The Adoption Procedure

Easy Steps to Adoption

  1. First: What you need to adopt?Applicants must be an adult responsible for maintaining their own household. Picture Identification (Texas Drivers License Preferred).
    Proof of home ownership – a mortgage or property tax statement. You can also print this information from your County’s Central Appraisal District or Tax Assessor Collector websites.If you rent – your Pet Addendum showing the pet deposit has been paid or your apartment complex’s phone number. We will need to call them.
    Your Vets name and phone number so we may call them for a reference or medical records showing your pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and dogs on heartworm prevention.
  2. Second: Come visit us at one of our Adopt-A-Pets!
    If you are wanting to meet a specific pet, you will want to contact us or the foster parent to make sure the pet will be at the next Adopt-A-Pet function. Due to limited space, we sometimes can’t bring all of our animals. So be sure and ask, and we’ll make sure he or she will be waiting for you.
  3. Third: Visit with an adoption counselor and complete an application
    While visiting us at one of our Adopt-A-Pet functions, there will be adoption counselors ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. You can have a completed Dog or Cat application form filled out at this time, or you can fill one out while you are there.If Necessary: Further consultation and home visit if needed
    HART will assist you in every way to help you find your new companion. In some cases, we may need to schedule a home visit to see if the surroundings and environment is appropriate for the animal you are interested in.
  4. And Finally… Complete the adoption!
    This is where you get to take your new best friend home, and experience endless love and affection from your new pal!

Adopt Dog

Tips for expediting same-day adoptions
If you plan ahead, you can take your new furry friend home very quickly. If you follow these tips, we can get you home quickly! Get to the Adopt-A-Pet before noon. The earlier the better.
Bring your completed application with you.
Be prepared to wait and talk to an adoption counselor. Sometimes we are extremely busy and we really appreciate your patience!
We make every effort to review your application on site. If your application determines that you are a good match, you may be able to take your new pet home the very same day!
Please contact us either by voicemail or e-mail within 48 hours if you have not gotten a response on any application.
Adoption Statement
It is the desire and goal of the Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART) to find loving and forever homes with caring and responsible owners. We have developed an adoption application and procedure to help us identify the best homes for our pets. Our foster parents have had our adoptable animals in their homes and have learned something about their personality. We do our best to match personality and behaviors with the new family’s lifestyle and environment. We do this to protect our pets so that family and pet can live together forever.

Prospective adopters must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age with the responsibility of maintaining a household (no full time students).
  • Have proof of current address.
  • Have picture identification (Texas drivers license preferred).
  • Have the consent and knowledge of all adults living in the household to adopt a pet.
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide for the training, medical treatment and recommended veterinary care for the pet.
  • Have the resources to make a nonrefundable donation. We spend well over $200 on each of our pets, which includes medical care, boarding and food. Your donation is not to pay for the medical care of the animal that you are adopting; that has been paid for by previous donations. Your donation allows us to continue our rescue and adoption efforts.
  • Agree to consider the pet as a member of the family, provide indoor shelter and an environment that will keep it safe and secure.
  • Understand that HART pets are rescued from municipal shelters and HART cannot guarantee the health of the pet. They have all been to a veterinarian for vaccinations and testing, and are all spayed/neutered and micro-chipped prior to adoption.
  • Place personal ID on the animal as soon as possible and register the microchip.
  • Complete and application
  • Additionally
    1. No animal will be adopted to a resident where pets are not allowed. Verification with a copy of the lease or verbal permission by telephone will be obtained prior to approving the application. Confirmation of home ownership will also be verified prior to approving the application.
    2. Families with children under the age of seven years of age, who are first-time pet owners, should not fill out an application to adopt a kitten or puppy under the age of six months.
    3. We do not adopt puppies to first-time dog owners who live in an apartment.
    4. A secure fence of appropriate height is recommended and may be required for certain dogs. An adopter without a fenced yard must be willing to commit to talking the dog on a leash several times a day, regardless of weather.
      We cannot ship animals. We will consider applications from out of the area but you must be willing and be able to make the trip here to meet the pet you are interested in and to complete the adoption process.
    5. Adopting a new pet into the family takes a great deal of devotion, commitment and sometimes COURAGE. There are NO PERFECT pets any more than there are perfect human beings. You will need to be patient and do everything in your power to help this pet become a beloved member of the family – forever. If you do not believe in your heart-of-hearts that you have what it takes to see it through, don’t make an irrational decision that could mean the difference between a pet’s – and your – happiness, if not LIFE.

    A HART representative should contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your application. Please contact us either by voicemail or e-mail if you have not heard from us to find out the status.

How YOU can help!

How YOU can help!

HART cannot do this alone. HART is staffed by an all volunteer force and funded by public donations. If you would like to become a part of our team, there are several ways you can help.

Volunteers are the reason for any success story at HART. Without volunteers, we can not continue the mission of helping these animals. Volunteers come in all forms. They each may have a specific background, skill set, knowledge, ability or talent that can benefit the animals. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out a HART Volunteer application form, and we will be more than happy to find a place where you think you could be the most beneficial.

Below are just some of the things you can do to help as a volunteer:

Work Adopt-A-Pet (AAP) Locations 

Volunteers are needed to help set up cages at mobile adoptions, make sure that the dogs are walked, all animals have fresh water, each animal has a cage card, and talk to prospective adopters about the animals. At the end of the adoption event, the cages need to be folded up and re-loaded into the trailer, bedding and bowls put away, cage cards put away and animals loaded back into the foster parents vehicles for transport back home. Some people prefer to work with the dogs and others with cats and some love both – you may choose what YOU want to do. If you can only stay for an hour or two rather than the entire time – we will appreciate any time you can give. If certain locations are move convenient – or some are impossible for you to attend – you can choose where and when you want to help – but once committed, we count on your presence!

