How To Clean Large Rubber Backed Rugs

Rubber-backed rugs are super to prevent sliding around. Considering they’re usually present in places with heavy foot traffic, it’s no secret that they get soiled very quickly. Fortunately, you can test a few helpful tips to keep them clear for lots of years to come.

Throughout this article, you’ll be trained a few cleaning tactics for large rubber-backed rugs, methods to take away tough stains from oil and mud, and the durability that you could count on from your rug.

Supplies to Clear Huge Rubber-Backed Rugs

Before you begin scrubbing away at your rubber backed rug, it’s important to understand what you may and can’t use. For example, many rugs don’t paintings well with dish cleaning soap considering it could get caught within the fibers. The result would be an irreparable mess that reasons you to purchase a brand-new rug when you didn’t want to.

Instead, attention on getting light, abrasive, detachable supplies. Here’s a listing of what you’ll must normally clear and preserve and massive rubber backed rug:

  • Baking soda
  • A vacuum
  • A hard-bristle brush
  • Lanolin-free soap (if you have an oil stain, consult with the part later in the post)
  • (Optional) Floor and ceiling fans

As you could see, you don’t want too many tools and provides to get the task done. The biggest aspect to do is to wash it weekly to prevent stains and dust from amassing too often.

The well information approximately possessing a rubber-backed rug is that they’re incredible simple to scrub underneath. Considering they’re now not porous on the bottom, you don’t have to stress approximately utilizing soft solutions. You may scrub away and not using a problem!

Cleaning Rubber-Backed Rugs: Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you’ve amassed every little thing which you need, it’s time to get to work. We’ll begin with the basics, then dive into deep cleaning techniques and how you could get rid of stains and oil out of your rug.

Here’s a way to clean huge rubber-backed rugs step-by-step:

1. Shake the Rug Outside to Get rid of Dust

Bring your rug external and shake it. You’ll notice that a ton of dirt and other particles will come flying off of it, so consider wearing a security masks and glasses in case you have breathing problems. This is the most effective thanks to sustain a rug with out putting in place a lot effort.

2. Gently Pour Baking Soda Across the Properly of the Rug

Don’t overdo it, but sprinkle enough to create a skinny layer from aspect to aspect on the rug. You may use a broom to clean it down to the fibers on the bottom, though it’s not necessary. Allow it sit down for approximately five to ten minutes (or extra if the rug is extra dirty), and shake it off outside again.

3. Vacuum the Rug to Get rid of the Baking Soda

Using a handheld vacuum or a slim vacuum attachment, slowly eliminate all the ultimate baking soda from the rug. The reason that you shouldn’t use a wide-headed vacuum is that you desire to concentrate the suction power into one area. This procedure will allow you to get rid of the baking soda, letting it pull out particles with it alongside the way.

4. Use a Washing Computer Each Few Months

Every two to 3 months, throw your rug into the bathing machine. Utilizing light laundry detergent, and don’t run it for longer than 30 minutes if you may control the time settings. Note: Never throw your rug into the dryer. It’ll get shredded by way of setting apart the fibers from the rubber backing.

5. Necessarily Dry the Rug

Dry your rug in direct solar or with using home and floor fans. Try to elevate it off the floor by way of hanging it on a balcony or on a rack. This step will permit the rug to air dry a lot quicker with the aid of pushing air by means of it. Combined with the warmth of the sun, your rug will be well to head in no time.

How to Clean the Rubber Backing

Regular upkeep will preclude your rug from fitting damaged, and it’ll also assist it final longer. However, you can’t overlook about the rubber backing. Fortunately, you’ll in simple terms need to spend a few mins per week to get each of the dust that’s accrued from foot traffic.

Take a hard-bristle brush, hot water, a rag, and lanolin-free dish soap and turn the rug over, then comply with the steps below:

  1. Wipe down the rubber backing of the rug with a moist rag. Just be sure you wipe away all dust and dust stains up to possible earlier than moving to the next step.
  2. Apply some drops of the lanolin-free dish soap. Keep in mind that you can’t get steady dish soap on the rug, or it’ll stain and stick in place. It has to be freed from lanolin. Since the rubber facet is usually larger, you won’t have to fret approximately errors except you move the rug.
  3. Use the hard-bristle brush to wash away on the remaining stains and marks on the rubber aspect of the rug. This step will in basic terms take a few minutes, yet it’s vital to do once per week or so.
  4. Spray down the rubber aspect of the rug with a garden hose or use an additional moist rag to wipe the soap away. Both way, just be sure you don’t go away any cleaning soap residue behind.

Getting Oil Out of the Rug

We’ve all made mistakes, and spilling oil on a rug is certainly one of them. The rubber facet of your rug would be easy as ever to wash oil from. All you must do is wipe it up with a paper towel, wet it, and wipe it down with yet another paper towel.

However, removing oil spills from the fibers of a rug is a further story. Keep in mind that lanolin causes oil stains to worsen considering it’s created from wax and oil. You’ll in simple terms be rubbing more oil to take away oil, which definitely doesn’t help anything at all!

If you’re searching for a good soap to use, test Puracy Dish Soap. It’s made with natural components like eco-friendly tea and lime, but it strips away and loosens oil stains in seconds.

Your best guess is to dampen the stain with water as quickly because it happens. In case you allow the oil to sit down for some minutes or hours, it’ll harden and come to be very rough to deal with. With the aid of scrubbing it with a wet rag and soaking the fibers, you can begin the loosening process.

You should then proceed to scrub down the stain with a mixture of 1 cup of water and three to four drops of dish soap. Dip the hard-bristle brush into the answer and scrub away on the stain. The combination of stain-fighting soap, water, and an abrasive brush or sponge will be sufficient to remove the oil from the rug.

If you’re having obstacle trying to loosen a coarse oil stain, positioned it in the laundry desktop after you’ve followed the aforementioned suggestions. As long as you loosen the oil stain beforehand, the laundry laptop will be able to do its job.

Afterward, determine the stain and air dry the rug if it’s gone. Otherwise, scrub it down with more soap and water until you don’t notice it anymore.

How Lengthy Do Rubber-Backed Rugs Last?

The lifetime of your rubber subsidized rug is dependent upon fairly some variables. You have one within the storage that lasts for 5 years, whilst an analogous kind of rug lasts ten or extra years inside the house. Why is it that some last more than others? Let’s review the reasons below.

  • Foot traffic instantly influences how long any rug will last, adding rubber-backed ones. If you have people strolling out and in of your home on a doormat, then it’ll possibly basically last approximately 3 to five years before you should replace it.
  • Deep cleans are helpful, but they are able to break your rug in case you do them too often. Each time you scrub away at a rug or the rubber at the underside, it loosens the substances and reasons it to break down. This is the reason that you shouldn’t deep clean it once each two to three months (or as needed).
  • Neglect, stains, and spills are a huge problem. In case you don’t clear your rug and also you let it get protected in debris, dirt, dust, stains, and other filth, it’ll dry out and ruin apart in under one year.


As you’ve noticeable throughout this article, huge rubber subsidized rugs can be wiped clean very easily. No matter if you spill oil at the fibers, there’s no must panic. Through using lanolin-free soap, a brush, baking soda, and different useful tools outlined above, you’ll have the ability to address any trouble head-on.

Rubber-backed rugs final so long as you wish them to. By means of suitable protection techniques, those high-quality, long lasting rugs can easily push past a decade!