10 Ways To Fix Iphone Ear Speaker Not Working In 2022

iPhones are one of the world’s ideal telephones for his or her great experience, but it turns into dreading while the iPhone ear speaker is not working. You could be enjoying a voice name or Facebook dating; then boom, the iPhone has no sound. And in spite of how tough your try to fix the problem, everything appears to fail.

Worse off, you realize that every thing in your iPhone is operating well, but the cellphone speaker isn’t working. What could trigger this issue, and why is it a major concern? What are some fixes you can try to assist the situation? Peer into this text to answer all these questions in an in depth manner.

Why isn’t any sound on iPhone?

The relevant rationale behind having a phone, whether iPhone or Android, is to get pleasure from talking to our loved ones, family members, and friends. In fact, I doubt no matter if a telephone that doesn’t allow you to connect with acquaintances and enjoy speaking to loved ones is a phone.

The advancement in technology has made it attainable to do video and voice calls and listen to from pals and kin in real-time. Interestingly, in spite of the nature of a call, even if voice or video, you would like the device’s microphone and speaker.

This explains why persons uncover it challenging while the telephone speaker is not operating or while there’s no sound on iPhone, whereas the other functions may well be working simply perfectly.

What might cause the iPhone speaker not operating issue?

The iPhone ear speaker no longer working hassle could outcome from many issues, so much of which you may no longer realise in the first instance. In fact, there are many causes why there perhaps no sound on iPhone whilst any other apps might hold working seamlessly.

Here are some factors responsible for the iPhone ear speaker not operating problem;

  1. A damage or a crack at the flex; the speaker strategies are made from speakers and a flex carbon, and whilst there is a damage or a crack on the latter, you would possibly understand that your iPhone ear speaker is not working
  2. Dust, moisture, or oil buildups at the speaker surfaces; any other reasons why you may journey the iPhone ear speaker no longer working hassle is because dust, moisture, and oil could have amassed at the surfaces, preventing seamless sound outputs
  3. Software bugs; while this might sound slightly far-fetched, it’s real that insects and system faults could trigger the no sound on iPhone problem, principally while some historical past strategies compromise the device’s functionality
  4. The outer case is dirty; having dust buildup on the case, especially on the internal part that connects immediately with the speakers, might also impact the sound output
  5. Hardware malfunctioning; mostly the iPhone ear speaker no longer working blunders may be the result of a hardware malfunction, particularly whilst the interior components of the speaker process are affected, which will require purchaser support

How to repair the iPhone ear speaker now not operating problem?

Do you battle to listen to persons whilst making voice calls or Face-timing? Do you pay attention crackles and statics whilst making calls? No matter if you be given it or not, your iPhone audio system possibly having issues, and earlier than you recognize it, you might realise there is not any sound in your iPhone.

Many persons have had an analogous issue, which is why this article become written. It suggests 10 simple fixes you may test before walking to consumer support. The recommended steps may work, yet you might have to try one by one should the 1st one no longer work.

Restart the device

Restarting a tool is more of offering the phone a jump-start. The method often resolves the iPhone’s minor issues together with images no longer loading, especially if they have been related to application bugs.

In fact, the first step you should consider when there is not any sound in your iPhone as you converse is to restart the device. Who knows? It possibly all your device had to have its sound back.

Restarting an iPhone is not a complicated process, and is just a subject of minutes, if no longer seconds. However, experts say that continuously restarting a device shortens its lifespan. As such, they suggest restarting the telephone once a week, and provided that want be.

Up the volume button

If you notice there’s no sound on your iPhone while on a choice or video conference, you may select to verify that each other thing is working just well. In that case, it’s the iPhone ear speaker not working. Rather of discontinuing the call, you could decide to up the quantity button, and you perhaps surprised to see the problem solved.

The advantage of upping the quantity button is that, not like restarting your iPhone phone, increasing quantity using the facet buttons does now not harm your device. Instead, it’d resolve the telephone speaker not working problem. It is as simple as this;

  1. Slide your hands by means of the sides
  2. Locate the volume buttons
  3. Press the up button

If you may now not pay attention sounds from the iPhone since the volume become low, upping the quantity button should resolve the iPhone ear speaker now not working, yet attempt the subsequent process if this fails to work.

