Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls Try These 7 Fixes

The cellular cellular community is not available for voice calls errors is not uncommon, and many people find it not easy when utilizing android or iPhone phones. In fact, if you’re vacationing home from a holiday or you are in your thanks to a trip, you might be given the no mobile community available mistakes on and off as you attempt to make calls.

Fortunately, the mobile community not accessible is extra of a method malicious program that should immediately disappear after some time. However, it’d persist, particularly if it comes from a malfunctioning operating system, and it may avoid you from making important calls. What does the error mean, and the way are you able to repair it? Preserve interpreting this article to answer these questions.

What does mobile mobile network now not available for voice calls mean?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of fixing the mobile network now not available for voice calls mistakes message, we must recognize what the mistake means. So simple as the call suggests, this can be a regular hassle that happens whilst your mobile data settings don’t enable voice calls. It’s a standard hassle throughout android telephones inclusive of Motorola, however Samsung Galaxy contraptions are outstandingly susceptible to this problem.

Why does my telephone say cellular community not available for voice calls?

Carrier networks usually replace their systems, which might include a few changes your device is probably not compatible with. Besides, common glitches arise in the background, which leads to process bugs that compromise cellular cellular information no longer accessible error.

As such, simple operations like making voice calls would no longer occur seamlessly. Moreover, your SIM card maybe corrupt or old, which would create a disconnect in information availability, making it not possible to make voice calls.

Besides, battery issues probably blamed for the cellular community no longer being available for voice calls error, however that is really uncommon. All of the same, a few simple hacks perhaps all that you wish to solve the mistake and savor making calls.

Your location could immediate the ‘cellular community now not available’ error

The SIM card makes cellular data available, and voice calls possible, but your present physical location could have every thing to do with cellular network-related issues. For instance, your carrier network will not be masking the specific region you’re in, so you would like to choose a new network operator to maintain mobile information flowing and relish making voice calls.

Thankfully, such a lot android phones inclusive of Motorola, Samsung are set in a way that they recognise once you circulate to a different area with a different service network, prompting you to choose a brand new operator.

However, other people prefer maintaining the automated update off, and the gadget does not notify them of the difference in provider community availability. As such, you may receive the ‘cellular network not available for voice calls’ mistakes and can have to select a different operator to make voice calls.

How to fix the cellular network no longer accessible for voice calls error

As mentioned previously, the mobile mobile community now not accessible for voice calls is often caused by process bugs, so it should disappear shortly. However, if it persists, following the easy steps discussed in the next sections could help you troubleshoot it.

1. Be sure the flight mode is off

When the flight mode is on, cellular information pass is automatically reduce off. As such, the first thing to do while the ‘cellular network now not accessible for voice calls’ error appears is to confirm that the flight mode is off.

Thankfully, executing it is a simple strategy that should now not stress you. All you should do is move to Home, entry Settings, and choose Flight Mode.

If it’s on, turn it off like the picture below, with a bit of luck fixing the no cellular network accessible error.

2. Choose a community operator

As outlined at the outset, being in a area now not blanketed through your cellular community maybe the reason your cellular information pass is compromised. That is common in case you have the Community Operator automatic update off.

Therefore, you have to visit Settings and manually select an operator. To avoid this quandary from happening back in the future, you can change Network Operator settings to immediately update as you modify your location. You can accomplish that by;

  • Go to Settings from the most menu at the Domestic page
  • Select Wireless and Network
  • Narrow right down to Mobile Network
  • Select or kind Network Operator or prefered network type
  • Choose favor 5G or 4G if available

This instantly updates your community operator as you change your location, preventing the ‘cellular community not accessible for voice calls’ errors from recurring.

3. Difference your battery

Although this may sound somewhat far-fetched, there is each certainty to it. Battery concerns probably accountable in your cellular community problems that make it not possible to make voice cellphone calls, and you’ve to unravel them to avoid such errors.

For instance, having an ancient battery could mean that your telephone switches off instantly many times, disrupting mobile data flow.

Battery issues could affect the Android gadget hardware and application, increasing the probabilities that the mobile network is not accessible concerns occurring.

4. Restart the device

Interestingly, restarting your Android telephone can clear up many issues troubling your device, adding the sim card now not working.

Consequently, you would possibly select to restart the telephone if the stairs discussed above don’t help repair the miss. Restarting the gadget is a straightforward technique concerning the following steps;

  1. Close all of the running apps
  2. Long-press the power button
  3. Select ‘Restart‘ whilst two options, restart and switch off, appears on the screen
  4. Confirm the motion via clicking OK at the pop-up that asks for permission to restart the device

5. Replace the device

Carrier networks might run updates that might bring about the ‘cellular mobile network now not accessible for voice calls’ error, especially if your gadget is not suitable with the most up-to-date updates.

Consequently, you have to update your Samsung, or Motorola gadget to repair the mobile community now not available. Proceed as follows to actualize your phone’s technique updates;

  • Go to Settings on the main menu
  • Locate the System tab and find the “About Device” or “About Phone” option
  • Find and faucet “Software update”
  • Tap “Check for updates”
  • If there’s a newer OS version available, install it.

This instantly fixes the no mobile network accessible issue, in the event that they were related to technique updates. Observe that some telephones have the ‘software update’ directly below the Method tab, so you would like not be involved if you detect the previous immediately after the Technique tab.

6. Get rid of the SIM card and reinsert it

If you’ve the SIM card wrongly put on its tray, your device could come across many errors, including the no mobile community available or sim no longer provisioned mm2.

Therefore, you may confirm if the SIM card sits squarely on its plate as part of troubleshooting the error. It’s as simple as utilizing the SIM card pin to gently prick the plate, which attracts out, removes the SIM card, and places it returned again. Restart the device, with any luck fixing the mobile community now not accessible issue.

7. Manufacturing unit reset the device

If each of the suggestions listed above fail to resolve the cellular network now not accessible for voice calls error, you may decide to manufacturing unit reset your Samsung, Motorola, or any android phone. However, it is the very final inn which you only pick whilst every different option fails, peculiarly because it cleans all the information on your phone. Continue as follows;

  • Go to Settings from the main menu, then approximately phone
  • Look for the ‘Backup and Reset’ option’ to returned up Android data, then ‘factory reset’
  • When ready, click on ‘erase all data’

Ensure you back up all of your information before this strategy to avoid wasting your device’s contents.


The mobile community no longer accessible for phone calls is an errors notification that looks whilst you can’t make voice calls as a result of compromised cellular network availability. It often results from minor system defects within the background and insects yet can also be because of a malfunctioning operating system. If it persists for a while and denies you the chance to make calls, you may repair it via confirming the flight mode is off, choosing a network operator, restarting the device, removing the SIM card and reinserting it, changing your battery, and manufacturing unit resetting the phone, between different steps.