned previously. The incorrect configuration of the path could block site visitors among your Android and the WiFi connection it’s logged into. As such, you would like to envision the path for configuration and ensure it’s not the explanation your phone cannot connect to the cyber web pages. It’s simple to verify in case your router is hooked up or configured well. You could do so by;

  • Checking the cables plugged into the router to work out if they are well positioned
  • Removing it from the router and plugging it in again
  • You ought to enable some time to flow earlier than plugging the internet cables returned into the router lower back to determine no matter if the difficulty clears.

Forget WiFi Password

You could also troubleshoot the android cellphone linked to WiFi but with out information superhighway entry through forgetting the WiFi password. It is easy, and you may do it by;

  • On the most menu, click on on Settings
  • Go to WiFi & Network
  • Select WiFi
  • Tap on Overlook WiFi
  • Go lower back to the main menu, click on WiFi, and key in the credentials afresh

Reboot the Router

The more thing you may do to repair the phone connected to WiFi but with no cyber web entry is to reboot the router. If it is well configured but cannot permit the android phone to load internet pages, rebooting it may help.

After, it is more like a mobile gadget that may emerge as faulty and ought to be restarted. In fact, restarting the router someday probably all you needed to remedy the android related WiFi but no cyber web error. Proceed as follows to reboot the router;

  • Look up the flexibility button at the router
  • Long press it till the router goes off
  • Allow time and long-press it back to show it off

Alternatively, you may unplug the router’s cable from the socket or extension to disconnect energy and plug it returned again, yet this might lead to delays since the router could take a long to connect to the IPS again.

Ensure Your Device’s Traffic Is Not Blocked via the Router

Sometimes, your Android telephone won’t hook up with the information superhighway or load web results due to the fact there is not any site visitors among it and the route. The router probably the problem since it locations the blockage, and you need to cross-check it to make certain it’s not the issue.

Different routers have various you could determine for blockage. And also you ought to google on-line to determine what method finest applies on your router. With this information, log in with your username to the router’s webpage, and search for your phone to determine if there’s any information regarding it, particularly on blockage of traffic through the router.

Turn Off Cellular Data

Having cellular data strolling concurrently with the WiFi may stand in the style of the WiFi and create blockage on traffic, and also can trigger problems along with cellular network state disconnected.

As such, your cellphone will not load webpages even if it is attached to WiFi. When you’ve got WiFi and cellular information on, turn off mobile data and notice if related to wifi yet no information superhighway entry disappears. Turning off the mobile information isn’t hard, nor does it price you whatever in terms of wasting data. Here is the way you cross about it;

  • Drag down the display from the top
  • On the notification panel, come across the cellular data option
  • Tap on it to show it off in case it changed into on

The site visitors clears if the issue turned into having the two data resources on simultaneously. You ought to be able to connect to the information superhighway at this rate.

Reach Out to the WiFi Provider

Because of weather concerns or problems at the host servers, there might be an interruption in the information superhighway connection. It does not come as a surprise that your telephone probably linked to the WiFi however it can’t load cyber web pages. As such, you could additionally touch the WiFi provider to make sure the relationship yet no cyber web drawback is not with the provider.

Set the Date and Time of Your Phone to the Right Ones

Interestingly, having your dates and time behind or forward could mean that your Android phone won’t connect to the internet. This could occur no matter if it’s efficaciously connected to the WiFi. As such, you can set your device date and time to the right ones to unravel the ethernet connected but no internet issue. You can continue as follows to do so;

  • Go to the most menu and access the Settings app
  • Click on Procedure or extra settings
  • Opt for the Date & Time tab
  • Set the right date and do an analogous for time and the time system
  • Toggle the swap button for ‘automatic date and time’ to always have the dates and time right

Reset the Network Placing on Your Android

If the above techniques fail to fix the wifi related with no information superhighway access. You’ve to reset the network settings of your Android. You could accomplish that via following the steps below;

  1. On the most menu, locate Settings
  2. Go to System
  3. Select the Reset option
  4. Select the Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth choice and comply with the prompts

Factory Reset the Device

Factory resetting your Android gadget is yet another choice to fix the phone linked to WiFi but no information superhighway access error. However, it ought to be your last resort because it washes the device anew, and you lose all of your data.

If every little thing does no longer work, you will have to backup your android and continue as follows to manufacturing unit reset the phone;

  • Go to the most menu and come across the Settings app
  • Tap on about phone
  • Select the Factory Reset
  • Tap on Erase all data
  • Confirm the action by using manufacturing facility reset button


Because of a faulty router, a problem together with your phone, or traffic between the router and the device, you may journey the phone ethernet related but no internet. It is worth noting that there are many reasons in the back of this issue. And you would possibly not recognize which one is bringing your device down. This text shares the short fixes to the Android linked to WiFi but without cyber web access. Assisting you get lower back for your connection.