How To Clean Treadmill Belt

How To Clean Treadmill Belt

If you own a treadmill, it is important to keep it clean and well-maintained. One of the most important parts of a treadmill is the belt. Over time, the belt can accumulate dirt, sweat, and other debris, which can affect the performance of your treadmill. In this article, we will discuss how to clean treadmill belt to keep it in good working condition.

Why is it important to clean treadmill belt?

Before we dive into how to clean treadmill belt, let’s first understand why it is important to do so. The belt is the part of the treadmill that comes into direct contact with your feet, so it can accumulate a lot of dirt and sweat. This can cause the belt to slip, which can be dangerous when you are running or walking on the treadmill. A dirty belt can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the machine, which can lead to costly repairs down the road.

What do you need to clean treadmill belt?

Before you start cleaning your treadmill belt, you will need a few supplies. You will need a clean towel or rag, a mild cleaning solution (such as a mixture of water and vinegar), and a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

How to clean treadmill belt?

Now that you have gathered your supplies, it is time to start cleaning your treadmill belt. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off and unplug your treadmill.
  2. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently remove any loose dirt or debris from the belt.
  3. Dampen your towel or rag with the cleaning solution.
  4. Gently wipe down the entire surface of the belt, making sure to get into any crevices or grooves.
  5. Use a dry towel or rag to wipe away any excess moisture.
  6. Wait for the belt to dry completely before using your treadmill again.

How often should you clean treadmill belt?

It is recommended that you clean your treadmill belt after every use to prevent the buildup of dirt and sweat. However, if you use your treadmill less frequently, you may be able to get away with cleaning it once a week or once every few weeks.

What should you avoid when cleaning treadmill belt?

When cleaning your treadmill belt, there are a few things you should avoid:

  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals, as these can damage the belt.
  • Do not use a lot of water or cleaning solution, as this can seep into the motor and cause damage.
  • Do not use abrasive materials, such as steel wool or scrub brushes, as these can scratch the surface of the belt.

FAQ About How To Clean Treadmill Belt:

Q: Can I use soap and water to clean my treadmill belt?

A: It is not recommended to use soap and water to clean your treadmill belt, as this can cause damage. Instead, use a mild cleaning solution such as a mixture of water and vinegar.

Q: Can I clean my treadmill belt with a damp cloth?

A: Yes, you can use a damp cloth to clean your treadmill belt. Just make sure to use a mild cleaning solution and to dry the belt thoroughly afterwards.

Q: How do I know if my treadmill belt needs to be replaced?

A: If your treadmill belt is worn, frayed, or has any tears or cracks, it may need to be replaced. You may also notice that the belt slips or makes unusual noises when you use the treadmill.


Keeping your treadmill belt clean is an important part of maintaining your treadmill. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your treadmill belt stays in good working condition and lasts for years to come.