Does Vinyl Flooring Scratch How Susceptible Is It To Damage

Vinyl floors is a gorgeous and economical floors option. Yet like the other floors option, vinyl flooring might be susceptible to damage. Vinyl floors can scratch. As floors strategies go, vinyl floors are durable and don’t require much protection to maintain. They are waterproof, with powerful surfaces. Still, like several floor, they are vulnerable to damage.

Don’t fear, though! There are preventative measures you may take to prevent scratching your floors. Keep reading to know about stopping scratches in your vinyl floors.

Vinyl Flooring Basics

There are many alternative types of vinyl floors. The most popular are luxurious vinyl tile, vinyl sheet flooring, and steady vinyl tile. If you’re taking into account redoing your floors, you are going to be questioning what the finest vinyl flooring is for you.

The such a lot durable and defensive vinyl floors have a sturdy, thick exact layer. Such a lot vinyl flooring consists of 4 layers: a vinyl backing, a vinyl color layer, a design layer, and the ultimate protecting layer.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks will make your floors appear as if hardwood for a fragment of the price. Vinyl planks are resilient and resist water harm and stains.

Vinyl planks were designed to be an ecologically pleasant alternative to hardwood floors. They’re designed to look precisely like genuine wooden flooring, and in latest years the technology has improved to supply stunning, authentic-looking flooring that mimic real wooden colorations and textures.

Some favor vinyl planks to hardwood floors because they are waterproof; the planks might be sealed to avoid moisture from seeping in the course of the floor, not like wood, that’s extra porous. In addition, vinyl planks are cheaper than classic hardwood floors.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is an additional type of vinyl that’s intended to imitate ceramic or stone tile floors. Like regular tiles, vinyl tiles are available numerous sizes, usually square-shaped. Whilst installed, they provide your flooring the look of a real tiled floor.

A major benefit to tile flooring is if a single tile is damaged, it is simple to replace. You can also healthy the tiles into any shape or design, so they’re perfect for uniquely shaped spaces.

You may also uncover peel and stick vinyl tiles that make the appliance method a breeze. If one tile gets scratched or damaged, in reality pry it off the ground and replace it with another!

To supply your vinyl tiles a practical edge, fill grout among the tiles. This would lead them to seem like real stone or ceramic tiles.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Another popular vinyl floors selection is vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl sheet floors generally consists of a roll of flooring, normally spanning 6 to twelve ft in width. Vinyl sheets have a low number of seams, and so are tremendous at maintaining moisture out.

Modern technologies has progressed the cultured of vinyl sheet flooring, and these floors can now mimic stone, tile, and hardwood floors. For the untrained eye, the difference is indistinguishable!

What Causes the Scratching

The first step to preventing scratches in your vinyl ground is to get rid of the resource of the scratching. Inspite of vinyl flooring’s standard durability and durability, tears, scratches, and rips can occur.

Usually, damage to vinyl flooring is caused by something heavy, like a chunk of furnishings being dragged across the floor. Different times, water might gather below the floor, inflicting it to bubble up. The bubbles then make the ground more vulnerable to damage.

Shoes are normal culprits for scratching, as are puppy nails. And whilst vinyl floors is an exceptionally long lasting floors option, it nonetheless could be scratched or torn. Even common day-to-day dirt can land up leaving a scratch. As dust is abrasive, it could reduce by means of your floors, leaving marks and lines.

Preventing Scratches on Your Vinyl Flooring

To restrict scratches on your vinyl floor, there are some simple steps you can take:

  • Rugs and mats are a great way to ensure your ground stays damage-free.
  • Daily cleansing – Don’t underestimate the flexibility of sweeping and mopping your floors regularly. Via eliminating dirt, small rocks, and debris, you can significantly preclude important damage on your lovely floors.
  • Adding furniture pads for your furniture – Including small rubber pads to your chair and table legs can assist avert scratching. Fixtures pads are especially important for eating room chairs or furniture that receives a good number of movement.


That is all you need to know about how vinyl floors can scratch, and what you could do to avoid capability damage. While vinyl floors are designed to be durable, it’s always good to be diligent!