Can You Spray Paint Styrofoam Which Paints Work

Can You Spray Paint Styrofoam Which Paints Work
Can You Spray Paint Styrofoam Which Paints Work

Do you love doing DIY projects round your house? Have you simply bought a home that has styrofoam insulation? Are you also creative and love painting? If the answer turned into “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve landed at the correct page.

I’m going to reveal you how to paint styrofoam and what the best tactics are. What’s more, I’ll provide you with some of my hints for the best paints for styrofoam. On the way to study all of this and more — keep on reading.

Styrofoam within the House

Now, you would possibly now not have typical this, but styrofoam works outstanding as an insulator. You may use it in your walls, roofs, and foundations, as it works as a water barrier and a thermal insulator. Furthermore, some architects have started experimenting with the fabric and feature made entire properties out of styrofoam.

But, where else can you discover styrofoam in your home? Well, you maybe amazed when I inform you that styrofoam is used in the various electronics or appliances around your home.

For example, air conditioners, microwaves, fridges, and many different appliances have styrofoam elements in them. Also, you could find it in TVs, computers, and other IT equipment.

The reason it’s so famous is that styrofoam is cheap, simple to use, and works well with other materials. Not merely that, but it’s additionally enormously long lasting and waterproof.

Styrofoam and DIY Projects

If you’re like me, you love DIY projects. Using styrofoam in your projects is a great manner to save some funds on materials whilst making your house more beautiful. There are such a lot of things you could do with it, so it’s all up to your imagination.

You could make an ottoman, a vase, a curtain rod, and even a pretend wood or brick wall. Also, not like some DIY projects to your home, all of those are really reasonably-priced to make, and all you want are a few supplies.

Now, if you don’t comprehend what you’re doing, painting styrofoam may be tricky. First, we’re going to talk about a number of my absolute well-known paints for styrofoam. Then, I’m going to let you know what the finest tactics for portray are.

How to Choose the Correct Paint

The such a lot significant step whilst coloring styrofoam is choosing the right paint. I wouldn’t recommend using spray or mannequin paint, due to the fact it could in fact dissolve the styrofoam and break your work.

But, if you have to pass in with some spray paint, make sure to use a primer first. I found that Mod Podge glue or a Foam-Tac foam finish paintings best. All you need to do is apply the primer a couple of times and permit it dry earlier than you start painting. No longer merely will those two provide a smoother surface, but they’ll also provide you with a good base for the paint to adhere to.

Acrylic and Tempera Paint for Styrofoam

Now, the finest component to use for your project is acrylic or tempera paint. You can uncover brilliant paints in most craft stores, like Michael’s, or get them on-line on Amazon. Moreover the paint, all you’re going to need is a paintbrush and a few gloss, that will upload a nice shine for your project.

Depending on how large your task is and the way much money you desire to spend, there are a couple of acrylic paints I would recommend.

1. Apple Barrel

First, there are the attempted and true, Apple Barrel acrylic paints. The set from Apple Barrel comprises 18 extraordinary colors, and they all are  available in a 2 fl oz. package. You can mix ‘n match extraordinary hues to get your excellent shade.

They could work outstanding for bigger projects, but I wouldn’t advise them for detailing, because the paints can be a bit thin.

2.Color Technik

Next, I desired to discuss the paints from Color Technik. The set from Colour Technik comes with 18 exceptional colors, and the tubes are 2 fl oz each. The paints are non-toxic, and Color Technik provides you with a one-year guarantee on all their products. Keep in mind that the paint is exceptionally thick, so it may work brilliant for doing details on your project.


The reason I desired to incorporate a paint set from Benicci is that it comes with some additional artwork supplies. With this set, you will get 24 acrylic paints, 12 brushes, a blending knife, and a sponge. Now, the paints are smaller compared to those from Apple Barrel and Colour Technik, and are available in 0.4 fl oz tubes.

But, I believe this could be a brilliant starter pack if it’s your first time portray styrofoam and you want to experiment. Benicci also will provide you with a 6-month guarantee for the paints.


Another type of paint I wanted to say turned into tempera paint. I’ve chosen this set from Arteza because you’ll get 24 colorings that are 2 fl oz. each. Considering tempera paint is water-based, there’s no opportunity it’s going to damage your styrofoam project.

Some of the paints in this set could also glow in the dark, and a couple of paints have glitter in them. They are non-toxic, and it’s easy to bathe them off skin or clothes.

How to Paint Styrofoam

Now, let’s talk about how to paint styrofoam. I’m also going to reveal you some tactics which have labored for me in the past.


There’s a lot more to painting styrofoam than just slapping on some color. Due to the fact it’s so porous, you’re going to need to use a primer before you begin painting. Once the primer has dried, you could pass in with the paint.

If you’re working with a circular piece of styrofoam, I like to recommend placing it down on some sort of base, to avoid painting your hands. You could use a dowel or a wire and push it into the ball. But, simply make sure you’re doing it somewhere in which the hole isn’t going to be seen.

On any other hand, you can also use a toilet paper roll like a touch stand. By way of doing that, you’ll be capable to paint a lot simpler and won’t have to stress about your assignment rolling off the table.


Put some of your acrylic or tempera paint on a scrap piece of paper or a touch base. Then grab your brushes and just start painting. I like to recommend taking a while whilst you’re portray and ensuring you’ve protected every inch.

Also, if you can, wait for 10–20 mins for the paint to dry, and then pass in with the subsequent coat.
Since both acrylic and tempera paints are water-based, they dry exceptionally fast.
Then, cross in with a detailing brush and permit your mind’s eye run wild.

Once you’ve complete your masterpiece, take some of your Foam Conclude and seal everything in. You may additionally upload a smooth good coat to present it somewhat more shine.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the paints you shouldn’t use, avoid spray paint at all cost. Putting spray paint on styrofoam will simply dissolve it and make a mess. The best paint for your assignment is a few standard acrylic or tempera paint, that is cheap and simple to use.

Also, remember to place down a well primer as your base and lock it all in with a seal. Be careful when painting and don’t use huge brushstrokes to prevent getting any streaks in your styrofoam. Finally, simply be resourceful and feature fun along with your project.