How To Call Dogmeat Back Fallout 4 Ps4

How To Call Dogmeat Back Fallout 4 Ps4

Have you lost your loyal companion, Dogmeat, in Fallout 4 on your PS4? Don’t worry! Here’s a guide on How To Call Dogmeat Back Fallout 4 Ps4.

Step 1: Retrace Your Steps

The first thing you should do when you can’t find Dogmeat is to retrace your steps. Go back to the last place where you saw him. Sometimes, he can get stuck or lost in a particular area.

Step 2: Use The Whistle Command

To call Dogmeat back in Fallout 4, press and hold the button that corresponds to the whistle command. This command is usually mapped to the left directional button on your PS4 controller. After holding the button, you should hear a whistle sound. If Dogmeat is nearby, he will come running to you.

Step 3: Use The Map

If you still can’t find Dogmeat, you can use the map to locate him. Open your Pip-Boy and go to the Map section. Look for a marker that says “Dogmeat” and fast travel to that location. You should find him waiting for you there.

Step 4: Wait It Out

If all else fails, you can just wait it out. Dogmeat will eventually return to you on his own. Just make sure to stay in the same general area where you lost him. It may take some time, but he will come back to you eventually.


  1. What if I dismissed Dogmeat to a settlement?

    If you dismissed Dogmeat to a settlement, you can call him back by using the bell command. Go to the settlement and ring the bell to gather all your settlers. Dogmeat should come running to you along with the rest of the settlers.

  2. What if I sent Dogmeat to a specific location?

    If you sent Dogmeat to a specific location, you can use the map to fast travel to that location and find him there.

  3. What if I accidentally killed Dogmeat?

    If you accidentally killed Dogmeat, you can’t bring him back. You’ll have to load a previous save or start a new game to get him back.


Now that you know How To Call Dogmeat Back Fallout 4 Ps4, you don’t have to worry about losing him again. Remember to use the whistle command and retrace your steps first, and then use the map or wait it out if necessary. Happy adventuring!