How To Change The Language On Hulu

If you’re looking to change the language on Hulu, you’re in luck! Hulu offers a variety of languages to choose from, making it easy for you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in your preferred language. Here’s how to change the language on Hulu.

Step 1: Login to Hulu

To change the language on Hulu, you’ll need to first log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up for one before you can change the language.

Step 2: Go to Your Account Page

Once you’re logged in, click on your account name in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to your account page.

Step 3: Click on the Language Tab

On your account page, you’ll see several tabs, including one labeled “Language.” Click on this tab to access the language settings.

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred Language

In the language settings, you’ll see a drop-down menu that allows you to choose your preferred language. Simply select the language you want to use and click “Save Changes.”


Q: Can I change the language on Hulu for individual shows or movies?

A: Yes, you can change the language for individual shows or movies by clicking on the “Audio & Subtitles” icon while watching a video.

Q: What languages are available on Hulu?

A: Hulu offers a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more.

Q: Will changing the language on Hulu affect my subtitles?

A: No, changing the language on Hulu will not affect your subtitles. You can still choose to have subtitles in your preferred language.


Changing the language on Hulu is a simple process that can enhance your viewing experience. Whether you prefer to watch in your native language or are learning a new language, Hulu makes it easy to customize your preferences. So go ahead and change the language on Hulu today!