Remove the case and clear it

As stated on the outset, dust buildup on the iPhone’s case, particularly the facet connected to the speakers and microphone, perhaps in charge for no sounds on iPhone issues.

As such, you may opt to take away the case and clean it, almost certainly fixing the problem. Moreover, this is a easy hack, and you need now not fret over it.

Before then, ensure that you have closed all strolling apps and preferably switch off the device.

Clean the microphones and ear speakers

The trouble of the iPhone ear speaker now not operating might be resulting from dirt buildup on the rear audio system and microphones. As such, cleansing the two parts would do justice to the device, in all probability solving the no sound on iPhone issue.

All you would like to do is get rid of the case and use a brand-new toothbrush or ant-static brush to wipe off the surfaces. Keep in mind that this can be a touchy part, so you wish to be additional cautious with it.

The iPhone has three speakers; one near the camera lens, the other next to the charging port, and the last one is positioned near the earpiece. Wipe off all these parts, and you have got your iPhone sound back.

Turn off the iPhone Noise Cancellation feature

The telephone Noise Cancelation characteristic is a nifty estate that helps restrict ambient noise from interfering together with your calls while Face-timing or doing voice calls.

Unfortunately, it would do the device extra harm than assist whilst it makes your sound method wonky. As such, you might have to turn it off to have every little thing in the correct perspective. This is both a easy step performed through following the stairs below;

  1. Go to Settings and then general
  2. Access the Accessibility selection from the menu
  3. Select Turn Off Telephone Noise Cancelation

Check sound settings

Sometimes, the specific settings on your sound method could cause the iPhone ear speaker now not operating problem. Consequently, you would possibly select to regulate sound settings as portion of solving the no sound on iPhone issue. To do this, follow the easy steps designated below;

  • Go to Settings, then general
  • Select sound
  • On the Vibrate on Ring option.
  • Press the button to have it grew to become off

Check your headphone jack

Are you utilizing your iPhone with a headphone whilst making calls and Face-timing? The jack’s situation may well be responsible for the speaker no longer working. As such, you wish to check the jack’s situation to troubleshoot the sound issue.

This is easy, and also you merely have to carefully and lightly plug off the headphone jack after which put it back. If the sound is restored, you could rest certain that the jack’s position had every thing to do with the iPhone ear speaker not operating glitch.

Update your iOS

As mentioned on the outset, program insects would also cause no sound on iPhone and will lead to phone overheating. As such, carrying out iOS updates might cross a long thanks to remedy the issue at hand, enabling you to enjoy Face-timing and calling your friends. Continue as follows to replace your iOS;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the General selection from the collapsed menu
  3. Click on Software Updates
  4. Tap on the Download and Install now choice to actualize the update

Change audio routing settings to the speaker

Your audio routing settings could also be blamed for the difficulty of the iPhone ear speaker not working. Consequently, you could test changing the device’s audio routing settings to resolve the no sound on iPhone issue. Proceed as follows to use this approach;

  • Go to Settings on the leading menu
  • From the collapsed menu, select Accessibility
  • Under the Bodily and Motor option, choose Call Audio Routing
  • Tap on the Speaker option, allowing you to use a Bluetooth headset or the speaker system

Factory reset the device

You could select to factory reset your iPhone if all of the hints discussed above fail. However, keep in mind that this ought to be your very last inn since it wipes off all of the data on the phone. If you select to reset your phone, make sure you lower back up all data beforehand. To reset the device, proceed as follows;

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate the Reset and click on it
  • Once ready, confirm resetting by means of clicking the reset all content and settings

NB: You may choose to visit Apple Store if all of the concepts above fail, without or with factory resetting the device. The group at the store should assist pinpoint the issue.


The iPhone ear speaker now not working is a ordinary problem and possibly resulting from many things, including program bugs, dust buildup at the cover, speakers, and microphones, a destroy within the carbon flex, and malfunctioning hardware. Thankfully, following some simple steps could help resolve the issue. As such, you could restart the device, remove the case and clear it as well as the speakers and microphones, regulate audio settings, difference name routing settings to speaker output, manufacturing facility reset the device, and ultimately go to Apple Store if a majority of these strategies fail.