How To Fix A Warped Cabinet Door

When it involves home remodeling, not every project you invest your hard-earned money will recoup the price of funding in terms of promoting your home. Yet because the kitchen is the heart of your home, you will want to think about simple thoughts which will get you the largest bang to your buck, like fixing warped cabinet doors.

You repair a warped cupboard door by adjusting the hinges. However, this answer won’t opposite the effects of warping. Remove the affected door, sand and seal it with polyurethane or primer at the true and bottom edges, lay a heavyweight on the warped area, and leave it till the warp is gone.

There are other tactics that you can use to fix your warped cupboard doors. If you could desire to discover more on this topic, keep reading this guide.

What You Ought to Repair a Warped Cabinet Door

  • Screwdriver
  • Two sawhorses
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Varnish
  • Sealant
  • A large blanket or heavy towels
  • 50-lb sandbag or anything with an equivalent weight

How to Repair Warped Cabinet Doors

Remove the Door

After accumulating all of the required supplies, repairing the warped cupboard door is simple. Start through placing the two sawhorses four to five toes apart. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the hinges at the jamb of the door and region it across the two sawhorses. Ensure that the warped part faces up.

Sand the Door

If the warp leaves a gap, turn the door so that it is within the center. In case the tip of the door is warped, and a spot is left on the properly of the door, sanding won’t help. Use the sandpaper to sand the top portion of the door, in which it comes into contact with the doorstop.

Move the sandpaper to and fro around the grain of the door to slim it down slightly. After sanding the tip part of the door, verify your progress. By now, the distance should be getting smaller as you retain to remove wooden from the top edge. The door will fit much better, yet sanding won’t totally remove the warp.

Fix the Jambs

If the door won’t healthy after sanding or it’s significantly bowed to maintain sanding, you will desire to repair the jambs. Move the doorstop further at the jambs to deal with the door. Use your screwdriver to pry the doorstop away from the jamb. Now near the door and reinstall the frames. This technique will help bend your slightly bowed cabinet door.

Flatten the Bowed Wood Cupboard Door

If the door won’t open and shut freely even after sanding and fixing the jambs, verify the level of harm to your door. If the door is a bit warped, lay the sandbag or the other object of similar weight on the warped area. Go away the heavyweight there till the warp is going away completely.

In case your cupboard door is improperly bowed, moist the massive blanket or heavy towels and lay them on the warped area. Rewet the blanket everyday and add 5 to 10lbs (2.3 to 5kgs) of weight at the door till it is straight again.

Regardless of the method you use to flatten the bowed cupboard door, you’ll have to wait till the door is absolutely dry and apply a new coat of seal and varnish at the complete door to avoid the warp from appearing again. Don’t overlook to seal the door frame. When you seal the cabinet door and leave the frame, it could later extend and trigger your door to stick. After the paint dries up, you may reinstall the cabinet door.

Replace the Door

Sometimes it can be tough to fix a bowing door, and the sole solution is to interchange it. But are there cupboard doors that won’t warp? The reply for your query is yes. There are a number of products and cabinet door ideas that won’t warp. A standard door might be manufactured in a way that it won’t warp.

The excellent door ought to have vertical rails made utilizing distinctive portions of wood. The two portions of wooden are laminated with their grains going for walks in contrary directions. Aluminum, steel, and fiberglass cabinet doors won’t warp, and you could think about exchanging your wood doorways with them.

What Factors Cupboard Doorways to Warp

A warped cupboard door that catches at the jambs while beginning them can be rather annoying. Yet is there a explanation why your cupboard doors are warped? Under are many of the normal causes of warped cabinet doors:

Excessive Moisture

Excess moisture factors wooden cupboard doorways to swell. It is a normal drawback in most homes, and if you’re remodeling your home, the builder would require you to go away your air conditioner jogging to honor the warranty.

Excessive Heat

Too much warmth within your house can trigger your cupboard doorways to extend as a result of moisture imbalance between the inside and exterior. Sudden adjustments in temperature can trigger a dramatic growth of your cabinet doorways or even result in wood cracking or splitting.

Stripped Screws

Screws carry your door together, and if stripped, the door would start to seize at the jambs as you open or near it. Eliminate the stripped screws and replace them with new ones.

Only One Side Is Finished

After cupboard doorways are painted, they’re often glazed with a transparent finish to increase the wood’s durability. In other cases, homeowners would select an additional conclude to present their shelves a brand new look. If the finish is purely completed on one side, or the doors have an extra conclude on both sides, it may trigger the cabinet doorways to warp.

A Misaligned Latch

If the latch is off via just a few measurements, the door might not seize as you open or near it. If that’s the case, hinder forcing the door shut, because the door would persist with the door jamb, that means that you won’t be capable to open it easily.

An Wrong or Incomplete Seal

If your cupboard door is warped, removing and just sealing it won’t reverse the effects of warping. When you repair or replace the door with a new one, ensure that you totally seal all six sides.

If you don’t seal both sides of your cupboard doors, the seller or manufacturer would void the warranty. Additionally, in order to set up your cabinet doors later, ensure that you store them in a dry region to prevent warping. Here is a video on a way to utterly seal your wood cupboard doors:

How to Prevent Warping of Cupboard Doors

Wood makes exquisite cabinet doors, yet regularly they’re liable to warping. Naturally, wood expands and contracts because of changes in air humidity and temperature, leading to cracking and warping. To avoid such occurrences, you might want to protect your cupboard doors. To protect your cupboard doors from cracking and warping, do the following:

Remove the Doors

When the elements is warm outside, eliminate the cupboard doorways from their frames using a screwdriver. Region the doors between two sawhorses and blow off the dust.

Remove the Paint

If the cabinet doorways are painted, use a paint remover and a warmth gun to remove it. Once the raw wooden is visible, smoothen it and fill any cracks. Sand your doorways if they are coated to remove the coating or varnish.

Seal the Wood

Use Varathane or polyurethane sealant to coat all sides of your cupboard doorways and watch for them to dry. The exact drying interval would be imprinted on the sealant you use. As soon as the doors are dry, upload a further coat and repeat after drying. Ensure that you don’t miss any spots on the doors, and make sure that you have sealed the hinge areas, top, and backside of the doors. Once the sealant is completely dry, you can repaint the doors.

Rehang the Doors

Once the paint is wholly dry, rehang them onto their frames. Sometimes, the doors would stick because of the sealant, but you may repair this via adjusting the door jambs and sill until the door opens and closes freely. Remember to seal the wooden body to prevent it from increasing and causing the door to stick.

Control the Moisture Content material in Your Home

Because moisture is definitely one of the causes of wood warping, use a dehumidifier to manage the moisture content inside your home.


Wooden cabinets are an exquisite addition to any home, and with suitable care, they are able to last a lifetime. However, like so much matters in your home, cabinet doorways can many times grow problems. They are able to twist, crack, and warp because of unsuitable or incomplete sealing, and excessive moisture and heat.

A warped cupboard door might be demanding to open or close, particularly if it catches the jambs. Fortunately, you may effortlessly repair a warped cupboard door utilizing regionally accessible tools. This may prevent money, time, and the hassle of having to switch them.

With a bit bit of patience, you may repair your bowed wooden cupboard door in no time. Although fixing a warped door isn’t difficult, you can look after your wood cabinet doors from warping by definitely sealing them, repainting, and with right installation.