How Long Does it Take On Indoor Spin Bike To Lose Weight

Weight loss has become a touchy subject in the USA because the health department has said that 67% of the Americans are struggling to keep their hands away from the foods which are the reason why they are becoming fat. There is no doubt that the food available on the USA streets are one of their kind, but there is also no denying that the tasty food is also another cause of Diabetes and heart disease.

One of the best ways to battle the weight is to work out regularly and also to maintain a healthy diet. Even when you have foods that can increase your weight can be burned by increasing ten minutes to your cardiovascular workout. If you never heard of the Spin Bike, then you are living in a cave. There are many types of equipment in the market, which can help you lose some weight but you should always choose the machine which you have used it before. Spin bikes are similar to the Road Bikes, and if you never used it before, then this is your chance.

How Long Does it Take On Indoor Spin Bike To Lose Weight?

If you have no idea, what this equipment stands for, then let me give you a short explanation on it. Spin bikes are similar to the regular bikes. However, spin bike functions aren’t meant for traveling but to give you the workout without moving from its position.

If you are wondering if the spin bike, you can use it as Weight Loss machine then you are right, it does work as a Weight Loss machine. I have used myself for a month, and honestly, it delivered great results with a couple of days. Though my weight was not that much still I had not expected such good results.

How To Use Lose Weight With Spin Bike – Fitnesstep1 Guide

First things first, when you are planning to use this machine, you need to set a goal like how much time you can give to work out and how many pounds you want to lose within a month.

Now I will show the things you have to add before you start working out are.

  • Note down the number of pounds you want to lose.
  • Note down the duration you can spend on the workout.
  • Avoid bad diet and start eating less.
  • Avoid SUPPLEMENTS. When you are losing weight, never have supplements.  You can have fruits like Banana, Apple, and other healthy fruits to boost your day.

Now begin your training with only 10 minutes of workout a day. You don’t want to shock your body with the training because your body is not used to the exercise.

Now all you need to do is to increase the duration to FIVE Minutes every week. Do not rush things because of you have a health condition and you are unaware of it then you will notice it between the training. If you rush, you can be hospitalized.

  • For the first week, make sure you are working out about 10 minutes/week.
  • After one week, increase 10 minutes to 15 Minutes.
  • By the fourth week, it should be 30 Minutes.


We recommend you to consult your doctor if you over 90KG+ because many doctors do not recommend those who are overweight to exercise on a GYM equipment. If you have any questions, then make sure to comment below.

The Dynamic Pull-Up Bar For The Fitness Buff- Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar


The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is the target training equipment when you want to shape up your biceps and triceps including the lower arm muscles. It’s made from ground up specifically designed to enable the trainer to achieve maximized results keeping in mind the safety of the trainer which makes this product the go to one. Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is a telescopic piece of heavy duty steel with rubberized ends which facilitates it to stay tight and secure in your doorway or in your gym.  It can withstand 300lbs without buckling under strenuous external force giving it an edge. The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar will fit in standard doorway width ranging from 24” to 36 “. The bar comes along with two sets of mounting brackets which ensures that the bar does not slip, provided proper installation of the mounting brackets takes place. Other than the understanding of setting up of the brackets all you need is the will to push the limit.

Key Features

  • Due to the presence of telescopic bars, it can be adjusted to suit the user’s door width. The rubberized end gives a sense of safety preventing the bar from slipping from its set up position.

Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar can be used as a foot anchor too. All you have to do is place the bar between the door- frame you needn’t mount the bar low as the rubberized ends will deliver the required grip and keeps your foot from slipping away. Due to this feature you will be able to perform sit-ups and crunches without facing any difficulty.

  • The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is chrome-plated in addition to being built from heavy duty steel guarantees that the bar can withstand anything that the trainer can dish out. With soft foam padded grips on the bar, being uncomfortable is out of the question. These foam grips conform along the contours of your palm. It also lessens the injury, if proper care is not taken.

Key Benefits

Hanging from the bar strengthens the back along with toning down the muscles. The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar has versatility. Four different types of workouts can be performed.

  1. Chin-Up with reverse grip (i.e. with the palms facing toward the body)
  2. Pull-Up with over hand grip (i.e. with the palms facing away from the body)
  3. Sit-Ups
  4. Crunches

As a result you have a wide range of benefits to choose from. The heavy duty steel says it all, that the bar is made endure rigorous workouts without any failure. Users can easily tone up their upper body. Using the bar as a foot anchor while performing sit-ups or crunches grinds their abs, therefore with just simply a change in position of the Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar the user can shape their shoulder muscles along with their stomach muscle.

Ultimate Verdict

The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is the right piece of equipment for a user who wants multiple benefits from a single product. Since it supports up to 300 pounds it secures itself an edge in the market. Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is quite affordable when compared to other products with similar features present in the market. It’s also quite portable and is easy to use anywhere. The package includes the necessary hardware. The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is a vital piece of training equipment if you are a fitness enthusiast in your home or gym.…