Can You Paint Door Hinges

If you have door hinges that seem like they’ve been around for ages, it’s no longer unusual to locate your self thinking if you could paint them. Similarly, some people prefer door hinges which have the same color as the door (or wall). If you’re this group, you are not alone either.

Technically, you may paint door hinges. However, the task ought to be accomplished painstakingly to prevent leaving your hinges worse off. Numerous people will let you know not to paint your door hinges, though, and for good reasons. The incorrect paint can smash the integrity of the hinge and reduce its shelf life.

The remainder of the thing will inform you the way to paint the door hinges correctly if you’re surely discovered to go with that option. Pay attention for pointers on a way to paint door hinges without removing the door.

Painting Door Hinges

As you’ve noticeable above, portray hinges calls for severe care in case you don’t want to waste some time and money. Door hinges won’t absorb paint like a wall might unless they’ve been competently conditioned to take delivery of the paint.

Walls and wooden can soak up the adhesives in paint because they’re porous. For door hinges to show such characteristics, they have to be abraded. Due to the fact that metal hinges are too tough for sanding to work, you need to use a primer throughout its surface. This would give the paint anything to stick to.

Here’s the process for portray door hinges correctly:

1. Remove the Hinges With a Screwdriver

Use a screwdriver to remove the steel hinges and take them outside. In case you don’t have a screwdriver, think about the Amartisan 10-Piece Set.

2. Clear the Hinges

You have two innovations here.

You can clean the hinges with a rag dipped in mineral spirits and watch for the spirits to evaporate before you go to the next step.

If you have a water-based degreasing cleanser, use some of it on a coarse sponge to clean the hinges. Rinse the hinges with wet rags and wait a few hours for them to dry.

The first procedure is easier, but in case you don’t have mineral spirits, the second one option additionally works. You’ll simply have to wait slightly longer. One of the mineral spirits manufacturers to consider is Sunnyside Company 803G1. For water-based degreasing cleansers, your suggestions comprise Simple Green and Oil Eater Original.

3. Look after the Surrounding Area

Create some coverage around the vicinity in which you’ll paint the hinges. You don’t prefer your patio ground or carpets to get some paint overspray. Get general-purpose masking paper and professional painter’s tape to hide the area properly. This Scotch Covering Tape can do the job. Place the hinges at the paper (or on correct of a piece of cloth if you don’t have sufficient paper left).

4. Primer First

Spray a skinny coat of etching primer to the door hinges. Preserve an 8-inch distance among the nozzle and the hinges, and make sure you are spraying purely quick bursts. If you cross over the top with this process, it defeats the full purpose. The paint won’t catch on. Don’t have an etching primer? Seymour 20-1675 and SEM 39673 are good options.

5. Look ahead to the Primer to Dry

This can take some hours. When waiting, open and close the hinges each 1/2 hour in order that they don’t grow to be sticking.

6. Practice Oil-Based Spray Paint

Once the etching primer dries, observe two coats of oil-based spray paint to the metal hinges. Apply it with the same process used with the primer by way of ensuring good way among the nozzle and the hinges.

7. Look ahead to the Paint to Dry

Wait two hours for the hinges to dry. However, you’ll ought to give the paint another 4 hours for it appropriately set before you reattach it to the door.

How to Paint Door Hinges Without Removing the Door

If you don’t want to eliminate the door to color the hinges, there are two innovations accessible to you.

The first alternative is to take away one hinge, paint it, reattach it and move to the subsequent one until you are finished portray all of them. So that you can cross with this approach, you have to begin with the center hinge first. Also, you wish to think about the size of time required to finish the process, particularly if you are operating on assorted doors.

The second process is to color the hinges correct of their position. The painting procedure will still be per the stairs above, but you will want quite a few masking paper and tape to protect your door and the encircling vicinity to hinder stains. Also, you’ll need to be sure right ventilation in the room in the course of the process.

What Are the Alternatives?

If the process of portray door hinges feels like plenty of paintings to you, you then ought to definitely cross with the popular method and leave it alone. If the hinges aren’t too historical or unfastened and nonetheless work perfectly, you can forget about them.

However, if they’re too dirty, you could think about cleaning them with a rag and a degreasing cleanser. If you’re attempting to remove historical layers of paint on the hinges, it probably makes extra experience to just scrape off the paints instead.

If none of the above choices paintings for you, maybe it’s time to only purchase some new hinges and set up them. If you can’t handle the setting up process, name in your nearby carpenter. You could purchase the hinges by yourself first or let them manage everything.


Painting door hinges is a dicey affair that you have to think through properly. You wish to have all the necessary equipment and materials on hand, and also make sure that you may correctly do the job. Otherwise, it may be right for you to go away the hinges alone. If buying new ones is simple for you, it probably a better solution in the lengthy run.