How To Fish In Ark Ps4

How To Fish In Ark Ps4 Fishing is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities in Ark Ps4. Not only does it give you a break from the constant action of the game, but it also provides a great source of food. In this guide, we will show you how to fish in Ark Ps4 and give you some tips to make the most out of your fishing experience.

Getting Started

Before you start fishing, you will need to craft a fishing rod. To do this, you will need to gather the following materials: – 6x Fiber – 15x Wood – 2x Thatch Once you have the materials, open up your inventory and select the crafting tab. From there, select the fishing rod and craft it.

Where To Fish

Now that you have your fishing rod, it’s time to find a good fishing spot. You can fish in any body of water in Ark Ps4, including rivers, lakes, and oceans. However, some areas are better than others. Look for areas where fish are spawning. These areas will have ripples on the surface of the water. You can also look for groups of fish swimming in the water.

How To Fish

To start fishing, equip your fishing rod and approach the water. Press the attack button to cast your line into the water. Wait for a fish to bite and then press the attack button again to reel it in. Be patient when fishing. It may take some time for a fish to bite. You can also use bait to attract fish. To use bait, equip it in your inventory and then press the use button when fishing.

Tips For Successful Fishing

– Try to fish during the day. Fish are more active during daylight hours. – Use bait to attract fish. – Look for groups of fish swimming in the water. – Be patient. It may take some time for a fish to bite. – Upgrade your fishing rod to catch bigger fish.


Q: What kind of fish can I catch in Ark Ps4?

A: You can catch a variety of fish in Ark Ps4, including Coelacanth, Sabertooth Salmon, Piranha, and Anglerfish.

Q: Can I fish from a boat?

A: Yes, you can fish from a boat in Ark Ps4.

Q: How do I upgrade my fishing rod?

A: To upgrade your fishing rod, you will need to gather resources and craft a better rod. You can also find better fishing rods in loot drops and supply crates.


Fishing in Ark Ps4 is a great way to relax and catch some food for your tribe. By following these tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your fishing experience. Remember to be patient and enjoy the peacefulness of the water. Happy fishing!