Make Phone Calls, Send E-mail
Planning AAP events requires making phone calls or sending e-mail to volunteers, foster parents and pet stores- all of which can be done at different times of the day or evening. If you can help on a regular basis, we can train new volunteers in making calls to organize the events or even returning some calls made to our voice mail.

Transport Animals to Veterinary Offices

Rescued Dog
Animals rescued from shelters must be picked up by authorized volunteers and transported to various vet’s offices for testing and vaccinations prior to being placed in a foster home. This needs to be done during the week either in the morning or afternoon Since many of our volunteers have full-time day-jobs we need volunteers who have time during the day to help with this task.

Computer Skills

Skills such as typing, making signs, banners, brochures, pamphlets, etc. as well as work-processing, using computer programs are needed. These are tasks which can be done as time permits as there are usually no deadlines which must be met. Making signs, banners, posters or displays is needed on an intermittent basis and does not require great artistic talent.

  1. OTHERVolunteers are needed to assist in many other ways such as public relations, fund-raising, washing pet beddings, taking photographs, etc. – everything from the usual mundane tasks to once-a-year things. Don’t see your “specialty” here? No problem. Please contact us and let us know your ideas. We are always looking for fresh ideas and new help.
  2. Be a Jr. Volunteer!Younger animal lovers can also help! We accept volunteer applications for Jr. Volunteers too! Children must be at least 14 years old, and must have written approval from a parent or legal guardian. The parent is also required to attend the event at which the Jr. Volunteer is helping. Children 14 years old and older must also get written approval from a parent or legal guardian, but the parent is not required to attend the event with their child. If the parent wishes to become a volunteer, and brings their child to be a Jr. volunteer, it is a great way to educate the younger generation, and solidify that special bond between parents, children and the animals.

Adoption General Information

If you are interested in adopting a life-long, loving friend, you are indeed special.  Making a decision to open your heart and home isn’t always an easy one.  HART strives to help you in every way we can, offering guidance and answering any questions you may have along the way.  We’ll take you through the entire process. There are some basic things to understand when you are ready to adopt.  The information below can act as a guide for what to expect and what you need to do.

How we select the animals we offer for adoption?

First, a quick note on how we select the pets we offer for adoption.  We evaluate the general health, and personality of impounded animals at our partner animal shelters.  We try to help animals in good health with the potential to be wonderful companion animals.  We pay very close attention to the personality traits, and if at all possible we try to discover any history of the pet.

Which pet is right for you?  Which owner is right for the pet?

Understand that HART does everything possible to match the right pet and owner.  If you are an experienced pet-owner of a specific breed/type, or if you are a first-timer looking for that first special pet, HART will help you select the right pet  that is the best match possible for both pet and owner. If you’re ready to adopt, but still not quite sure which animal will be the right one, HART can assist you in selecting your future companion.  It may take a bit to find the right match, but the end result is the knowledge that you and the pet are just right for each other.

See our pets!

With the internet, you can get started right now in searching for your next furry family member!  You can view our available dogs and cats on this website by clicking on the “See our Dogs!” and “See our Cats!” buttons on the left menu.  There, you can see pictures of the pet, read about their traits, personality, etc.   You will also see an email address of the foster parent.  You can e-mail the parent and ask them anything you’d like.  Who knows, you may see your next best friend!

Meet the pets!

Whether you see a pet on our site that you fall in love with, or if you simply want to see more, you can come meet our wonderful animals in person at our Adopt-A-Pet functions.  If you are wanting to meet a specific pet, you will want to contact us or the foster parent to make sure the pet will be at the next Adopt-A-Pet function.  Due to limited space, we sometimes can’t bring all of our animals.  So be sure and ask, and we’ll make sure he or she will be waiting for you. If you own other pets, and are looking to expand your family, we may ask you to bring them with you to meet the animal as well.  If you have children, especially small ones, they should meet the animal as well.  The reason we recommend this is to simply make sure that it looks like everyone will get along.   This is especially important for whenever animals meet other animals.  From time to time, animals just will not care for each other no matter what.  If this is happens to be the  case, it’s better to find out now rather than later.

Adopt a Cat

The Adoption Forms

Once you’ve decided on your future pal, you will need to fill out an application form.  You can get these forms (either for dog or cat) at the Adopt-A-Pet function, or on this website.  Please review the application very carefully.  Our adoption forms ask you several questions that will help us tremendously in determining whether you and the animal are right for each other.  If you have existing pets, it is imperative that you include your Vet’s information.  Once we receive your application, we will review it and verify the information on the form.

Dog Application  |  Cat Application

The Adoption fees

All cat and dog adoption donations vary based on age, size, breed, behavior and medical condition: Cats $50-$200 and Dogs $75-$300.

The donation covers a variety of necessary medical testing and care.  Felines are tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS.  Dogs are tested for Heartworms and put on preventative if they are negative.  If a dog tests positive for Heartworms, HART provides treatment as recommended by our veterinarians.

All animals are altered (spayed or neutered), micro-chipped, and receive at least one immunization for a variety of diseases, as well as a rabies shot if they are at least 12 weeks old before adopted.  (After adoption, puppies and kittens usually need one or two additional immunizations, which becomes the adopter’s responsibility.)

The adoption donations also help to pay for any medical treatments the animals may have needed while in our program, as well as food, toys, collars, leashes, litter, and other necessities.…